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FAQ by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/25/2002

Version 1.5 6/25/02

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There's nothing like a good cup of coffee. . .

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2002

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Story
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Identifying the Criminal
005.  Where to Go
006.  Walkthrough (continued)
007.  Avoid the Hassle
008.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
(NES) game called Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?  It's
based off a game show, I think.  The only game show I know
that could deal with this game is Where in the World is
Carmen Sandiego?, which has games made after it.  Don't know
where the time factor came in...

Anyway, you can e-mail me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com,
but make the subject blank so I know that it's not spam.
And if you want to use this guide for something, ask me first
(website policy).  You don't want to break laws, do you?  Of
course you don't!  Why would you play a criminal catching game
if it was any other way...well, onto the guide.


You're a dude.  You want to work for ACME.  Besides providing
Wile E. Coyote with various dynamite powered items, ACME
also has a crime fighting division.  You want to work for
this division.  It mainly captures the agents of VILE, an
evil orginization headed by Carmen Sandiego.  So, if you can
get a job at ACME, the cheif will probably let you go to
work against the VILE members.


You start off in the ACME headquarters.  You're inside
an elevator.  The elevator can take you to the basement, or
levels one through four.  You can examine all the levels
(most of them have humourous things to do), but you really
want to make it to personnel and explore.

In personnel, you meet a strange-looking lady.  She asks for
your name.  Type it in (you can use a naughty word).  Then
she'll ask for your access code.  Since you're just beginning,
select end and skip it.

Yay, you're an official ACME agent!  The cheif has a message
for you.  It seems that an unidentified man or woman has stolen
something from a specific time.  You'll have to catch the

The Federal Time Travel Comission will give you a certain
amount of time in which to solve the case.  You'll have to
catch the criminal before time is up.  Not only that, you'll
have to figure out who the criminal is (can't arrest someone
without a warrant you know).

The chronoskimmer sends you to when and where the thing was
stolen.  You'll need to search.  You can search a witness,
informer, or use the scanner.  Using the scanner takes too
much time, so you probably shouldn't use it.

The witness/informant give you a clue to where the criminal
took off to.  And they can give you clues about who the
criminal is (saying the hair color, eye color, etc.).  In
fact this is so important that I'll start a new section.

004-Identifying the Criminal

You'll need to identify the criminal to get a warrant.  Without
a warrant, you can't catch the criminal.  There are five
pieces of evidence you can use:


Now here are the possibilities:








Mary Cassatt
Edgar Degas
Jose Orozco
Vincent Van Gogh


Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Victor Hugo
Rudyard Kipling
Katherine Anne Porter

Now there are sixteen suspects.  Each of them likes different
things, so you use the clues you get to determine which one
it is.  And since some of the clues don't help much (I'm
betting you don't know many Dostoyevsky books offhand),
each person has a mini biography that can help you.

Here are the subjects with their biographies (try saying
their names outloud.  The names are just puns!  And some
of their jobs are just plain weird!  Honestly, a cello seller
and a worm rancher.)

Carmen Sandiego:

The ringleader.  Black hair and brown eyes [editor's note:
she really has red hair].  The last book she read was The

"Auntie" Bellum:

Professional Southerner [editor's note: southerner really
isn't a job...].  Blonde hair and hazel eyes.  Loved reading
"Ship of Fools".

Earl E. Bird:

Worm rancher.  Red hair and brown eyes.  He can recite all
the verses of "Mandalay".

Justin Case:

Pre-need lawyer.  Black hair and blue eyes.  Once stole a
painting from one of Holland's greatest artists.

Molly Coddle:

Sinister nanny.  Brown hair and blue eyes.  Is fascinated by
French painters and authors.

Lee and Bill Ding:

Authority and contractor.  Red hair and gray eyes.  They just
finished reading "Just so stories".

Ernest Endeavor:

Cello salesman.  Blonde hair and blue eyes.  Favorite painter
is Mary Cassatt.  Almost reformed after reading "Crime and

Lynn Gweeny:

Owner of "Lot O' Bologna" delicatessen.  Black hair and gray
eyes.  She loves Dutch painters and Russian authors.

Russ T. Hinge:

Handyman.  Blonde hair and hazel eyes.  Last project was to
make a frame for his favorite painting, "The Bath".

Nosmo King:

Sells fake mood rings.  Brown hair and hazel eyes.  The last
book he read was "Pale Horse, Pale Rider".

Rudy Lepay:

Ex-parisan cab driver.  Brown hair and gray eyes.  Brags about
a big tip he received from a famous Mexican muralist.

Kari Meback:

Cat burglar.  Brown hair and eyes.  Also known as "the Virginia
creeper".  The last book she read was "Les Miserables".

Minnie Series:

TV actress.  Blonde hair and blue eyes.  Favorite painting
is "cup of tea".  Has read "The Jungle Book" at least five

Sybil Servant:

Semi-retired inventor.  Has red hair and gray eyes.  Would
like to heist the paintint "Prometheus".

Sharon Sharalike:

Drives the "howdy harley" in her neighborhood.  Has red hair
and hazel eyes.  Annoys people by reciting "Gunga Din" at

Gene Yuss:

Dehydrated water salesman [editor's note: dehydrated water is
just oxygen.].  Black hair and brown eyes.  Has a subscription
to "The Writer's Diary".

Okay, that's all of them!  Use the clues you get to figure
out which bad guy did the evil deed!

005-Where to Go

The previous section dealt with the first half of the game's
challenge, figuring out who the criminal.  This section deals
with the second half, chasing the criminal.  You see, you get
hints to where the bad guy went, along with hints on who the
bad guy is.  You know how to deal with the personality hints.
Here's how to deal with the location hints.

The following paragraphs will contain the actual hints, and the
places (there are twelve) that go with them.

For the twelve places, there are different times you can go to.
Time #1 is from 400 to 1300.  Time #2 is 1300 to 1700.  Time #3
is 1700 to 1900.  Time #4 is past 1900.

So, without any further ado, here are the places you can go,
and the corresponding clues that go with them.  I may not have
all of them, but I have enough.  Maybe you'll have to actually
use your brains for some of this game (Use my brains?  NOOOOOO!!!)

China, time one:

(S)he wanted to see the first gunpowder fireworks.
(S)he wanted to greet a visitor named Marco Polo. 
(S)he wanted to keep a Ch'in up against Genghis Khan.
(S)he was going to visit the Sung era before the Mongols got there.

China, time two:

(S)he wanted to speak to a visitor from the west name Matteo Ricci.
(S)he planned to vacation in the Mongolian province.
(S)he wanted to watch the overthrow of the Yuan dynasty.
(S)he wanted to find out why the Dutch were leaving Formosa.

China, time three:

(S)he wanted to report on the Taiping rebellion.
(S)he was going to take a steamer up the grand canal.
(S)he was disguised as a Tientsin sailor.
(S)he wanted to witness the British takeover of Hong Kong island.

China, time four:

(S)he was getting in shape for the Boxer Rebellion.
(S)he was going to an embassy in the far east with General
George Marshall.
(S)he planned to get Chou Shujen's autograph on his new book.
(S)he was going to report on the fall of the Manchu dynasty.

England, time one:

(S)he wanted to be the first person to cross the London bridge.
(S)he was cramming for exams at the new Cambridge University.
(S)he wanted to hear a new poem about Beowulf defeating the monster

England, time two:

(S)he wanted to discuss money matters with Thomas Gresham.
(S)he ran off to find Thomas More's utopia.
(S)he wanted to meet Anne Boleyn before she lost her head.
(S)he wanted to see the Mayflower set sail.
(S)he stowed away aboard Drake's golden mind.

England, time three:

(S)he split to see Joseph Priestly perform some shocking new
(S)he was celebrating with the Duke of Wellington over his success
at Waterloo.
(S)he wanted to talk to Austen about Emma.
(S)he was steamed about Watt's new invention [editor's note:
Wyatt invented the steam engine, not Watt].
(S)he got some tickets for the new sport of rugby.

England, time four:

(S)he wanted to case the house of Egyptologist Howard Carter.
(S)he wanted to catch Alfred Hitchcock's latest film.
(S)he planned to fly a spitfire in the battle of Britain.
(S)he was going to cancel his/her tickets for the Titanic.

France, time one:

(S)he planned to steal the newly installed window at Notre Dame.
(S)he wanted to ask Charles Martel about his surname.
(S)he wanted to sell some armor to the founder of the holy Roman
(S)he wanted to cheer up a lonesome monk called Peter the hermit.

France, time two:

(S)he wanted to show his/her sore finger to Ambroise Pare.
(S)he planned to help the musketeers against Cardinal Richelieu.
(S)he wanted to fight alongside Joan of Arc.
(S)he left for the first April Fool's Day celebration.

France, time three:

(S)he wanted to see the city from the top of Mr. Eiffel's new tower.
(S)he wanted to attend a "fantastique" new symphony by Hecto Berlioz.
(S)he wanted to see the shocking experiments of Andre Ampere.
(S)he went to talk to Louis Pasteur about his new process for
sterilizing milk.

France, time four:

(S)he was invited to dine with Escoffier.
(S)he wanted to be on the beach in Normandy for the allied invasion.
(S)he wanted to see the final art exhibit by the Fauves.
(S)he planned to discuss some ideas with Jean Paul Sartre.

Holland, time two:

(S)he was sneaking off to steal a Bosch painting.
(S)he was going to see if (s)he could make William the Silent speak.
(S)he planned to peer at Jan Vermeer.
(S)he was going to stow away on Abel Tassman's ship.
(S)he was going to the funeral of Desiderius Erasmus.

India, time two:

(S)he wanted to get a job as a reader for Akbar.
(S)he was researching the cult of Krishna during the period of the
(S)he was going to crash a party given by Shah Jahan.
(S)he wanted to check on the progress of the viceroy Albuquerque.

India, time three:

(S)he was going to see the last of the thugs get his comeuppance.
(S)he wanted to interview Ramakrishna.
(S)he wanted to vacation in the Bengal capital of Calcutta.
(S)he planned to attend the last feast of the Mahrattas.
(S)he wanted to take part in the Sepoy rebellion.

India, time four:

(S)he was wearing flowers and planning to celebrate independence
in New Delhi.
(S)he had a plan to spring Nehru from jail.
(S)he was going to join a march led by Mahatma Gandhi.
(S)he was going to ask Mohammad Ali Jinnah if he needed any spies
in his new country.

Italy, time one:

(S)he was headed full tilt for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
(S)he wanted to tour the Independent Republic of Genoa.
(S)he wanted to spy on some vandals sacked out in Rome.
(S)he wanted to read a few sentences with Peter Lombard.
(S)he wanted to attend the first party given by the Este family.

Italy, time two:

(S)he planned to watch the groundbreaking for St. Peter's Basilica.
(S)he had an audition for Monteverdi's opera, "Orfeo".
(S)he wanted to discuss Malpidhi's recent discovery.
(S)he wanted to see if Bernini had lost his marbles.

Italy, time four:

(S)he wanted to spy on the dictator Mussolini.
(S)he wanted to meet General Eisenhower in Sicily.
(S)he was interested in Enrico Fermi's electrifying new experiments.
(S)he was going to hear Toscanini conduct in his homeland. 

Japan, time two:

(S)he said yes to an invitation to the first Noh drama.
(S)he went to an event at Samurai cultural center.
(S)he wanted to welcome the first Tokugawa Shogun.
(S)he wanted to spy on Francis Xavier's mission.

Japan, time three:

(S)he wanted to greet Commodore Perry.
(S)he wanted to study a new martial art called judo.
(S)he was invited to the last Tokugawa Sushi party.
(S)he was planning to attend the farewell party for the last Tokugawa

Japan, time four:

(S)he planned to spy on Hideki Tojo.
(S)he wanted to get a job rebuilding Hiroshima.
(S)he planned to stop by the Attu islands.
(S)he left to investigate the rumors of an impeding attack on Pearl

Mexico, time one:

(S)he planned to solve the mystery of the disappearing Mayas.
(S)he talked about dredging a cenote for Mayan treasure.
(S)he wanted to see the Aztec goddess of pulque, Mayauel.
(S)he planned to open a pulque bar in an Aztec city.

Mexico, time two:

(S)he was going to attend the coronation of Montezuma II.
(S)he was going to spy of Cortes' army of 555 men, 17 horses, and 10
(S)he was going to join Panfilo de Narvaez's expedition.
(S)he was going in search of the seven golden cities of Cibola.

Mexico, time three:

(S)he planned to sell Santa Anna phony directions to the Alamo.
(S)he planned to enlist in Santa Anna's army to fight in the war of the
(S)he was going to steal the pen used to sign the treaty of Guadalupe
(S)he was scheming to steal fixtures from General Iturbide's palace. 
Iturbide's palace.

Mexico, time four:

(S)he planned to bring a sombrero to Emiliano Zapata.
(S)he planned to give siqueiros a few tips about painting on walls.
(S)he planned to play second violin with Carlos Chavez.
(S)he was going to audition for Luis Bunuel's new movie.

Peru, time one:

(S)he was making a beeline for the land of the late Nazca.
(S)he planned to shop at the Chan Chan market.
(S)he was heading for the Andes in search of the Ancient Incas.
(S)he wanted to haul off the Tiahuanaco temple of the sun.

Peru, time two:

(S)he wanted to research El Dorado with Francisco Pizarro.
(S)he wanted to be the first graduate from the University of Lima.
(S)he was carrying an order from King Charles V to protect the Incas.
(S)he wanted to buy some land in the new capital founded by Pizarro.

Peru, time three:

(S)he wanted to get a job as a spy in the war of the Pacific.
(S)he mentioned that (s)he was leaving for the Tacna-arica talks.
(S)he had a message for Antonio Jose de Sucre.
(S)he was packing a poncho and heading for an Andean country under
Spanish rule.

Peru, time four:

(S)he wanted to fly to the headwaters of the Amazon river.
(S)he had a ticket for a steamship ride up the Amazon to Iquitos.
(S)he was flying to a country whose neighbors are Chile and Bolivia.
(S)he was going to give advice to Hiram Bingham.

Russia, time one:

(S)he was going to look for the Tartar's loot.
(S)he was going to meet the new Viking ruler Rurik.
(S)he was heading off to help Batu Khan.
(S)he planned to steal long ships from the Rus tribe of the Varangians.

Russia, time two:

(S)he was planning to break into the Kremlin palaces.
(S)he was going to find out why Ivan I Kalita was called "Ivan
(S)he was going to introduce Michael Romanov to the idea of break
(S)he was going to help Boris Godunov spy on the Boyars.

Russia, time three:

(S)he was planning to scalp tickets to Modest Mussorgsky's opera.
(S)he was going to celebrate the founding of St. Petersburg with
Peter the Great.
(S)he planned to learn morals by reading Ivan Krylov's fables.
(S)he was headed in the direction of the new city of Vladivostok.

Russia, time four:

(S)he was going to kidnap Pavlov's dogs.
(S)he was going to try to steal Stalin's moustache.
(S)he was going to attend a lecture by Rasputin.
(S)he was planning to steal the costumes made for a Diaghilev ballet.

Spain, time one:

(S)he was going to ask Avorreos a philosophical question.
(S)he wanted to attend the party celebrating the foundation of Granada.
(S)he left to help capture Toledo from the moors.
(S)he was going on a pilgrimage to Galicia.

Spain, time two:

(S)he planned to study windmill-tilting with Cervantes.
(S)he had signed on as a weather forecaster with the invincible Armada.
(S)he was going to Cadiz to bid farewell to the conquistadores.
(S)he wanted to borrow a book from Ignatius of Loyola.

Spain, time three:

(S)he planned to study palace intrigue at the court of Isabella II.
(S)he was going to attend the coronation of Phillip V, the first
Bourbon king.
(S)he planned to celebrate the dissolution of the inquisition.
(S)he was going to discuss portrait painting with Goya.

Spain, time four:

(S)he was going to do relief work in Guernica.
(S)he heard the Alcazar was under siege.
(S)he wanted to have his/her portrait painted by Juan Gris.
(S)he planned to sell distorted watches to Salvador Dali.

USA, time one:

(S)he hoped to attend a Hopewell pottery sale.
(S)he was heading for Vinland to help set up a Lutefisk stand.
(S)he wanted to see how the cliff dwellers lived.
(S)he planned to go exploring with Leif Ericson.

USA, time two:

(S)he was going to sample life on the Mississippi with Hernando de
(S)he was scheming to steal John Winthrop's journal.
(S)he wanted to go into the real estate business with Peter Minuit.
(S)he planned to go surfing with Juan Cabrillo.

USA, time three:

(S)he wanted to discuss Intolerable Acts with Thomas Jefferson.
(S)he wanted to study the art of the hoax with P.T. Barnum.
(S)he wanted to investigate the murders in Rue Morgue with Edgar Allen
(S)he hoped to acquire some common sense from Thomas Paine.

USA, time four:

(S)he was going to take running lessons from Jesse Owens.
(S)he planned to welcome Lucky Lindbergh home.
(S)he was going to fly around the world with Amelia Earhart.
(S)he was heading for teapot dome to oil a few palms and make a few

006-Walkthrough (continued)

Continuing from the other section...

You need to interview the informant and the witness (or just
one of them).  From them you'll get clues leading to who the
culprit is and where they went.

So when you've listened to the clues, choose the travel button.
Choose one of the places listed there (the one the clues hinted
at).  If you were right, a VILE henchman will be discovered
when you interview someone in that place/time.

This repeats.  You go somewhere, get clues, go somewhere else,
get clues, and it goes on like that.  However, you shouldn't
revisit places you've already been to.

Eventually, you'll catch up with the criminal.  You'll know
when this happens because you get a sinister report.  If you
catch the culprit, but you don't have a warrant, make your
best guess and get a warrant.  Hope that it's for the right

So use the scanner or talk to the second dude.  One of them
will have you catch the criminal.  This means you cracked the case!  
Good job!

If you run out of time, or mess up with the warrant, you get
sent back in shame.

The chief sends you message.  Hopefully, he gives you a promotion.
He will give you a password, and an option to continue.  You
can turn your game off and on later, and simply recover your
data by entering in the code the chief gave you at the personnel

Also, after you've done some cases, the places you can explore
are different (new funny stuff).

Also for fun, in the middle of a case, abort for a new case.
You get taken to Limbo IV.  Wild.

Well, just keep solving the crimes again and again (it gets
progressively harder).  Keep doing it and doing it and doing
it.  You get to reach another rank when you solve a certain
number of cases.

Cases Solved    Rank
Start        Time Cadet
 1           Time Patroller
 6           Time Investigator
15           Time Inspector
25           Time Detective
35           Ace Time Detective
50           Super Time Sleuth
80           Retirement

80 cases!  That certainly is a lot!  Good luck solving the
cases!  FYI, the first time you capture Carmen Sandiego, it
will be the time you get promoted to Super Time Sleuth.  Oh,
if you're lazy and don't want to do the game 80 times (I did
it 87 times, but maybe I counted wrong), check out the next

007-Avoid the Hassle

So you want to beat the game, but not waste a lot of time?
Have no fear.  Just follow these simple steps and you'll beat
the game easily!

Step One: Start the game.
Step Two: Go to personnel
Step Three: Log in as "Lost Gamer".
Step Four: Enter the security access code "HJZDLJB"
Step Five: Solve the case (this is the hardest step).
Step Six: Kick back and relax, you won!

Six steps?  Yes, it's just that simple.  I did all 79 cases,
and you just have to solve one to win with my access code.
It's much easier than doing the game 80 times.  Hope you liked
the game!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2002.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
general information) 

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