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FAQ/Walkthrough by KFloyd

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/03/00

The Bionic Commando Experience
A Bionic Commando for NES Walkthrough
By Kefka Floyd (Kefka@banet.net)

* * *

Version 1.1 - 3/3/00

* * *

Version History

1.1 - 3/3/00 - My first update to this in a while. I fixed some grammar
and some other inconsistincies as well as fixing some of the
level strategies.

1.0 - 2/26/99 - The First Release. It's all new!

* * *

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
	1a. Characters
	1b. Story line
	1c. Controls
	1d. Objectives
2. Areas and how to complete them (in recommended order)
	2a. Area 1
	2b. Area 4
	2c. Area 5
	2d. Area 2
	2e. Area 3
	2f. Area 6
	2g. Area 8
	2h. Area 9
	2i. Area 7
	2j. Area 10
	2k. Area 11
	2l. Area 12
3. Area difficulty ratings
4. Neutral Zones (in numerical order)
	4a. Area 13
	4b. Area 14
	4c. Area 15
	4d. Area 16
	4e. Area 17
	4f. Area 18
	4g. Area 19
5. Bosses and Recommended strategies for them
	5a. Platoons
	5b. Bearded Soldiers
	5c. Pi-Pi-Pi Defense System
	5d. Giant Soldiers
	53. The Albatros
	5f. Destroying Master-D's chopper
6. Strategies and tricks
7. Other versions of Bionic Commando
8. Communicators, Guns, Items, and other weapons and gizmos
9. Enemy List
10. Credits

* * *

	Welcome to the Bionic Commando Experience, a FAQ/Walkthrough for 
all of you lost in this game! I am Kefka Floyd, your FAQ man for today. 
If you want something added to this or removed, please email me at 

1. Introduction.

	1a. Characters

	There are numerous characters in BC, but there are a few major 
ones that we discuss here.

	Ladd - The main character of the game, the bionic commando. You 
play him and try to win.

	Super Joe - The Federation's best soldier, sent out to destroy 
the Imperial army's leader. He has lost contact with them, however.

	Generalissimo Killt - The main villain of the game. He is trying 
to build the Albatros, a super laser canon.

	The Commander - Offers advice, but later in the game, he may 
surprise you.

	The Various Comm-ops - They communicate with you throughout the 
game in the various communications rooms.

	Master-D - More on him later.

	1b. Storyline

	The Imperial army is trying to build a super laser cannon called 
the Albatros, which the Badds (I will get to the real stuff after we 
talk about a history lesson in this game) designed, but never built. 
The Imperial Army has found these plans, and have decided to execute 
them. The federation sends out Super Joe to thwart their plans, but he 
is captured. Therefore, a lone soldier equipped with a bionic arm is 
sent out to rescue Super Joe and continue where he left off. This is 
where the game begins.

	1c. Controls

	D-pad - Move the commando around or swing.
	Start - Use item (i.e. flares, medicine)
	Select - Pause and show the stats screen.
	A - Fire the weapon
	B - Shoot out the bionic arm. You can control the direction with 
the D-pad.
	Start + A + B - Evacuate the area. Good if you're stuck or need a 
different weapon, but makes you start at the beginning.

	1d. Objectives.

	Rescue Super Joe and defeat the Imperial's attempt to build the 

2. Areas To Complete in Recommended order

	2a. Area 1

	Ah, the first area! This is a good area to learn how to use the 
bionic arm, and strategies to use it. The first part is outside of a 
military base, and the inside is the inside of that base. Your first 
stop is the communications room. You should have the red communicator 
for this level. After communicating (or wiretapping, if you wish. 
Beware, you may be ambushed when wiretapping, but you may learn some 
important info). There is also a second communications room, but do not 
go into it! A bug in the game makes the elevator return to the top once 
going in and communicating! It is not necessary to communicate in this 
room to proceed to the boss. The area where the electric barrier is 
located is a great place to earn energy units, because of the abundance 
of paratroopers. Get about six energy units (green squares), and move 
on. It takes about 200 bullets to get the six. You can find your bullet 
status in the status screen. In the boss room, there is a platoon, and 
a reactor. In every level, you must destroy the reactor to complete it. 
There is a boss to complete to get to it, however. Platoons require no 
boss killing, except to get past the onslaught of enemies to get a 
clear shot at the reactor. Shoot the reactor, and after about 30 hits 
with the regular gun, it should explode. You do not have to kill the 
commander or the soldiers, but it's a good idea to get the ones that 
are in your way out of your way. After completing this level, you 
receive the medicine, which can be used once to completely recover your 
energy units.

	2b. Area 4.

	Area 4 is a cavern, basically. You should have the flares from 
neutral zone 13 (which is right off of area 1) and the red 
communicator. Proceed inside. When it gets dark, release a flare to 
brighten the room. Swing your bionic arm to get past the spikes, and 
reach the communications room. Communicate, and exit it. There will be 
an area of platforms. Traverse them until you get to the boss room, 
where you face the bearded soldier. You can kill him by shooting him in 
the back. After you dispose of him, attack the reactor. After 
completing this area, you get the wide gun, which shoots three bullets 
in a wider angle, but has a short range.

	2c. Area 5

	This area is basically a giant tower. It requires much experience 
with the arm. You should use the red communicator, and bring the 
medicine and wide gun. There will be rolling balls that will mess up 
your timing, and flying chopper dudes with electric guns that will 
knock off your bionic arm and damage you, and a knife shooter that will 
unhook your bionic arm and hurt you if you get hit by it. After 
reaching the first comm room, you learn some important info. This is 
also a good place to wiretap. After communicating, the second part of 
the level will come. This is basically like the first. After reaching 
the second communications room and communicating, the third and final 
part is here. There are lots of springs and paratroopers, so if you can 
avoid the troopers and use the springs to your advantage when climbing, 
there should be no problem reaching the boss room. This boss room 
contains the Pi-Pi-Pi defense mechanism. If you can get all the way to 
the reactor and get behind it, you can kill it easily. After destroying 
it and the core, you receive the rocket launcher, which is basically 
the most powerful gun. It mows down all the enemies in the path of the 
rocket. However, only one rocket can be on the screen at a time.

	2d. Area 2

	This is a waste area. You should bring the green communicator, 
the rocket launcher, and the medicine. The main objective is to get 
past the slimes that leak around. If the slime catches you, you have to 
escape by locking the bionic arm onto something. This can be tricky, as 
the slimes move fast. Try to keep away from them. After reaching the 
communications room, there are bulldozers that carry a dwarf soldier, 
which means it takes two shots to kill them, and you have to kneel to 
kill the dwarfs. They also have cranes which can block all kinds of 
firepower. After getting past a tricky bionic arm maneuver, you face 
the second platoon. Again, use a regular platoon battle strategy. After 
beating this level, you receive the pendant, which blocks only one 
bullet. Better than no protection, aye?

	2e. Area 3

	Ah, the wilderness! Bring the green communicator, the pendant for 
protection, the medicine, and the rocket launcher. This area consists 
of two areas, one is a wilderness, and the other is a base inside. 
After traversing the trees, there are bugs and butterflies that can be 
killed with one shot, but watch the ground and listen carefully. You 
may walk over a man eating plant! These cannot be killed. So where a 
plant lives, move towards it, and then walk back. Move across it 
quickly as it goes down. More climbing with the arm and avoiding the 
plants leads you inside. Take the express elevator down, and then go 
into the communications room. After communicating, you come to an area 
which, if you work your arm correctly, can bring you to a secret area. 
It has no use however. This is a tricky part that requires much 
mastering of the arm. One false move can kill you. In the boss room is 
the Pi-Pi-Pi, a relatively easy kill. After beating this level, you get 
the magazine, which enables your regular gun to be rapid fire. It's 
rather useless.

	2f. Area 6

	This is one of the most difficult areas in the game. It takes a 
lot of patience and mastery of the arm. You should bring the green 
communicator (although you don't use it), pendant, medicine, and rocket 
launcher. In the beginning, use the launcher to destroy the barrier, 
and swing to the green building. This part is relatively easy, but 
after the green building are the lamps, which you have to time your 
bionic arm swings to grasp on to correctly. After getting past this 
part, you get to a door, which takes you to the second part. Swing the 
arm to get to the large green base. This is a hard part right here, to 
swing over. One false move means missing. After you get on the 
building, there are few construction soldiers throwing spiked balls. 
These hurt you and force you to time correctly. And to add insult to 
injury, there are metal blocks that your arm can't grasp. You will 
almost always get hurt here. Destroy the soldiers, and get to the boss 
room, where you face the giant soldier! He is hard to beat. If you feel 
up to it, try to take out the reactor only, but it is hard with the 
soldier there. So I recommend destroying the giant soldier first. After 
all this is said and done, you get the permit, which allows you to 
enter area 14 to get the blue communicator. After that, you will be 
able to get to area 8!

	2g. Area 8

	I think this is my favorite level in the whole game. The music in 
this level is surprisingly upbeat, very groovy, and is only heard in 
this level! But, it is a sprawling maze that you can get lost in for 
hours if you play your cards wrong. This is also a good place to get 
all 8 energy units if you haven't already. Bring the blue communicator, 
pendant, rocket launcher, and medicine. First order of business is to 
communicate. The first communications room is right near the beginning. 
After doing so, proceed to the second communications room, which to get 
to, you must go to the left after communicating, and go in that door. 
There will be a corridor. Go through it, and you will wind up at a 
place with three elevators. Take the elevator and go to the top door. 
You will get to an area that has a moving platform. Climb up to reach a 
communications room, and talk with the commander. Joe is in area 9! 
Sweet! Continue going up, until you reach a door. Proceed to the right 
in the next area, and once you can't go right, go down. You will reach 
another corridor. After passing these corridors, you will reach another 
room with three doors and an elevator. The middle door is the boss 
door. It will be unlocked if you communicated both times. Inside is a 
platoon. Destroy the reactor (watch out! The reactor fights back!). You 
will receive the iron boots for beating it, which will kick enemies 
when you swing with your bionic arm. They are cool, and I recommend you 
try them once, but I prefer having the medicine.

	2h. Area 9

	This is where Joe is! It is a disposal area, and has the Area 2 
music. Bring the blue communicator, rocket launcher, pendant, and 
medicine. After getting past the first part, it is all bionic arm 
action. You will reach an area that has disposal carts. Go into the 
communications room and communicate, then ride the carts to get to the 
boss room after climbing up. It is a platoon (again)! They inform you 
that Joe has been moved, and attacks you. Kill the reactor. You will 
receive the three-way gun, which isn't a great weapon, but you need it 
to clear area 7.

	2i. Area 7

	This is a Prisoner of War camp, where Joe was moved to. You 
should bring the blue communicator, three-way gun, medicine, and helmet 
(you should have it by now). The first part is a barrier you have to 
destroy with the three way gun. After getting past that, climb up and 
to the right. There are dwarves driving attack mobiles. Dispose of 
them, and you will reach a tower area. Dwarves are flying choppers. 
They are a nuisance. Kill them, and reach the top of the towers. Swing 
over on the blocks (this is extremely tricky, watch the timing) until 
you reach the boss room (no communications room here). There is a giant 
soldier. If you have somehow managed to escape and use the rocket 
launcher, you should go and kill the reactor. If not, and you have the 
three way gun, kill the giant soldier. He pauses momentarily. That is 
the time to attack him! After killing him, destroy the reactor, and you 
will reach Super Joe! Here, he informs you of the Imperial forces' evil 
plans. He talks to you about Master-D, the man Generalissimo Killt is 
trying to revive to help him complete the Albatros. He leaves to get to 
area 12. You get no reward for this level, however, you can get Super 
Joe's gun in neutral area 18. Talk to Destroyer-3, and choose yes. The 
first man is destroyer-1 (read the word bubbles carefully), and the 
second is destroyer-2. Do not talk to either! If you do, choose no. 
After you get the gun, head to area 10.

	2j. Area 10

	This is arguably the hardest level in the game. Bring the orange 
communicator, rocket launcher, helmet, and medicine. This will be your 
first encounter with the laser canons. Destroy them. The next part is 
tricky. You have to swing yourself to the right, and then catch the 
floor on the left. It is hard, so don't get frustrated. After getting 
past this, you have to climb up, and let the slime on the left catch 
you and bring you down. Kneel down, and let the slime bring you past 
the spiked ceiling. Quickly grab onto the platform, and climb up, and 
do the same with the next part. Communicate in the room, and then exit. 
Wait for the moving platform to come by, then swing onto it. Kneel 
down, and wait until you get to the part where you can swing off. Go 
down, and proceed to the left. At the far left there are platforms 
which you must climb.  Get to the boss room, and you will face the Pi-
Pi-Pi defense mechanism. Kill it with one shot with the rocket 
launcher, and then kill the reactor. You get a one up. Cheap bastards, 
giving you such little reward for such a hard level.

	2k. Area 11

	This level is a tad easier than area 10, but is still difficult. 
Bring the orange communicator, medicine, helmet, and rocket launcher. 
There are flames on the bottom of the screen. Don't fall into them! 
Make your way to the communications room by swinging on the platforms 
and springs, and avoid the little machines. After communicating, you 
will get to a very hard part. This requires absolute perfect timing 
with the arm, otherwise you mess up. After getting past that part and 
to the boss room, there is a platoon. Destroy the reactor. You will get 
the bullet proof vest, which blocks two out of every three bullets. It 
helps out a lot. Now to the final level!

	2l. Area 12

	While area 12 is not the most difficult level, it is the longest, 
and reveals much of the plot. Bring the rocket launcher, orange 
communicator, bullet proof vest, and medicine. The first part of the 
level has a communications room (communicate with Super Joe), and after 
doing that, go into the next room. It has an electrified floor. Get to 
the door in the middle of the area while dodging the sparks. Go in and 
destroy a power core. The level is not over! After destroying it, climb 
up, and exit it. Take the elevator down, and go past the formerly 
electrified barrier to another elevator. Take the elevator down to 
another communications room. Communicate, and then head into the other 
door. There is an electrified floor that moves faster sparks, and an 
annoying ball and chain that messes up timing. The power room is at the 
bottom. Destroy this power core, and exit. Climb up and exit. Go down 
the elevator and past the formerly electrified barrier. There is 
another elevator. Take this down, and swing past the spiked floor. You 
will reach a room with Generalissimo Killt and Master-D! *gasp!* After 
saying arrogant talk to you, he tells that the Albatros is complete and 
has pulled the switch on the revival device. However, like any good 
video game villain, Master-D doesn't want to stay dead. He drains the 
life force from Killt, and comes out of the device. When his word box 
comes up, you'll see a familiar face. Master-D is really Adolph Hitler! 
	After talking Hitler-speak to you, he says something that was
devoid of NES games. He swore! He said "You Damn Fool." In 1988, that was 
nonexistent. He sends you to battle the Albatros. The Albatros is very 
difficult to beat. There is a pulsating orange spot that is weak to 
gunfire. It takes many hits with any gun, and will take some time to 
kill. After you blow the Albatros, you find yourself in a hangar. After 
speaking to Hal, he will give you the hyper bazooka. Swing the arm, and 
jump off the edge. Aim for the cockpit of the chopper as you fall. If 
you time it right, you will hit the cockpit. If not, the chopper's 
machine gun will slice to tiny pieces. If you hit it, you will see the 
goriest and most rewarding death scene in NES history. Hitler's head 
explodes right before your eyes! How groovy is that? But, the game is 
not over! You have to escape from the base! Easy, right? You have 60 
seconds to escape. A giant soldier will try to stop you, but don't 
waste time trying to kill it. Escape, and watch the ending. It may 
surprise you.

	3. Area difficulty ratings

	This is a list of the levels in the order you face them, and my 
view of their difficulty, rating from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest).

	Area 1  - 2
	Area 4  - 2
	Area 5  - 3
	Area 2  - 3
	Area 3  - 2
	Area 6  - 5
	Area 8  - 4
	Area 9  - 3
	Area 7  - 3
	Area 10 - 5
	Area 11 - 4
	Area 12 - 4

4. Neutral Zones in numerical order

	4a. Area 13

	The only thing useful in this area is the flares.

	4b. Area 15

	Find the Orange communicator here, and meet Killt!

	4c. Area 16

	Get the green communicator here.

	4d. Area 17

	Interrogate the soldier held prisoner to get the secret passage 
	to get the helmet, and find out where Super Joe is.

	4e. Area 18

	Get Super Joe's Machine gun here.

	5f. Area 19

	This place is useless. Nothing of interest.

5. Bosses and Recommended strategies.

	5a. Platoons

	There is no real strategy for the platoons. Kill the standing 
still soldiers (like the bazookas, commanders, etc), and then attack 
the energy core.

	5b. Bearded Soldiers

	This guy has an arm that knocks you off, and a knife in front of 
his bullet repelling shield. Get behind him, and rattle off shots. When 
he turns around, get out of the way. Repeat as necessary.

	5c. Pi-Pi-Pi defense system

	Get behind it, and let loose your attack. This is the easiest 

	5d. Giant Soldiers

	They have an arm that can grab you and pull you towards them to 
hit them and lose your energy. Shoot him from behind, as his front is 
bullet proof. This means some fancy footwork. Some of them pause.

	5e. The Albatros

	The big one! The Albatros has several platforms and grasping 
places. Use them to your advantage. When you get to the highest one, 
let the barrage begin! If you get it right, you can get about three 
hits of the rocket launcher in. Make sure to avoid the propulsion 
system, as it will knock you off and make you lose energy.

	5f. Destroying Master-D's chopper

	This is relatively easy. Time your shot to hit the cockpit. Keep 

5. Strategies and Tricks

	Always look around in all directions! You may miss something.

	Talk to everyone! This long lived RPG strategy helps in this game 
too. If you miss someone, you may miss an item or important info!

	Stock up on energy units. This helps later on.

	Timing is everything. Don't be hasty, and advance with caution.

	Try something different! You may find something new.

6. Other Versions of Bionic Commando

	There are four versions of Bionic Commando. One is the arcade 
version, called Top Secret in Japan, and Bionic Commando in the USA. It 
is much different than the NES and Famicom versions. There are four 
stages to complete, with Bionic action.

	The next version is Top Secret, the game released in Japan that 
is Bionic Commando here. It is quite different in looks and story than 
game play. The whole title is Top Secret: Hitler's Resurrection or 
something in that order. Master-D is Hitler. Killt had a real WW2 
general's name. There were swastikas EVERYWHERE. In area 8, next to the 
second comm. Room, there were two on the flags. The challenge was 
different in certain areas, and placement of enemies differed as well 
as certain missing features.

	The version this FAQ talks about is NES Bionic Commando. It is 
the same as Top Secret, except for the Nazi references, aesthetics, and 
enemy placement.

	The fourth version is the Game Boy version. I have not played it, 
so I have no info on it. :)

	There is a fifth (!) Version of BC, and it has just came out! It's
for Game Boy Color. I have yet to buy it, so look for info for that in another

7. Communicators, Guns, Items, and other weapons and gizmos

These are the communicators and their level uses:

	Red - 1, 4, 5

	Green - 2, 3, 6

	Blue - 7, 8, 9

	Orange - 10, 11, 12

These are the guns:

	Normal gun - Shoots 1 bullet, you start with it.

	Wide Gun - Shoots three bullets at a wide angle, but a low range.

	Rocket Launcher - Penetrates and destroys enemies, only 1 at a 

	3-Way gun - Shoot in 3 directions, and breaks the barriers.

	Joe's Machine Gun - Rapid Fire, shoots at a wide angle.

These are the Items:

	Medicine - Restores health. Use with Start button.

	Magazine - Enables rapid fire on normal gun.

	Iron Boots - Kick enemies when swinging.

	Helmet - Blocks 3 bullets

	Flares - Light up area 4. 

	Pendant - Blocks 1 bullet

	Permit - Enable entry to area 14 and 17.

	Bulletproof Vest - Blocks 1 out of every two bullets.

	One up - A free guy!

	POW - A rotating energy ball surrounds you for 7 Seconds.

	Bullet - Get them when enemies are killed.

	Continues - Get a continue by killing big enemies (wired gunner, 
	suicide bombers, Jeeps) in the platoon trucks. They are shaped like 

8. Enemy List

	Knife Soldier - Runs at you and stabs with knife.

	Soldiers - In platoons, run at you and shoot.

	Suicide Bombers - They throw bombs at you. Kill to get a 

	Jeep - Moves sideways and shoots at you. Kill to get a continue.

	Bearded Soldier - Boss

	Barrier Soldier - Makes electric barriers that hurt and unlock 
	Bionic Arm.

	Double Deck Canon - Shoot at canons to kill.

	Laser Canon - Shoots lasers at angles.

	Helicopter - Run by dwarves. Shoot to kill dwarves and chopper.

	Wired Gunner - Has a wire to block bullets. Kill to get a continue.

	Construction Soldier - Punches that hurt!

	Generalissimo - It's Killt!

	Dwarf - Short soldiers. Kneel to shoot and kill.

	Wired Soldier - Uses wire to avoid shots.

	Crane Caterpillar - Crane trucks. Chain blocks bullets.

	Normal Soldier - Just that. A normal soldier.

	Bazooka - Bazooka shoots bombs and heavy bullets.

	Pod - Flies and shoots bullets.

	Remote Control Soldier - Controls the pods.

	Heavy Object Throwing Soldier - Throws spiked balls.

	Canon Mobile - A Canon on wheels.

	Commander - Commands the platoons.

9. Credits

	This FAQ is written by me, Kefka Floyd (Dan Vincent). Some of the 
info here is based on the instruction manual. If you would like something 
changed, please email me, and I will update it. Bionic Commando is copyright
1988 Capcom, and all other copyrights are to their original owners. This FAQ is 
copyright 2000 Dan Vincent, all rights reserved. Don't steal it. 

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