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    FAQ by DFreitag

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    WW         WW  OOOOO   RRRR   L     DDDD    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
     W         W  O     O R    R  L     D   D       Created by David Freitag
     W    W    W  O     O RRRRRR  L     D   D   #################################
     W    W    W  O     O R     R L     D   D         V1.0 created 12/5/02
      WWWW WWWW    OOOOO  R     R LLLLL DDDD    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
     CCCC L       AA   SSSS SSSS
    C     L      A  A  S    S
    C     L     AAAAAA SSSS SSSS
    C     L     A    A    S    S
    TTTTT  RRRR      AA     CCCC  K  K
      T   R    R    A  A   C      K K
      T   RRRRRR   AAAAAA  C      KK
      T   R     R  A    A  C      K K
      T   R     R  A    A   CCCC  K  K
    M  MM  M E     E       T
    M      M EEEE  EEEE    T
    M      M E     E       T
    M      M EEEEE EEEEE   T
    [Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for World Class
    Track Meet-That wonderful game for the NES]
    Version of this guide- 1.1
    1. What this game is about, basic controls, etc.
    2. The levels of gameplay, and how to do well.
    3. The bosses for tournament mode, and strategies.
    4. Legal/copyright information, and contact.
    +++1. World Class Track Meet is a game that was designed to be a super fun
    game for friends and family alike. Its great for any age of people that
    can run in place, and even a decade later, me, and my friends and family still
    use it. Sometimes we bring it out at birthday parties and other family 
    gatherings. The little kids love it. Basically this is a really fun
    game that would be well worth investing your money into. 
    World Class Track Meet is probably pretty hard to come by, because 
    you have to buy the mat entitled, "The Power Pad" also to play. (Not just the
    game pak. You might be able to pick it up at a second hand videogame
    store such as FuncoLand and the like. Basically it is a game where you 
    run in place on a plastic mat while the NES picks up a signal of how fast 
    you are moving your feet and where you are stepping. It does this by a 
    system of buttons portrayed artistically on the mat.
    Just run in place to make your character move for the various events. If you
    own this game you will know what I mean. If you don't own this game, I highly
    recommend picking up a copy somehow.
    +++2. There are 6 levels of gameplay.
       100Meter Dash
       110Meter Hurdles
       Long Jump
       Triple Jump
       The Olympics-(really just a combo of all of them except Tournament)
    Basically a pretty simple played out game.
    Alright- If you want to do good in the events then you gotta do what I say.
    100M- Just run your butt off.
    110M- Make sure that you know when to jump-or just be ridiculously fast.
    Long Jump- Make sure you don't fault, and if you step off the mat for a few 
    seconds, and then jump back on, you shouldn't have any trouble bangin a 
    100 score for this one. Kind of cheating, but otherwise if you don't want to 
    cheat just jump real high and make sure you're going fast.
    Triple Jump- Just go real fast at the beggining, make your jumps high- you
    don't want to use the cheating method or you're gonna fault. Make your 3rd
    jump distinguished.
    The Olympics- Time to show off to your friends in up to a 6 player blowout!
    This is one of the first games to feature more than 2 players. I don't see
    many games today that even offer more than 4 players. Just make sure to 
    take breaks in between the events. If you are not exactly a physically fit
    person, you may need to get some help from vitamin caffiene. Impress your
    friends- or be the loser of your gang. Quite a face off.
    +++3. For Tournament you face off against 6 bosses for a shot at winning 
    a bunch of gold medals/cups. The bosses are as follows...
       Turtle-very slow
       Bear-kinda slow
       Rabbit-gettin' faster
       Bobcat-pretty darn fast
       Cheetah-holy crap!
    If you have any type of heart/lung problems, are pregnant, diabetic or 
    have bad problems, do not do Tournament mode. Side affects include,
    frustration, sweating, nausea, bad breath, extreme joy, happiness, and having
    a good time.
    (kind of a spinoff of one of those purple pill commercials)
    Basically just run your butt off if you want to win in the 100M. Take small 
    steps and move really fast. To make it easier, I suggest a high intake of 
    caffiene a few minutes before you start playing. Red bull and Jolt and work 
    nice. Or if you haven't had much soda lately Mountain Dew will do fine. For 
    an extra buzz try some espresso too, and make sure you put sugar lumps in it.
    For the 110M hurdles you may want someone else to do the driving. You may be
    so wired that you just lose control and that won't get you anywhere. 
    PS. Try to beat 6.0 seconds flat in the 100M-thats my best record. I had so
    much Jolt, I was bouncing off the walls before I started playing. I won't go
    any further with some of the caffiene shenanigans I.E. trying to jump a rug
    14 and a half times in 12 seconds, etc.
    +++4. Legal/copyright information, contact and URLs.
    -This FAQ may not be posted anywhere other than www.gamefaqs.com because 
    that makes it a whole lot easier for me. Basically it obeys with GameFAQs 
    rules so that I don't have to do a crap lot of paperwork etc. You will also
    find the latest version of this guide at www.gamefaqs.com
    -My contact is my email- david_freitag@yahoo.com
    -This was my first guide ever and I hope you enjoyed it.
    Copyright 2002 David Freitag

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