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Take on the world! WORLD GAMES by EPYX

Get ready - get set - get psyched! The World Games are here! And you're a star athlete in this awesome international competition! Go for the gold as you challenge the world's best athletes on their home turf!

Leap from the treacherous cliffs of Acapulico. Go stomach-to-stomach with a 400-pound Japanese sumo wrestler. Jump barrels on an icy lake in Germany. And pump heavy iron in the Soviet Union.

Travel to Scotland for the amazing caber toss! Then to Canada for frantic footwork with log rolling lumberjacks. Ski the slalom on the snow-covered French Alps. And ride the meanest, orneriest bull in the U.S.A.!

Return home with enough gold medals and join the World Hall of Fame!

8 International Events:
-Cliff Diving
-Sumo Wrestling
-Bull Riding
-Barrel Jumping
-Log Rolling
-Slalom Skiing
-Cabe Toss
-Weight Lifting

Cliff Diving: Look out below! Do you have the guts to jump?

Weight Lifting: It's heavy competition! How much can you hoist?

Barrel Jumping: Skate and soar! How many barrels can you clear?

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