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These Armchair Quarterbacks Go 400 Miles Per Hour!

Travel to exotic arenas throughout the galaxy and thrill to the cheers of millions! Jump into the cockpit of your RetroGrav and get ready for the fastest most dangerous sport this side of the Milky Way!

In Space Football, the object is to snare the roving hoverball and take it to your goal. But there are plenty of hazards to stop you from scoring!

Magnetic flux fields that drain your energy, spincycles that twist you out of control and, of course, your well-armed opponent is waiting to slam your ship into permanent retirement! Play against a variety of robot warriors (vs. the computer), or in one-on-one action against your friends! See who has what it takes to become the ultimate high-speed hero in this fantastic fantasy game.

- Race across fields of play at hypersonic speed - and still turn on a dime with instant reflex-action!
- Master the gravity ball wave radar to lock-on and capture the floating hoverball!
- Out of this world graphics - Only from Traffix!

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#49 lowest rated SNES sports game (#202 on SNES, #7926 overall)

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