How do I get out of room after beating skeleton?

  1. We used levitation to beat the skeleton and then no treasure came and we're stuck in the room. Is there any way out?

    User Info: RapidExorcist97

    RapidExorcist97 - 7 months ago


  1. Short answer: Nope, you're stuck.

    Long answer: What happened is that you must have killed all of the souls that appeared after defeating the skeleton so quickly, that they all died before the treasure could appear. See Section "WW16" in The Admiral's FAQ. If I'm using the levitation glitch to kill a boss, I wait until *just* before I kill the boss, then jump into the center of the room. I land the killing blow to the boss, then kill the souls - which takes enough time for the treasure to appear.

    User Info: des223

    des223 - 3 weeks ago 0   0

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