Review by EPoetker

Reviewed: 01/10/00 | Updated: 01/10/00

Ehhhh...okay, but not too good, even for NES.

I own this cart, as well as another pack of four games from Quattro Pro, and I once saw a review (I think it was in Game Informer, but I can't be sure) saying what a great game this was. Great? Hardly. Oh, it's fun enough. The graphics are okay, and I really like how almost every level is different from the last, plus there are cool boss characters, and passable music, but....this game just had that unpinnable quality of blah that so often hangs around mediocre games. It's not because the levels are uninspired(one mini-game where you have to defuse a bomb deserves its own game.) Perhaps it's because the levels are at first rather easy, then needlessly hard. Or the fact that doing the same thing in the same situation can get you a power-up one time and get you killed the next. The game has an "unfinished" quality, and the bugs are apparent. All in all, unless you want a diversion for a couple of hours, don't waste the time required to download the ROM or buy the game.(Actually, download the ROM to try it out; don't even bother with the game, even if you somehow manage to find it.)

Rating: 6

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