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Guide and Walkthrough by Patarsenic

Updated: 11/25/2002


 ===== ===      ======= =     =    ====  =   =   =   =======  ===    ===
   =   =   =    =     = ==    =   =      =   =   =   =     =  =   =  =   =
   =   =    =   =     = = =   =  =       =   =   =   =     =  =   =  =   =
   =   =====    =     = =  =  =  ======  =   =   =   =     =  =   =  =   =
   =   =   =    =     = =   = =        =  =  =   =   =     =  = =    =   =
   =   =    =   =     = =    ==        =  = =  =     =     =  =   =  =  =
 ===== =     =  ======= =     =  ======    =   =     =======  =    = ===

      \        /  --- ___    /\    |--| |--\  /---
       \  /\  /    |    /   /__\   |_/  |   | |__  &
        \/  \/    ---  /__ /    \  |  \ |__/  __/
   \        /   /\    |--|   |--| ---  ____   |--|  /
    \  /\  /   /__\   |_/    |-/   |   |  |   |-/   |___
     \/  \/   /    \  |  \   |  \ ---  |__|   |  \  ___/   

                    **     **
                   **      ** 
Faq by Patasenic. All right reserved
Icq: 7204689
E-mail: demonicforce@hotmail.com

  =   Welcome to Patarsenic's ( PatsDarkDelight's ) Wizards and Warriors 2:
Ironsword faq.   =


 Updated monday November 25th 2002: Removed all parts of my faq that i 
deemed unrelevant. Fixed some annoying things, added some others and trimmed
all the rough edges that made it unpleasant. Well there is probably some more
but hey i am not perfect and my faq is still the best one:) So there!

 Updated Sunday September 17th 2000 Added some visuals to the faq, and
more thorough descriptions. Also a very usefull bug as been added.

 Updated Saturday July 22 2000: Added some general info and stuff to make it a
better reading. I felt like it needed it. Put a better more precise rendition
of the storyline, actually that of the book. Hehe

 Updated Saturday July 9 2000: Added some questions answers.

 Updated Sunday May 28 2000: Table of contents added. Frequently asked
questions added. Storyline added.

   I have decided to create this faq for the memory of one of my favorite games
of all times. This is the second Faq that exist for Ironsword but it reveals secrets 
that the other one don't, wich is why i decided to make one, to reveal EVERYTHING.
Actually, Ed poetker made the first faq about this game, wich i have read. I found
out that there was a lot of information that needed to be added so i decided that i'd
make my own faq. This very faq wich you are reading includes EVERY SECRETS in the game.
I will not be content with only telling you how to finish the game, i will also tell
you ALL of it's secrets. That includes of course the hard to find hidden chambers. 
These chambers are filled with extra lives, money and other stuff that will make your
quest easier. To make the guide more easily understandable i am giving you the
codes for EACH and EVERY hidden rooms in the game. So by example, if you find
only two rooms in let's say, the mountains, just try the codes bellow that
sections walkthrough. One will take you to the room you never found and by
going out the door you will see exactly where it was. It is the easiest method for me
to show that to you, and the wisest. Please note that finding those rooms is
not a requirement for finishing the game, but it will make your life a lot easier.
I will start by describing the spells, items and monsters. Then i will give you
the walkthrough. After that i will go into some rambling and give you some
pretty incredible bugs i found. That includes my personal favorite, the flying
Kuros glitch. Finally will be the Frequently Asked Questions that some people
close or not, have asked.

Table of contents

        = 1) Controls.                              =
        = 2) Storyline.                             =
        = 3) Spells.                                =
        = 4) Items                                  =
        = 5) Monsters                               =
        = 6) Walkthrough.                           =
        = 7) Rambling/bugs section.                 =
        = 8) Frequently asked questions and answers.=

--- Controls ---

 The controls are very simple to learn, i don't think you need to read this
section but for completions sake i will still provide it.

The control pad: Used to move Kuros around and ducking. Also used to aim with
weapons and magic.

Start: Start the game. Pause the game.

Select: Get a code. Go to spell select screen.

A: Jump. Select an item at a shop. The longer it is pressed, the higher the 

B: Hit with the sword. Also fire with the sword when you have your elemental magic.

--- Storyline ---

 As seen in the manual, this is the storyline that we need to accept,
understand and laugh at.

 The further adventures of Kuros

You've defeated the evil Wizard Malkil before. So you can defeat him again.
Or can you?

This time he has summoned the very forces of Nature against you. He's taken
the form of the four Elementals: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth.

And though your fighting abilities are the finest in the land, it will take
more - much more - to go against these all-powerful Elementals.

You must search everywhere for the food, items, and spells that are your
only hope for victory. Leave no stone unturned. No door or chest unopened.
Gather or purchase the keys that open the sealed chests. Do whatever it takes
to harbor magic spells and powers. And collect all the gold and precious
treasures you can find - because there may be times when you have to buy your

Within each of the four domains - those of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth - you
will be able to call on the assistance of an Animal King. But only of you can
bestow upon him the golden object which he so desperately seeks.

Finally - at the end of each domain - you must battle the Elemental itself.
It won't be easy. And if you don't first obtain the magic that each Elemental
fears the most, it will be impossible.

But if you do find the right magic for the job, and you defeat the Elemental,
you will be given a piece of the shattered Ironsword. When all four Elementals
have been defeated, you will hold the completely restored IronSword - the only
weapon powerful enough to defeat the wicked Malkil.

But, as it is with any battle against the evil Wizard, almost everything you
encounter will be under his spell. Which means his minions are bent on carry-
ing out only one task: stopping you.

And as it is in any kingdom controlled by the power of magic, things aren't
always as they appear. They way up may be to go down. The path to the West may
lead off to the East. And hidden passages may lead you to places where "dir-
ection" has no meaning.

So be off, Kuros. You are the ultimate warrior. And this is the ultimate war..

Take note that the above is taken straight from the instruction manual. If anyone 
at Rare feels that it violates they're rights for some reason i will remove it 
from this faq no questions asked.

--- Spells ---

Familiar spell: This spell is quite usefull and have many uses. Use it to get
the golden egg easily. Also, once you get to the forest, go to the bottom where
the frogs are, it will run after the frogs and turn them into coins. Collect
the coins, they are always usefull. Oh and by the way, the spell will change just
about anything into coins, i just specified the frogs because they do no damage
to you. It can be found in the mountain region. 

Veil of slumber: This is a spell i never ever use. However, if you have trouble
finishing the game, you SHOULD use it. It slows down the enemy's about 90%. It
is very usefull if you have trouble in the early stages. It can be found in the
mountain shop and the second earth realm. Oh and keep in mind, the spell is
useless against the evil Malkil.

Windbane: Find it on the upper left of the cloud region. It uses magic each
time you fire it ( by pressing b ). It is necessary to find this before you tackle
the giant cake like cloud at the end of the first stage, or the above mentioned
cake cloud will play ping pong with poor little kuros.

Waterspout: Now this is a very cool spell. It summons a waterspout ( do i
really need to say this or what? ) that will propell you high into the air. Use it to
the entire right of the forest level in order to collect the golden fly. Of
course you can just do it with jumps, but it is easier with this spell.
Carefull not to enter any rooms once you found this spell because doing so will take it
away, requiring you to use another key to find it again. It is on the lower
left of the forest region.

Silver fleece: It makes you invulnerable for a short period of time. Use it for
the final battle for an easy win. Find it in the water zone or buy it at the
volcano inn. It may be wise to use it outside the volcano if you are having 

BlightWater: Use it to beat the water elemental. You can find it by jumping to
the left through a wall into the underwater area. I love this spell. In fact i
love it so much that i tend to keep it with me until i reach the firesmite ...
( see bug section ).

Fleet foot spell: An almost useless spell. Makes you jump farther and longer.
Use it to find the golden crown if you don't use the blightwater bug.

Firesmite: Use it to ... yeah exactly, to beat the fire elemental. Find it
inside the volcano.

Dragon tooth spell: Use it to change your foes into nice fryed chicken. Oh i
would enjoy having this in the real world, the things i would do ...

Earthscorch: Find it to destroy the earth elemental. Find it in the second
earthrealm. Did i need to say that?

Asp's tongue spell: It took me a while to know how to use this spell. Use it at
the inn and the innkeeper will start throwing chicken out of nowhere. I'd like
a real life version of this spell:) Or maybe not...


Coins: Worth fifty gold.

Little jewels: Worth a hundred gold Commonly found by killing foes.

Big jewels: Worth two hundred gold. Most of them will be found in hiddem rooms.

Small chicken and beer: Recover hit points.

Big giant tasty looking chicken: Makes you fall on yer butt and lose energy. Oh

Swords: The longer the better. It is easier to destroy ennemies if the sword is
longer. Many swords can be found in Ironsword, and the longest resides in the
first earth realm region.

Diamond sword:  Good enough to be mentioned all by itself. It costs 4000$ in
the forest area's inn. The best sword in the game by my opinion. Large blade. Kills
most stuff in one blow. Best way to earn it is to use familiar spell in the forest.
It will allow you to gain money easily since the frogs appears often and they don't 
do any type of damage.

The Axe: My personal favorite. Very effective, very similar in power to the
diamond sword. It resides in the volcano.

The Ironsword: Disapointing weapon, middle range but it shoots magic missiles.

The shields: They are almost useless. I supose that the diamond shield is the
better one but the difference in damage taken is very limited, if any. I think
shield and helmets are in the game just for the looks.

Helmets: It protects the head. The diamond helmet is the best of them. It
offers better protection ( i guess ) but once again they're very limited uses makes it
hard to understand why they have been put in the game.

Little Kuros statue: A one up. A life. In the earth realm you can purchase
these. Weird isn't it? One of the very first games where you can buy yourself a
life. 5000 gold it costs.

Seven league boots: Now THERE is a very usefull item. It makes you jump
further, run faster and have more fun. They should have given this at the very begining
of the game. Find it in the icefire mountains, you won't have much choice
anyway because you need them to get to the evil wizard Malkil.

The golden egg: Give this to the eagle in the mountain to gain access to the
clouds. It doesn't have any other uses.

The golden fly: Give it to the giant frog to gain access to the water area.

The golden crown: Give it to the dragon to gain access to the inside of the
volcano. I think i would keep it to myself. Imagine the heat in this volcano...

The golden bucket: Give it to me and i will let you play with my toys... bah,
give it to the impolite bear in the earth realm to gain access to even more
earth realm... yipee.

Book of sindarin: It is probably a very worthwhile book for our hero Kuros.
Unfortunately, he can't read. It is worth 10000 points. I love this book. In
the cloud region, find the cloud on the lower right and jump on it's right side.

Cross of sindarin: This 20000 points item makes sure that the vampires later on
the game won't bother you. Of course these vampires don't exist so they won't
bother you anyway. In the water zone, jump over the waterfall to the left of
the river to find this.

The gauntlet of sindarin: Do they make you hit harder? No. Do they make you
lift heavy boulder? No. they give you 50000 points. Cherrish them. It is inside the
volcano. Over the giant fire bubble boss. Let yourself slide on the round
shapped rock and you will wind up in the hidden room that holds this highly
impotent weapon.

The ring of sindarin: 100000 points. Perhaps if they kept the damsel in
distress from Wizards and Warriors 1, this ring would have bene usefull. But now, just
give it to the toothy creeper. ( you can't, but i never would have expected you
to try now would i ? ). Find it on the first earth realm, before the room with
the bear. Jump until you see a one-up on a ledge, the room is just after that.

--- Monsters ---

Eagles: Very well animated birds that tryes to kill you for stepping on they're
lovely mountains. Fortunately you have an armor so they just suceed in breaking
they're faces. Limited damage.

Green goo: A strange puddle of green stuff that found residence on the
mountain. They shoot white stuff out of theyre mouth so be carefull. hehehe.
You can kill them, but it isn't really worth your time.

Little blue/green demons: These are tough cookies. I think they look gay. They
look like they are wearing these elephant pants jeans that ran out of style a
long while ago. Anyway if you aren't carefull, these little critters will take
you out. One well placed hit and bang you are dead. You find them in caverns
mostly. One nicely placed ducking stab will take care of them.

Cloud man: It is yellow, it also runs everywhere in the clouds. By looking at
it closely you will notice that both of his arms are brokens. A cool beast. Try to
avoid it, they are deadly enough to make you lose a life in one blow.

Skull and crossbone: They are invincible! Just kill them with the windbane or
other boss related magic. haha the instruction manual is full of mistakes...

The wind level boss: I don't like it's face. It is extremely easy to beat with
the right tools... the windbane! ( how obvious ).

Forest snakes: The only creature that seems to be deadly in the forest, avoid
they're projectiles and you should be allright. 

Forest frogs: They don't have any use. Just ignore them or turn them into money
with the familiar spell.

Flying skulls: Avoid them as much as you can, they are easy to kill with magic
but they do lot of damage on impacts.

Flying pirahna: Amazing how they seem to squeeze themselves into one inch of
water. They just jump out of the water and try to get a chump out of you but...
they never do. Another no damage type of monster.

Zombies: These are extremelly cool. Just touch em and watch em crumble in

Jellyfish: What's with all the useless monsters? What am i saying... the 
jellyfish was never meant to be useless. In it's honor i found it a higher
purpose. It helped me create the biggest hoax ever in a Rare game internet
community. Those where the days.

Purple balls: Keepers of the cross. Avoid them by stepping near them, waiting
for em to touch the ground and then proceeding. They can't hurt you when they
are going back into the air.

The water realm boss: He looks like a giant teeth and you are the dentist.
Hit him in the face with the blightwater.

Green salamanders: Fire spitting meanies that lives on the volcano. Just walk
on it and crush it.

Toothy creeper: This particular creature have got to be the most ridiculous
looking monster of all time, any games included. Of course i say this without
being ill intentioned towards this weird conception. A giant purple body with
very little wings. He have great big teeth and tryes to throw purple bubble at
you. Easy to kill. I named my cat after this creature, why? Because it is worth
it. The Toothy creeper in it's entirety is and should be the foundation of any 
decent society. I mean did you ever see a creature like that for real? I know i 
did. It was in the forest. There was only one of it. I almost took a picture, 
if it would have stayed a second more i would have it. AS it is, perhaps the 
world is not ready for this creature to be exposed. All i know is that in times
of crisis, just load the game and look at this beast. It soothes the soul.

The fire level boss: This boss is hot. Your caracter seems to think like that
too. Look at the way he jumps on it to avoid burning his feets. Hit it on the
mouth with the firesmite.

Bats: Annoying litter creatures. They will remind you of the eagles at the
beginning of the game. Rak em up and beat them down. Be carefull.

Ghost: Make sure he doesn't touch you because he is quite deadly. It sounds
quite stupid when said like this but trust me, he is a deadly demonic minion of
the underworld.

Earth demon: Use the veil in order to slow them down. They can take you out
very quickly if you aren't carefull.

Skull spider: These are worth a thousant points. Wake em up and beat em down.

The rock: This is the boss of the earth realm. Consult the bug section for a
trick to destroy him without being touched.

The snowman: The only monster of the icefire mountain. Kill him by running into

The final boss: Those four little odd balz are quite easy to beat, just use the
silver fleece and go to the bottom right. This way you will take em on one at a

The other creatures: Other monsters in the game aren't worth mention, they are
mostly falling rocks and stuff like that.

Here is the walkthrough. It is divided in 9 sections.

4)Water area
5)Volcano outside
6)Volcano inside
7)First earth realm
8)Second earth realm
9)Entire ice fire mountain


 The mountain.

 The primary goal here is to find the way to the clouds. In order to do this
you will need the golden egg. There are many ways to find the egg. The easiest of
them all is to get the familiar spell. Just walk to the entire right. Enter the
green door. Climb on top of the caves, pick up the keys and open the chest. You
will have a sword that is slightly longer than the one you got now, it is also
about 10% more efficient. Exit the cave to the top and take a long jump to the
left. Witness the chest? Open it and get the familiar spell. Press select to
bring up the spell select screen and select the familiar spell. now let
yourself fall to the right, the little orange ball that the spell created will pick up
the egg and bring it to you. Nice heh? You might also want to buy the veil of
slumber spell at the inn. It will help you in making the ennemy's sleepy, thus
making your climb uphill more easy. Now the idea is to jump up up and up until
you reach the top of the mountain, once on top, go to the ledge that is to the
left of the mountain. An eagle will take you right up into the clouds.
Strangely enough this mountain was told by many to be way too difficult, but if you take
your time you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Room#1: mhtrxgdmdrkl
Room#2: hptrnrmtdpdt
Room#3: hhbrntmqwndl


 The clouds.

 The clouds is where you will find the first boss. To defeat that boss you will
require a spell named Windbane, if you try and face the boss without the
Windbane, well let's face it, you are dog meat. Jump all the way to the top
left and enter the hole in the cloud. Jump over the high moutains until you reach
the chest and take the windbane. Go out of the room, make sure you find the hidden
room under the door by jumping into the air ( for crist sakes use the codes if
you don't suceed in finding it ). In that room there is a one-up. After you got
that just jump your way to the upper right of that area and kill the ugly
elemental. Make sure you stock pilled on magic bubbles before you get there.
The cloud bellow the bosses chambers have an hidden chambers full of it. just fire
at the boss until it dies while being carefull to avoid getting too close.

Room#1: rnbrqxkqzqrw
Room#2: ttbrtqhpzwtp *Sindarin item inside*
Room#3: brbrxjdlztbx
Room#4: dpbrnrmhzldt
Room#5: mmbrnjmwzkmb


 The forest.

 This region is so damn easy that we could call it a bonus stage. Take all the
chicken lying around to replenish your health. Let yourself drop to the lower
left in order to find the chest containing the waterspout. No keys? Buy one at
the shop on the first tree from the let, just a screen above the chest. Once
you got that spell, go to the entire right, climb the trees as much as you can and
use that spell. BANG, pick up the golden fly and go back to the bottom of the
forest. In the middle is a room with a giant from, give him/it the fly and
proceed to the water level. It was easy wasn't it? It won't get much tougher
until the volcano.

Room#1: tpbrthgnxmtx
Room#2: gzbrtmgzxjgn
Room#3: bnbrzhdqzwdm



 Let yourself drop until you arrive in the river and go to your left. Make sure
you jump on all the platforms to find the magic bubbles. Drop in the waterfall.
Go right and pick up the key on one of the lowest ground. Go left and jump
threw one of the walls. You won't have trouble recognizing that wall because you see
another zone beyond it. Take the windbane and jump to the upper right where you
can climb back up in the river. Go right from here and destroy the boss.

Room#1 gkbrzldhzdhq * Sindarin item inside *
Room#2 tgbrzmddzgww
Room#3 nbbrzjdhzhpz


 Volcano outside.

 Climb your way to the top until you reach the door. Jump to your left and buy
a key if you don't have one. Go right until you find a chest on the lowest floor.
Open it and receive the fleet foot spell. Now jump up until you reach a door.
Try them all until you appear in a yellow like cavern on a ledge. Use the spell
and jump while pressing AND KEEPING YOUR FINGER right on the controller. Tadah
here goes the golden crown. Take it and go back up on the volcano at the
highest door available, give it to to the dragon inside that door and then exit the
door. Climb on top of the volcano and once on the very top press down on the
pad. Welcome to the inner volcano, home of the fire elemental. Before i go on
with the faq i must tell you something. Did you notice in a cavern of this
level there is a door that makes you fall down and you see this one-up that seems
untakable? See the bug section to pick it up.

Room#1 jabrhhwpzxkk
Room#2 wqbrbbwttntk
Room#3 mhbrrdlttplt


 Volcano inside

 Ahhh now this is a sweet area, my favorite. I love the music of this zone,
don't you? Let yourself fall and to the right, go completely to your right and
go up. You will wind up in a hidden room with little flying devils, kill em and
take the key and one-up in the room. Go out and down and to the left. then up.
Now left until you see a door, enter it and pick up the firesmite. Once this is
done go out and to the right, let yourself fall and then proceed to your entire
left, drop once more alllll the way down. Go right, open the chest and pick up
the mighty axe, jump around the chest to receive the magic bubbles. Now to
right and down until you reach the big evil meanie. Shoot it's mouth to destroy it,
if you shoot it correctly he will partially vanish and then come back.

Room#1 rpbrdttmtzql
Room#2 hrbrpmjxtwgj * Sindarin item inside *


 1st earth realm

 This is the place that got me stuck the most. By going right you will see a
round rock with an empty middle. Go on that rock. Jump straight up through the
roof to collect gems if you want, step back on the rock then go right and enter
the rock by it's right entrance. Notice the golden bucket in the floor? It took
me about a week to figure this one out. just step and stay on one of the uper
left platform and it will come out of the floor. Then go out the rocky room and
to the right, climb on the rocks as high as you can and go left until you see
the inn. Enter it and buy as much lifes as you can. Now go right and let
yourself fall until you hit rock bottom, now proceed left for about 10 second
and jump up, take the extra life, collect the ring of sindarin if you feel like
it ( just beside the life is it's hidden room ). Now go back to the left
entirely until you reach a room with hanging spiders. Kill em if you are
sadistic like me or if you care for points. give the bucket to the bear and go
on with your life.

Room#1 mrbrrglgljtj
Room#2 drbrwjdzmzaj * Sindarin item inside *
Room#3 bhbrnzjkmxrt
Room#4 tbbrbnwplkmz


 2e earth realm

 Now, this is one of the richest ( in $$$ terms ) area of the game. Many hidde
rooms abound, be sure to check em all up. Now go right and up, enter the shop,
buy a key if you don't have any. Buy the diamond helm if you want. Now exit
shop and go right, then up. Open the chest to get the earthscorch. Proceed and drop
your sorry self to the entire bottom until you reach a point where you can go
left or right. Go right for extra $$$ and go left to proceed. Once left let
yourself fall all the way down until you hit rock bottom once more and enter
the door. Touch the ugly boss and then hit it in the mouth to kill it. See bug
section for a way to kill it without an effort.

Room#1 rxbmrwmjmkbk
Room#2 lhbmmlrpmhwn
Room#3 brbmbptkmbrb
Room#4 wgbmrmmzmjlp


 Icefire mountain

 Well this is it, the final area of the game. Here your continues will
mysteriously cease to exist. Go all the way up. Enter the door, see the other
door on the edge above? Go for it, buy a key if you don't have one. If you
can't buy a key just go out the shop and to your left, jump on the ice platforms and
you will find a key. Then go completely left, drop down and run like hell to
the right until you reach a chest, open it to get the most amazing item of the
game, the seven league boots. These boots will help you climb your way up to the top
of icefire mountain. Proceed going up, this is easy so i don't need to describe
it, you just need to know that the door you are looking for is to the top right
of the mountain. Once in front of this door look at it carefully. Don't enter
it imediately, just contemplate it. It is perhaps one of the most impressing doors
you will ever see in your entire life. Once you had you fun with the door, go
in it. Now go up, then left and up again until you reach the door that will take
you to the final confrontation. Make sure you picked up all of the bubble in
the zone before going through that door. You will need all of them to kill the evil
malkil. I like the sound of that. Once out of the cavern you will be near the
top of a mountain, this place has 3 mountains. You are on the left one, you
ennemys are on the middle one. Jump on the mountain to the right and then go up
until the elementals attacks you. Let yourself go on the bottom of the region
and to the entire right. Now use the silver fleece spell and do like Luke
Skywalker did with the  little black droid during lightsaber training. Use the
force, close your eyes and aim for the evil wizard. Hummm... perhaps you should
keep your eyes open instead:)

Congratulation on a job well done, you have finished the game ...

Room#1 kdbmrtmdkdtq
Room#2 nhbmbatjkgdn
Room#3 xrbmtdbgkzmb
Room#4 xxbmthbdkxmk


 Now that you have seen the ending how do you feel? Happy? Empty? We have got
to admit, the ending really sucks. They didn't even bother to do a music for it or
anything. All you get is a thanks from the animal kings... talk about a
letdown. Now make sure you tryed all the codes so you know of all the rooms, this will
help you increase your ease of play and your high score:)


 Now this is the rambling/bug section, here i will tell you many little bugs
that you may have missed or stuff that makes the game special.

* Fill the magic meter fully. Then shoot magic until it emptyes completely.
See? It reloads completely:)

* Ever noticed what happens when you go into the inn and you have ZERO money?
lol that's hilarious. This ain't a bug, just a detail i wanted to show in case
you missed it.

* If you want to keep your magic to the next level ( windbane, blightwater,
firesmite or earthscorch ), just use this trick. Once in the room where you
collect the ironsword piece, go on the door and shoot the ironsword piece. Now
you will start the next level while keeping the magic of the first region. Very
practical to get that golden crown or the one-up in the outside volcano area.

* To easily destroy the earth elemental use this trick. Touch it and then walk
left, until about 6-7 inch from the door. The elemental can't reach you right?
But YOU can! Just make sure you are facing right, press up on the pad and fire.
Try it around until you see the screen changing color showing you hitted the
boss. This is a weird bug. Makes your life easier too:)

* Now the useless flying kuros bug. Enter an inn. Now you have to have a
perfect timing for this to work. Jump up and once you hit the ground your caracter will
be in a crouched like position. You have to time it perfectly so that your
caracter will leave the inn in that position while you keep the jump bitton
pressed. Your guy will now fly around for a short time before he jumps into the
air. Useless heh? But amusing anyway.

* Change the fifth letter of your password to a j or n to get 2 lifes.


--- Frequently asked questions and answer ---

 This is a collection of questions i was asked over the past fifteen years, and
includes but not limited too : Your e-mailed questions.

Q: How do i join the Toothy creeper's fan club?
A: It doesn't exist, it was a prank.

Q: How do we get the extra live in the left room on volcano's outside?
A: You have to use the bug that allows to use your magic on the following
level,see bug section. Same goes for all the jewels and chicken in the level.

Q: Why is there a chest with money inside in the middle cavern of icefire
mountain if i can't even spend the money?
A: Well the old Captain N comics said it best: MYSTICAL icefire mountains. OF
course, you may also ask why is there fire craters on an ice mountain.

Q: What is your favorite nes game:
A: Probably maniac mansion, punch out, ironsword, metroid, mario games, zelda
games. Why?

Q: What's the use of the asp's tongue spell?
A: Use at the inn for free food, didn't you READ the faq?

Q: Is there a trick to always win at the skull game?
A: No. Sad thing really, i have tryed every possible way, it's totally random.

Q: Did you spell so badly on purpose?
A: No. 



  Any comments about my faq or this game is highly welcomed, and i always 
reply to mail about this game. 

Special thanks to the followings:

Rare, for creating this game.
Nintendo, for being the company that brought video game to what it is now.
My girlfriend, for being ever supportive with me in everything that i do
despite the fact that i am not an easy person to live with.
My parents. Because they are the bests.
The USA, for all the great movies.
Japan, for all the great games.
Our cat, for the fact that it is a nice pillow.
Callote, Vu and Peter. For being supportive to me when my dad died and even
going to the extent of buying me Diablo 2 just to confort me. You guys are
trully great friends.
EPoetker, for the first Ironsword faq ever and the motivation for creating the
perfect faq.

 This document is Copyright of Patarsenic. This file should only be seen at the
following sites, if you see it elsewhere e-mail me at demonicforce@hotmail.com.
I take my work seriously, thanks for your comprehension.


ps. If you want to join the Ironsword hall of fame, just send a movie of you
beating the game FROM BEGGINING TO END on the nest emu ... in my e-mail. Nobody
did it yet, because nobody can finish the game. I am the only one in the world
that can finish this game. People in general doesn't posess the skills to
finish this game. Now, did i convice you to at least try?

This faq is copyright of Patarsenic. Please be respectfull enough to ask
permission before you use it on a web site. I will probably not refuse it to
ya, but i DO want to know where my work is being used.

This faq is dedicated to my father. You will never be forgotten.

Copyright 2002 Patarsenic.

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