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    FAQ/Walkthrough by eLemenT1722

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    Distributed by: FCI
    Game Type: RPG
    V2.0 - Rearranged contents for easier usage and added prices and FAQ's.
    V1.1 - Added new logo, table of contents, and race/class guide.
    V1.0 - Began and finished basic walkthrough/guide.
    *Table of Contents*
    I. Game Info
    II. Story
    III. Races/Classes
    IV. Items
     A. Weapons
     B. Armor
     C. Tools
    V. Spells
     A. Magic Power
     B. Will Power
    VI. Enemies
    VII. Commands
    VIII. Walkthrough
     A. Royal City
     B. Ambrosia
     C. Royal City
     D. Moon/Gray
     E. Montor East/West
     F. Montor West
     G. Four Marks
       1. Fire
       2. King
       3. Force
       4. Snake
     H. Yew
     I. Ambrosia
     J. Dawn
     K. Islands
     L. Exodus Castle
    IX. FAQ's
    X. Legal
    XI. Thanks
    Game Info
    Ultima: Exodus is a very unique game. While it contains everything a
    good RPG needs, it has many elements rarely seen in newer video games,
    such as your team needing food, special events distinguished by the
    phases of the twin moons, and the overworld is only visible in the
    direct vicinity of your party, concealing the terrain around you.
    In the land of Sosaria, evil is widespread. Villages are being
    terrorized. The people are on high alert. Chaos rules supreme. The evil
    minions of Mondain and Minax are terrorizing the land, and Lord British
    asks you and your team of Light Warriors to bring peace to the land.
    That's where your amazing journey begins. Lead these Warriors to victory
    and free the land from evil's grip.
    As the game starts, you are asked to choose a party of four members.
    While most people would like a balanced team of fighters and
    spellcasters, my team of choice is two Bobit Clerics and two Fuzzy
    Wizards. Each of them can have the maximum amount of MP, which you
    regain by walking around, so they are nearly invincible. Here's the
    stats for each type of class and race:
    (These are the max. stats for the characters, and the asterik shows
     which is the best stat.)
     Strength      - 75
     Wisdom*       - 99
     Intelligence  - 75
     Dexterity     - 50
    Best class: Cleric
     Strength      - 25
     Wisdom        - 75
     Intelligence* - 99
     Dexterity*    - 99
    Best class: Wizard
     Strength*     - 99
     Wisdom        - 75
     Intelligence  - 50
     Dexterity     - 75
    Best class: Fighter or Barbarian
     Strength      - 75
     Wisdom        - 50
     Intelligence  - 75
     Dexterity*    - 99
    Best class: Thief
     Strength      - 75
     Wisdom        - 75
     Intelligence  - 75
     Dexterity     - 75
    Best class: Ranger or Druid
    (Ratings are out of 10, 10 being best)
     Rating  - 8
     Magic   - None
     Weapons - All
     Armor   - All
    Best race: Dwarf
     Rating  - 9
     Magic   - Half Will Power
     Weapons - All
     Armor   - Cloth, Leather, Bronze, Iron, Mystic
    Best race: Bobit
     Rating  - 2
     Magic   - Half Will Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mace, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Leather, Mystic
    Best race: Bobit
     Rating  - 4
     Magic   - None
     Weapons - All
     Armor   - Cloth, Leather, Mystic
    Best race: Dwarf
     Rating  - 10
     Magic   - All Will Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mace, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Leather, Bronze, Mystic
    Best race: Bobit
     Rating  - 10
     Magic   - All Magic Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Mystic
    Best race: Fuzzy
     Rating  - 7
     Magic   - Half Magic Power and half Will Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mace, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Mystic
    Best race: Bobit or Fuzzy
     Rating  - 9
     Magic   - None
     Weapons - Dagger, Mace, Sling, Axe, Blowgun, Bronze Sword, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Leather, Mystic
    Best race: Elf
     Rating  - 8.5
     Magic   - Half Magic Power
     Weapons - All
     Armor   - Cloth, Mystic
    Best race: Human, Bobit
     Rating  - 1
     Magic   - Half Magic Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mystic
     Armor   - Cloth, Mystic
    Best race: Fuzzy, Elf
     Rating  - 9.5
     Magic   - Half Magic Power and half Will Power
     Weapons - Dagger, Mace, Sling, Axe, Blowgun, Bronze Sword, Spear, Broad
               Axe, Bow, Iron Sword, Mystic
     Armor   - All
    Best race: Bobit, Human
    Weapon        Price     Damage    Who Can Use
     Dagger        30        1         All
     Mace          30        2         All but Wizard and Alchemist
     Sling         60        3         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Thief,
                                       Lark, and Ranger
     Axe           125       4         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Thief,
                                       Lark, and Ranger
     Blowgun       350       4         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Thief,
                                       Lark, and Ranger
     Bronze Sword  200       5         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Thief,
                                       Lark, and Ranger
     Spear         250       6         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Lark,
                                       and Ranger
     Broad Axe     400       7         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Lark,
                                       and Ranger
     Bow           1050      7         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Lark,
                                       and Ranger
     Iron Sword    800       8         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Lark,
                                       and Ranger
     Glove         1200      8         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, and Lark
     Halberd       2700      9         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, and Lark
     Silver Bow    6550      9         Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, and Lark
     Sun Sword     4550      10        Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, and Lark
     Mystic Sword  n/a       10        All
    Armor          Price     Who Can Use
     Cloth          75        All
     Leather        195       All but Wizard, Lark, and Alchemist
     Bronze         575       Fighter, Paladin, Cleric, and Ranger
     Iron           2500      Fighter, Paladin, and Ranger
     Steel          6130      Fighter and Ranger
     Dragon         8250      Fighter and Ranger
     Mystic Armor   n/a       All
    Tool            Location         Price      What It Does
     Magic Key       Guild Shop       50         Open doors
     Torch           Guild Shop       5 for 30   Light up dungeon
     Gem             Guild Shop       75         Shows map
     Sands of Time   Guild Shop       90         Stops time in battle
     Tent            Guild Shop       100        Recovers energy
     Silver Pick     Cave of Death    n/a        Finds Mystic Sword
     Gold Pick       Dawn             n/a        Finds Mystic Armor
     Silver Horn     Circle of Light  n/a        Scares away Red Serpent
     Flower          Ambrosia         n/a        Give to Sherry
     Compass Heart   Royal City       n/a        Returns you to castle
     Special Marks   Caves            50 HP      Needed at the end of game
     Four Cards      Ambrosia         n/a        Needed at the end of game
    *Note: There are two kinds of magic in Ultima: Magic Power and Will
    Power spells.
    *Magic Power*
    Spell     Pts. Used     Where to Use     What Spell Does
     Repel       0           Battle           Destroys Orcs and Goblins
     Missile	 5           Battle           Throws a fireball
     Light       10          Dungeon          Lights up area
     Descend     15          Dungeon          Go down a level
     Ascend      20          Dungeon          Go up a level
     Flame       25          Battle           Stronger than Missile
     Trans       30          Surface          Transport to a new location
     Psi         35          Battle           Stronger than Flame
     Bright      40          Dungeon          Longer lasting than Light
     Cleric      45          Any Time         Lets user cast Will Power
     Poison      50          Battle           Damage to multiple enemies
     Kill        55          Battle           Stronger than Psi
     Stop        60          Anywhere         Stops time
     Psikill     65          Battle           Multiple attack. Strong on
                                              Balrons and Devils.
     Rot         70          Battle           Multiple attack. Extremely
                                              weakens enemies
     Death       75          Battle           Destroys all enemies
    *Will Power*
    Spell     Pts. Used     Where to Use     What Spell Does
     Undead      0           BattleDestroys   Skeletons and Ghouls
     Open        5           Treasure         Opens chest without traps
     Heal        10          Any Time         Heals 10-30 HP
     Glow        15          Dungeon          Lights up area
     Rise        20          Dungeon          Go up a level
     Sink        25          Dungeon          Go down a level
     Move        30          Dungeon          Transport to a new level
     Cure        35          Anytime          Removes poison
     Surface     40          Dungeon          Exits dungeon
     Star        45          Dungeon          Longer lasting than Glow
     Lg. Heal    50          Any Time         Recovers max. HP
     Map         55          Any Time         Shows a map
     Banish      60          Battle           Throws a Fireball
     Raise       65          Any Time         Revives the dead. Might turn
                                              recipient to ash
     Destroy     70          Battle           Attacks multiple enemies
     Recall      75          Any Time         Revives a person from ash
    Name         Strength      HP    MP    Specialty   GP
     Orc          Pathetic      48    No    None        3
     Goblin       Pathetic      48    No    None        3
     Skeleton     Pathetic      80    No    None        4
     Ghoul        Pathetic      80    No    None        4
     Theives      Pathetic      128   No    Theft       5
     Pirate       Pathetic      128   No    Have Ship   8
     Giant        Weak          112   No    None        6
     Titan        Weak          112   No    None        6
     Golem        Weak          112   No    None        6
     Gargoyle     Normal        180   Yes   Poison      10
     Snatch       Normal        192   No    Poison      10
     Bradle       Normal        192   No    Poison      10
     Mane         Normal        180   No    Poison      10
     Wyvern       Strong        224   Yes   Flame       15
     Griffin      Strong        224   Yes   Flame       15
     Dragon       Strong        224   Yes   Flame       15
     Demon        Strong        180   Yes   Poison      10
     Sea Serpent  Strong        224   Yes   Flame       15
     Devil        Very Strong   240   Yes   Poison      20
     Balron       Very Strong   240   Yes   Poison      20
     Man-O-War    Very Strong   240   Yes   Poison      20
    *Note: To go through the game, you will need to use commands. Hit select
     to get the second page of commands.
    Talk:   Talks to the person you're facing.
    Magic:  Opens the spell menu for the selected character.
    Fight:  Starts a fight with anyone. Fighting with people makes guards
            appear, who are among the strongest enemies in the game.
    Status: Shows the status of your party and lets you equip the
    Tools:  Let's you use your party's tools.
    Give:   Allows the characters to trade their items.
    Get:    Grabs items from chests, but sets off traps.
    Climb:  Ascends/descends ladders.
    Food:   Divides food evenly amongst the characters.
    Gold:   Lets you transfer gold between the characters.
    Horse:  Mounts/dismounts characters from horses.
    Order:  Rearranges the character's order.
    Bribe:  Pays money to guards to get out of the way.
    Pray:   Enables you to get neccessary items.
    *Note: This is a basic walkthrough of the game. While it will get you
    through the game easily, it would be wise for you to explore a bit on
    your own.
    Royal City
    Once you are out in the real world, you should fight some enemies. They
    are fairly weak, so simply cast Undead and Repel spells to finish them
    off quickly. (Always cast the spell when your right foot is up to work.)
    Making sure not to wander far from the castle, fight enemies, watching
    to make sure you don't run out of food or HP. Go to town if you need to
    rest. Keep fighting the monsters until each character has around 5000
    GP. (Yes, it is a lot, but it's worth it.) After buying the Clerics
    maces and bronze armor, talk to Lord British. He'll raise your
    character's levels. While they are now stronger, so are the enemies.
    Leave the castle and find a pirate ship floating in the water. Step onto
    it to fight some pirates. After you beat them, the ship is yours. (It is
    signified as yours by becoming pink.)
    Sail around the sea until you come upon a pink whirlpool. Sail into it
    to be taken to the snowy land of Ambrosia. First, head left and follow
    the path through the forest and then south. You should come to a
    Flower Patch. Have each character take a flower. Next, find the Shrine
    of Wisdom. Have the Clerics pay 100 GP for one point of Wisdom. Now
    head for the Temple of Intelligence. From the path to the Shrine, head
    left till you come to a lake. Defeat the pirates and take their ship.
    Sail straight ahead and follow the path to the Temple, where the
    Wizards can spend their money.
    Royal City
    Head back to Royal City via the pink whirlpool. Talk to the girl
    standing next to the lake name Sherry. Give her the flowers, and she'll
    give you the Compass Hearts. These will take you back to the castle from
    Find these cities to buy some useful items. In Gray, buy some torches,
    gems, and keys. Making sure you have food, fight enemies to get money
    and experience. Head back to the castle and explore behind the doors.
    These are all just little clues that don't really help. When you're
    ready, save and leave the castle. Head south.
    Montor East/West
    A strip of water separates these towns. You can pick up some more clues
    here, especially one about a jail, but you should ignore it for now.
    From Montor West, go right and south under some mountains to find a Moon
    Gate. It's destination changes with the moons. When the left moon is
    almost full and the right moon is white on the left half, step in and it
    will take you to a Gate some mountains. Wait for the left moon to be
    white on the left half and the right moon to be white on the right half.
    Step in and you'll exit near the town of Devil Guard. Here you can buy
    horses for 800 GP and talk to everyone in the hospital. After talking to
    one patient, the Bribe command should become available to you.
    Montor West
    After using a Compass Heart to save your game in the castle, head to
    Montor West. In the jail, bribe the guard (with 200 GP) to get in. Talk
    to the man in the bottom right cell more than once to get a very
    important clue.
    The Four Marks
    From here, your team will need to obtain the four Marks: King, Fire,
    Force and Snake. Head northeast from the castle to reach Golden Cave.
    (Using your Descend, Rise, and Surface spells is a plus in dungeons.)
    On the eighth (bottom) floor, explore opposite corners to find the Marks
    of King and Fire. Since each character needs a Mark, you'll need to back
    up and approach it again. Now you can leave the cave and head for the
    Head west from the castle to get to Yew. Head south and then east until
    you get to the Circle of Light. Go north and talk to the second priest.
    He'll teach you the Pray command. And since you have the Mark of Fire,
    the lava won't hurt you. Head back to the Circle of Light and Pray in
    the middle. You'll receive the Silver Horn. Now head north from the
    temple to reach the Hospital. Talk to people to get more clues.
    Finally, head out of Yew to the west. Save at the castle if you wish.
    Head back to Ambrosia to revisit the Temples. Make sure that you Pray in
    each one, as it is absolutely essential. By now, your characters should
    be at least to level 20 and very powerful. If you're low or out of
    Compass Hearts, be sure to pick some more flowers, too.
    The town of Dawn is extremely tricky to find. It's in the dark forest
    south of the castle and only appears at a certain phase of the moons.
    From the castle, head seven steps west and thirty-five steps south. It
    will appear when both moons are full. Head to the northern shop to see
    some treasure chests. Open them to find the Gold Pick. When you get it,
    run out of town before the guards get you. They are very hard to beat.
    Now you should explore the other dungeons. I'm not going to guide you
    through them, seeing as how the bottom level usually contains what you
    are looking for. What you have left to find in the dungeons are: the
    Mark of Snake, the Mark of Force, the Silver Pick, and the Time Lord.
    When you have all of these, the game is nearing its end.
    Your final treasures are located on islands: the Mystic Sword and the
    Mystic Armor. Once you find these, give the axes to the other team
    members so they can get them too. After equipping these, the hard part
    comes. Make sure you have the following items:
     The Silver Horn
     The Four Marks
     The Four Cards
     The Mystic Sword/Armor
     Good levels and spells
    If you have all of these, head to Exodus Castle for the ending. Be
    prepared and don't give up.
    Q. What party should I play with?
    A. See beginning of walkthrough.
    Q. What members should I avoid?
    A. See beginning of walkthrough.
    Q. What is the best race for each member?
    A. Again, see beginning of walkthrough.
    Q. What/where is Ambrosia?
    A. It's a snowy land that has temples for your characters to donate in.
       It lies in the whirlpool that appears in the ocean.
    Q. Where do I get the Book of Poetry?
    A. It's a false clue. There is no book.
    Q. What do I do in Exodus Castle?
    A. Pray when you get to the water at the top. Then, get ready to run.
    This guide is property of me and GameFAQ's. You may use this guide in
    your website if you give me the address. All trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    I have many thanks to give. First to Nintendo, for supporting the game.
    Next, to Rusel DeMaria, who's book helped me through the harder parts of
    the game and on the charts. Finally, to me, for making this guide.
    Hoo-hah! If you have any questions or are telling me that you're putting
    this guide on your website, email me at markr_cb17@hotmail.com.
    ┬ęCopyright 2003 eLemenT

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