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Guide and Walkthrough by AdamL

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/09/2002
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 _     _          ____
| |   | |        / __/  __  _     _   ____        O   __
| |   | |  _   _/ /_   /  \  |\   /| |  _ \   _   _  (__\
| |   | | (_) |_  __| | /\ | | \_/ | | |_| | (_) | |  __))
|  \_/  /      / /    | \/ |  \____| |    _/     | | |() |
 \_____/     _/ /      \__/ THE SAGA | |\ \      |_| \__/\
             \_/                     |_| \_\

"Bop 'Til You Drop."


v1.5 - Completed 3/9/02

Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
Copyright ©2000, 2001, 2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) PAL-only game by Sun Electronics
Corporation (Sunsoft) 1991.


I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Story
IV.   Main Characters
V.    Enemies
VI.   Controls
VII.  How To Attack
VIII. Items
IX.   Walkthrough
      A. Starting Area
      B. Beating Freeon-Leon
      C. Mini-Boss #1
      D. Ice Area
      E. Beating Shades
      F. Tree Area
      G. Mini-Boss #2
      H. In Search of Gil
      I. Beating Gil
      J. Mini-Boss #3
      K. Back to the Bird
      L. Mini-Boss #4
      M. Collecting
      N. Snow Area
      O. Mini-Boss #5
      P. Getting Jumpy
      Q. Mini-Boss #6
      R. Dark Area
      S. Mini-Boss #7
      T. Almost There
      U. Final Boss
X.    Frequently Asked Questions
XI.   Passwords
XII.  Game Genie Codes
XIII. Acknowledgements
XIV.  Disclaimer


For future revisions I'd like to play through the Japanese version (Hebereke)
and note the differences between that version and the European/Australian

3/9/02: v1.5
-Added character descriptions.
-Added enemy descriptions.

3/6/02: v1.4
-Added my current email address.

3/28/01: v1.3
-Added more Game Genie codes, courtesy of Chris Covell.
-Reformatted the Revision History section.
-Added a list of Ufouria sequels, courtesy of Niall Kavanagh.
-Listed sub-sections of Walkthrough section in the Table of Contents.

7/31/00: v1.2
-Changed the Table of Contents to a more traditional style.
-Added another URL for where this FAQ/Walkthrough can be posted.

7/1/00: v1.1
-Added a Game Genie code section...only one code though :)

4/7/00: v1.0
-Finished walkthrough.  First complete version.

4/4/00: v0.6
-Started the walkthrough, up to finding the Power of Insight.
-Added an "Enemies" section

4/4/00: v0.5
-Added a bunch of passwords.

3/28/00: v0.4
-Added an acknowledgement section.
-This is the first submitted version of the FAQ.

3/24/00: V0.3
-Added ascii art title (resembles the box art title).
-Started the FAQ section.

3/23/00: v0.2
-Completed the following sections: Introduction, Story, Main Characters,
Controls, How to Attack, Items and Disclaimer.

3/17/00: v0.1
-Initial layout started.

[NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]


Ever since I first played this game I thought about writing a walkthrough for
it.  The world of Ufouria is pretty vast, with all kinds of different
landscapes and cool items to discover.  The only thing that kept me from
starting one was the fact that very few people own this game, as it was never
released in the USA.  Rumor has it that it was very close to release, but
scratched for some reason.  It's a real shame that this game didn't get the
attention it deserved.  The gameplay is top notch, with very responsive
controls and no cheap hits.  The graphics are equal to, if not better than,
some of Sunsoft's finer titles, like Blaster Master and Fester's Quest, except
more colorful.  The music is upbeat and fits each stage well.

Anyway, a couple years went by and I realized that still nobody had written
anything on this game.  The only info I could find anywhere was a review at NES
World and the password I submitted to gamesages.com (remember when it was
segasages.com?) years ago when I beat it.  I looked at some of the walkthroughs
I wrote and realized that just about all of them were on obscure games (Legend
of Prince Valiant?!?) anyway, so I figured it was high time to give this game
its due and hopefully this walkthrough does it justice.

Please note that the odds of finding this game are very slim.  Even in Japan, a
Famicom version of this game is highly sought after (I believe it is called
Hebereke).  My copy was purchased from an online store in Australia before the
NES collecting craze hit, so I lucked out big-time.  I am writing this
walkthrough using a ROM of the game (I own the game, so there!) because of the
save-state ability of NESticle and I noticed that my game and the ROM are the
same, however the back of the game box shows different energy icons in the
upper-left corner of the screen as well as another counter for something which
I have no idea what it is.  Other than that, I feel I have a pretty good handle
on most aspects of the game.  Enjoy!


Though the characters in the game are odd, the plot follows the basic universal
"save your buddies" theme.  The only problem is that the manual never explains
who the bad guys are, nor is there any reference to them during game play. 
There are several bosses throughout the game who all look alike, with minor
differences between them.  The final boss just looks like a big mini-boss.  Why
are these guys after you?  Who knows.  Who cares.  Just get 'em out of your way
so you can save your friends and return home.

The following text is straight from the manual:

"Long ago, in a time unknown to us, there existed a world called Ufouria.  It
was so named because only four different species inhabited its many wonderful
lands.  All creatures of Ufouria lived together in peace and harmony."

"One day, four friends: Bop-Louie, Freeon-Leon, Shades and Gil were out on an
adventure.  They happened upon what appeared to be a gigantic crater.  In order
to get a closer look, they stepped to the edge and looked over the side where
they saw a shiny object that appeared to be a crystal.  All except for Bop
wanted to reach down and grab it.  Bop knew that going so close to the edge was
too dangerous so he stood safely away from the side.  Suddenly, the ground near
the edge gave way under his friends and they went hurling down into the

"Worried about his friends, our hero, Bop-Louie, carefully climbs down into the
crater and finds himself in a strange and unknown world and his pals are
nowhere in sight.  His friends have fallen into hidden pitfalls which has
caused them to lose their memory."

"Bop must set out to find his friends: Freeon-Leon, Shades and Gil.  Once this
is accomplished, he must fight them and win because their combined powers are
needed to escape from this strange world full of many dangerous mazes, bizarre
enemies and mystical lands.  On their journey, each character will find a
special weapon to help them battle the odds and find their way back to


There are four characters that you get to play as during the course of the
game.  First you must find them, then you must fight them.  After beating them,
they join your team and you can use them and their special abilitites.  Select
which character you want to be at the sub-screen.  All of their Secret Weapons
must be obtained by finding a certain item somewhere in the game.  You start
off with:


-Fast walker on land.
-Average jumper.
-Cannot swim.
-Cannot walk on icy surfaces (keeps falling).
-Can climb walls with his SUCTION CUP power-up, found during gameplay.
*Secret Weapon--Head springs out and attacks enemy.


-Can walk on icy surfaces.
-Swims on surface of the water (cannot swim under water).
-Slow walker on land.
-Jumps very low.
*Secret Weapon--Blows icy wind that can freeze enemies in place.


-Can jump very high and floats down slowly.
-Slow walker.
-Cannot swim.
*Secret Weapon--Eyes pop out, attacking enemies.


-Can walk under water.
-Average walker on land.
-Low jumper.
*Secret Weapon--Belches bombs that destroy walls obstructing your path.

I found myself using Bop-Louie most of the time and only switched to the other
characters when necessary.  Gil seems to be the coolest character, as there are
lots of watery areas that only he can access as well as a lot of walls that
only he can get through, using his bombs.  I probably used Shades Secret Weapon
the least, although it does more damage than anyone else's, killing all the
small enemies on the screen.  Freeon-Leon's icy wind is useful in that you can
freeze an enemy and then use that enemy as a step, allowing you to get to some
otherwise unreachable areas.

Thanks to Niall Kavanagh <dizzyfan@doramail.com> for submitting the following
character descriptions:

Hebereke (Louis)
Gender: Male
Personality: Unphaseable
Likes: To avoid egg hunting, Columns
Misc.: Has evil clone
Appearance: White with Bobble hat
Resides: FunFair

Oh-Chan (Leon)
Gender: Female
Personality: Stubborn
Likes: Masquerade Balls, Bragging, VERY long figures, nonograms
Misc.: Not good with faces, has own spin off game, my favourite character
Appearance: Orange, seems to be wearing a hood
Resides: A different big mansion

Sukezaemon (shades)
Gender: Male
Personality: Cynical, Optimistic
Likes: Tea
Misc.: Thinks he'll do better next time...
Appearance: White, Pink baseball cap with wings, Shades
Resides: Big Castle

Jennifer (Gil)
Gender: Male (!)
Personality: Frustrated
Likes: Work
Misc.: Gets pissed off when you disrupt his working schedule, appears to throw
up a lot
Appearance: Green with dangly thing on his head
Resides: Pond

Boo (purple Bird)
Gender: Female
Personality: Forgetful
Likes: To get help in a crisis
Misc.: Loses her egg, then sends the others (Particularly Hebereke) to find it,
fly's using her hat
Appearance: Purple with green propeller hat.
Resides: Big nest in the forest in Ufouria


I'd love for this to be a huge section with all the names of minor enemies,
Mini-Bosses and especially, the Final Boss.  Unfortunately, nowhere in the
game, the manual or on the box does it have a single name of an enemy.

The Mini-Bosses do sort of resemble each other and seem to be the offspring of
the Final Boss, much like the Koopa Kids (Bowser's offspring) were the
Mini-Bosses in Super Mario Brothers 3.

In the walkthrough I will only mention the enemies as reference points and try
to describe the weird looking creatures as best I can.

If anybody knows any names for any of the enemies in this game, or knows why
these guys are out to get you, please drop me a line at alamont1@maine.rr.com

A very special thanks goes out to Niall Kavanagh <dizzyfan@doramail.com> for
submitting a few enemy bios:

Gender: Male
Personality: Whiny
Likes: To think he can walk on ice.
Misc.: Blames the others when he slips
Appearance: Black & White penguin and looks a little like Oh-Chan
Resides: The Icecaps of Ufouria

Gender: Male
Personality: Protective
Likes: Guarding the Area51 equivalent
Misc.: Gets pissed off when people reckon they can beat him
Appearance: Green (or White), Red Zogabongs, Looks a little like Oh-Chan
Resides: Mountains

Unyo: (Final Boss)
Gender: Male
Personality: Thoroughly evil
Likes: Being Evil.
Misc.: Is determined to kill Hebereke and his mates, though he's a key part and
if one goes they all do
Appearance: Yellowy, Spiked helmet
Resides: A shipwreck


               |                             |
               |     +                       |
               |   +++++           (*)  (*)  |
               |     +     ==  ==   B    A   |
               |     D     SE  ST            |

ST Button (Start)
 -Press to begin game play.
 -Press again to pause/resume game play.

SE Button (Select)
 -Press to view the sub-screen.

A Button
 -Press to jump.
 -A + Down = stomp enemies.
 -Press to select characters and items on sub-screen after they are collected.

B Button
 -Press to pick up balls.
 -Press again to throw balls.
 -Hold down for special attack after it is collected.

D Button (Directional pad)
 -Moves character left or right.
 -Press down to duck (characters can crawl while ducking).
 -Press up to climb ropes.
 -Select characters and items on sub-screen.


There are 3 methods of attack in Ufouria:


-Press the D Button down while jumping on top of the enemy.


-After you have stomped on the enemy it will turn into either a ball or a
crystal (not the item CRYSTAL, but a smaller crystal that restores health).  To
pick up a crystal simply walk through it.  Crystals are worth 2 life points. 
If the enemy turns into a ball, press the B Button to pick it up and press the
B Button again to throw it as a weapon.


-Secret weapon items are hidden throughout the game.  There is a specific
weapon for each character and will enable them to defeat certain bosses or get
through particular areas in the game.  Once the secret weapon item for each
character is found, you may use it against enemies.  Hold the B Button down
until a heart appears and press it again to attack.


The following are the major items and their descriptions:


This is the first item you find.  It will show up on your sub-screen, where you
can select it to view your password.  The password you receive will allow you
to continue with all the items you collected in the game you just played, but
it does not keep track of location, so you will start at the beginning of the
game (the same thing happens if you choose the Continue option if you die). 
This item is not to be confused with the crystals that sometimes appear after
bopping an enemy and restore some of your health.


Finding this will enable you to see the map of the entire world on the
sub-screen.  If you're using this walkthrough, you obviously will not need a
map, but I will lead you to it nonetheless.


When you find the COMPASS, you will be able to see your location on the map,
which will be colored green.


Finding this doughnut shaped item will let you see the location of special
hidden items on the map.  Again, I'll lead you to the items, but I'll show you
where this is anyway.  The special hidden items will be represented by a red
area on the map.


You will find this in the Tree Area and must return it to the Big Blue Bird,
who will help you out.  This item does not show up on the sub-screen.


There are 3 of these scattered throughout the land.  Finding them will show you
where the corresponding colored KEY is on the map, designated by a blue area.


There are 3 KEYS altogether which must be collected to open the Temple Gate,
which leads to the final boss.


This will allow Bop-Louie to climb walls.  This is one of the best items to
find in the game.  Once you find it, just stand close to a wall and jump while
pressing the D Button toward the wall and continue to press the A Button
repeatedly.  Really easy to use, but only Bop-Louie can use it.  It is equipped


After you find this you will be able to make Bop pop his head off at his
enemies.  It is also the only method to defeat one of the bosses.


When you get this you will be able to have Leon freeze certain enemies into
blocks of ice.  This will be useful in getting to those hard to reach places.


This will make Shades' eyes pop out of his head, destroying all the enemies on
the screen.


Gil will use this to burp out an egg-shaped bomb, which are used to destroy
brick walls in order to get through to other areas in the game.


There are 4 of these scattered throughout the game.  They each hold up to 49
life points, increasing the total amount of damage you will be able to take. 
When you find a LIFE CONTAINER it will be empty, so you will have to collect
crystals to fill it up or use the MEDECINE or WATER OF LIFE.


There are 4 MEDECINE containers located in different spots of the game.  If you
get one, use it by going to the sub-screen and selecting it.  It will fill 1
LIFE CONTAINER completely.


Only 1 of these can be found in the entire game.  It will fill all LIFE
CONTAINERS previously collected.  Save this for the end of the game if


Here it is, the meat and potatoes of this guide, the walkthrough.  The
following will lead you through the entire game, showing you the location of
everything of importance that can be found.  Feel free to stray from the
walkthrough, but be warned that a lot of areas are impassable unless you have a
certain item or character's technique.  I'm pretty certain that I've found the
most stream-lined path through the game, so if you want to blow through it in
the least amount of time, this will do the trick.


You start the game not knowing where you are or what happened to your 3
friends.  The first order of business will be to find the CRYSTAL, which
enables you to view your passwords by selecting the CRYSTAL icon on the
sub-screen.  To find it, start by going right.  Remember to jump onto enemies
while holding down to squash them.  They will either leave crystals (which
raise your energy) or balls, which you can use to toss at other enemies.  You
will then get to a moving platform over some water.  Jump onto the platform
(remember, Bop Louie can't move in water) and onto the ledge, where a rope will
automatically lower.

Climb the rope up 1 screen and go right.  A message will pop up telling you to
find your friends (you get messages in certain areas of the game, mostly when
you find an item).  Continue right and take the upper path to the chest with

Go back left past the rope into a narrow passage where you will find 2 little
white enemies.  Get by them and go left to a spring that shoots you up a level.
 Continue all the way right until you get to the room that holds your friend,
Freeon-Leon.  He's the first of your 3 missing friends that you find, all of
which have amnesia and require a serious ass-kicking to convince them that they
are your friends.


To beat Freeon, grab the blue ball in the center of the room and throw it at
him.  If he grabs it, avoid him until he throws it, then try to get it before
he does and whack him with it again.  It's like a 1 on 1 version of dodge ball.
 Hit him 8 times and his memory will be restored for good.

Now that you have Freeon on your side, you will be able to get through the
snowy areas and swim on watery surfaces.  [NOTE: Gil, who you find later, is
the only character who can go under water]

Your next goal is to locate BOP LOUIE'S SECRET WEAPON.  Use Bop and, from where
you rescued Freeon, go left until you see a gap in the floor and jump into it. 
You'll be on the screen with the rope.  Go right, then take the lower path to a
rope.  Climb down the rope, then go left to some water.  Use Freeon to get past
the water, then go down the rope there.  Proceed to the right, where you will
encounter your first Mini-Boss.


Check out the lips on that guy!  To beat him, use Bop and jump on him while
holding down.  You won't damage him, but a ball will fall out of his mouth. 
Quickly grab it and toss it at him to inflict damage.  Continue this method and
after hitting him 5 times he will perish.  Go right one screen and collect BOP
LOUIE'S SECRET WEAPON (see ITEMS section for its use).

Now go back left, climb the rope, then use Freeon to get back over the water. 
Climb the rope then get up on the ledge and go right.  Select Freeon as your
character and go right, to the Ice Area.


Go all the way right until you are out of the Ice Area (don't worry, you'll see
more of this area later).  An arrow will be pointing down.  Work your way down
until you are in a room with a frog-like dude.  Stomp him and go right.  Make
the long jump across the chasm to the treasure chest containing the MAP.  You
can now select the Map on the sub-screen to see how big this world is.

The next objective is to find the COMPASS, which will allow you to see your
position on the map.  From where you got the map, jump into the large gap in
the floor.  You will proceed to fall a long ways down.  Make sure you hold down
as you fall, so you thump any enemy along the way.  When you reach the bottom,
go left.

Continue left into an area with gray rock until you reach a rope.  Climb the
rope and jump over to a mine car.  Jump in the car and ride it down a slope and
jump out of the car while it is falling, over to the ledge on the left (there
will be another mine car over on the ledge to your right).  Switch to Freeon
and cross over the small pond of water.  Switch back to Bop after you jump out
of the water, then climb the rope.  Jump over to the chest at the top of the
rope to grab the COMPASS.

You now have the 2 items that will show you the layout of the world and your
location in it.  The map is a bit vague and will not be of much use to you if
you are using this walkthrough, but being a completist, I just thought you
should have 'em :)

Now you must look for your friend Shades.  Jump over to the right side of the
rope and work your way right, over to another rope.  Climb it and go right. 
Squash a couple of white dudes and continue right to some water.  Use Freeon to
cross the water, over to another rope.

Climb the rope and get into the mine car.  Hop in and ride over the bridge. 
Notice that red door under you?  We'll get to that in a bit.  Stay in the mine
car and ride it down the slope until the car is airborn, then quickly jump out
of it over to the passage on the left.  Walk over to the rope and climb it up,
then follow the path right, then up a couple ropes, then right over a gap and
into a room where you will find your buddy Shades.


Remember how you beat Freeon?  Do the same here.  Hit Shades with the ball 8
times and he will join the party.  He tells you about a Gate you have to find,
but that can wait.  You still have much to do before entering the Final Gate.

Exit the room where Shades was, then fall through the gap.  You'll end up right
above that red door I mentioned.  Getting to that door is tricky right now, but
it can be done.  Inside that door is the RED POWER RING.  You do not need it
yet, but if you feel brave, read on.  If you want to be super careful, you can
wait until later when you have collected some LIFE CONTAINERS, but if you try
this now, make sure you are fully powered up.

Most likely you are playing this on an emulator, so if you use the save-state
feature, this will only take a few tries.  Walk over to where the bridge
narrows (you'll be standing directly over the middle of 3 white enemies). 
Using Shades, fall so that when you stomp the middle guy, you'll bounce over to
the left and bounce off of that guy too.  After you bounce off the second guy,
you'll bounce towards the ledge and might barely make it.  IF you land in the
lava, quickly switch to Freeon so you can jump out before taking too much
damage.  When you get to the ledge, enter the door to find the RED POWER RING
inside, which will enable you to see the location of the RED KEY on the map.

Go back out the door and stand at the ledge near the lava.  Use Shades to
execute a triple jump onto the heads of the 3 white guys and over to the
platform.  Make sure the first white guy you jump on is at its lowest point
when you land on him.  If you don't think you are going to make it to the
platform, quickly switch to Freeon and jump on the surface of the lava.  If you
have enough energy, you should make it there alright.

From the platform, jump onto the moving platform to the right and ride it over
to where you can jump up to the ledge.  Now go right, past the mine car and
down the rope.  Move left, over the water using Freeon, then fall into the gap
right after the water.  You'll land in a mine car.  Quickly jump out of it and
head to the right, past the rope and out of this area.

You're back in the Red Area.  Walk over to the big spring and let it catapult
you up several levels.  When you land, go left and defeat the frog man again. 
Climb up the rope that appears and work your way up until you can either go
left or right.  Go right, into a room with a chest in the upper right corner. 
Use Shades' superior jumping ability to leap over to the chest to grab his
SECRET WEAPON, the Hammer.

From here, exit the room and go up until you reach the clown at the top.  Bop
him and climb up the ropes.  Now you can either go right or up another rope. 
Take the rope up until you get to a spring, then jump on it to catapult up
several levels to a chest.  Inside is the POWER OF INSIGHT, which lets you see
where special hidden items are on the map.

You can now go right or down the hole where you came from.  There is a large
bird blocking your path to the right, so for now jump back down the hole and
travel all the way down until you can go right, into another screen.  Proceed
to the right, using Freeon to get past some water and beat the Frog Man (the
Frog Man spits out baby frogs, so this is a good place to hang out and gain
energy if you need it by stomping the baby frogs).  Exit right to the Tree


You are now in a stage consisting of a giant tree.  Your goal is to find the
SPECKLED EGG and carry it up to the giant bird in the tree top.  Notice that
there are eggs throughout the tree.  Squash them before they jump at you and
take away energy.

From where you entered, work your way all the way up to the ledge at the top. 
Move right a little, then follow the path down and to the left a bit until you
reach water.  Use Freeon and swim to the right until you reach a platform. 
Jump up to another platform to your right and you will find the SPECKLED EGG. 
Pick it up using the B Button and start working your way up.  Be careful not to
press B while carrying the egg or you will have to go back and get it again.

After working your way to the top (be sure not to exit the path off the screen
to the right or you will lose the egg) you will reach the Big Blue Bird in its
nest.  She thanks you for bringing her the egg and offers to take you to the
other side.  DO NOT take her up on her offer.  She means well, but she'll only
take you to an area that you are not ready for yet.  Instead, use Bop or Shades
and make a running jump off the left of the Bird's ledge.  Continue left,
taking the high road, until you get to the edge of the screen, then work your
way down until you get to the exit on the left (where you entered this area).

Beat the Frog Man, cross the water using Freeon and continue left to the next
screen where you'll climb the rope going up.  Keep going up and take the spring
to the top.  Now go right until you get to the edge of the platform.  You now
have to use Shades to get across some tricky platforms.

The only way across is as follows: using Shades, jump onto the first platform
and quickly jump to the next one (they fall after being on them for about a
second).  Continue jumping and when you land on the 4th platform, ride it down
and jump off of it at the last second.  The 5th platform will magically rise up
from out of nowhere while you are jumping.  When you land on it make a quick
jump over to the 6th platform, then over to the ledge.

The Big Blue Bird appears again.  She tells you that since you picked up her
egg before she will help you across this area (she wouldn't have helped you if
you had chose to come this way earlier).  Now you can take her up on her offer.
 She'll bring you over to a ledge where a rope drops down.  Climb the rope up,
then go all the way left past some birds and a clown, where you'll meet up with
Mini-Boss #2.


This guy is like the first Mini-Boss.  Just bop him in the head and grab the
ball that appears, then nail him with it.  After hitting him 5 times he's
toast...but wait.  His head takes to the air and he comes at you once again. 
He now travels in an up and down pattern.  Just avoid him and use the same
procedure as before, jumping on him and throwing the ball at him.  Hit him 5
more times to finally do him in.

Go one screen left of the Mini-Boss to get BOP LOUIE'S SUCTION CUP.  This item
lets Bop (and Bop only) climb up walls.  Just jump against a wall and he will
automatically cling to it, then keep pressing the jump button to climb.  Use it
immediately to climb up the wall to the door.


Now that you have the SUCTION CUP, you can go find your last buddy, Gil.  From
where you come out of the door, jump in the gap and work your way down to
another gap.  Jump in it and continue down, past the clown until you get to
where you can exit to the left into the Ice Area.  Use Freeon and go left until
you get to the first gap in the ice.  Fall into it then walk right to a door. 
Entering it takes you to a golden-pillared room.

Walk left until you find the chest with the MEDECINE.  Using this will fill up
on Life Container.  You can only carry one at a time, so I'll let you know when
to use it up right before you find another one.

Keep going left and you will reach a Big Gate.  You do not have all the KEYS
yet, so keep going left until you exit this area.  You'll be outside now. 
Using Bop, jump to the rock wall and climb it, stomping on the enemy who looks
like a pair of Lips at the top.  Make a running jump to the left so you'll land
on a platform.  There will be a waterfall to your left.  Jump over and climb up
the right side of the wall where the water is coming out.

Go left and climb another wall.  Work your way left until you cross some water
and get to a pit of spikes.  Ride the platform to the left wall and climb it up
until you get above the first set of Lips, then squash them to land on its
platform.  Use Bop's SECRET WEAPON to kill the Lips to your right, then leap
over to that platform.  You will see up and to your left a bit of rock wall
hanging down.  Jump to it and climb up to the top.

You will then see another set of Lips to your right.  Use Shades to jump over
and squash 'em.  Now use Bop to climb up to the right and over to some water. 
Change to Freeon and swim across some water.  Change back to Bop and walk to
the right, over to a Big Rock.  Jump on top of the Big Rock and hold down to
bounce off the Rock, causing it to move.  Keep jumping on it and eventually it
will reach a hole and clog it up, keeping the water from travelling down.

From the Big Rock, jump up left and fall off the left side of the ledge where
you'll land on another ledge (you'll be able to see the area under the Big Rock
to your right).  Now fall off the left edge of this area, but as you fall, hold
to the right.  If you walk to the right when you land you will enter a narrow
passage.  Follow it right, up, then left to get to Gil


Beat Gil like you beat your other buddies, by hitting him with the ball. 
Pummel him 8 times and his memory is restored.  Now that you have Gil, you will
be able to travel underwater to previously unaccessible areas.

From where you battled Gil, go right, down, then left until you're out of the
passageway.  Climb up the wall to your left, then jump up to the first small
platform, then up to the platform with the Lips.  Jump to the left wall and
climb it again.

Jump to the right and work you way over to where the Big Rock is in the water. 
Continue all the way right until you get to the edge.  Now make a leap of
faith, using Bop or Shades, to the right.  You'll land on a small platform with
a blue door.  Enter the door, where you'll face the third Mini-Boss.


This guy's a lot quicker than the previous 2 Mini-Bosses, but he's beatable. 
He flies around the room in a set pattern, dropping little clones of himself. 
Simply avoid him and squash the clones, who drop balls which you will throw at
the big guy.  Hit him about 6 times and he drops down to the floor to attack
you with his laser gun.

Quickly stomp him before he shoots at you.  After you jump on him he becomes
invisible for a couple seconds.  Try to keep track of where he is by watching
his laser, then jump on him again.  After about 7 hits you'll do him in.  Scoff
up the RED KEY in the chest to your right as your reward and exit back out the


Now that you have Gil and have defeated the third Mini-Boss, you have to return
back to the Tree Area.  From the door of the third Mini-Boss, fall straight
down off the right side of the platform.  You'll land on a platform with a
couple Lips.  Now jump over the water to squash the Lips on a platform to your
right.  From here you can do 2 things.  If you need more MEDECINE, use Gil and
swim down the water to your left where you will find it in a chest.  If you
already have some MEDECINE (remember, you can only carry 1 at a time), fall off
the right side of the platform where a couple of Lips await.

Squash them, then instead of exiting to the right, climb up the right wall and
enter the passage to the right.  You're back in the area with the Big Gate, but
you're just using this area as a short cut again.  Go right, past the Gate,
then through the door at the end.

Back in the Snow Area, use Freeon to walk left to the wall, then jump and, in
mid-air, switch to Bop to climb the wall.  When you get to the top, switch back
to Freeon and go right to exit the Ice Area.

Travel up, getting by the clown and climbing up the rope.  Now go right until
you get to some water.  Use Gil here and jump into the water.  Take the passage
down, which shoots you to an underwater room with 2 exits.  Go down again, then
go left, then left again, then up to a room with a purple fish.  Get out of the
water to the left and walk over to a chest containing your first LIFE
CONTAINER.  The LIFE CONTAINER will be empty when you get it, so you can either
fill it right up using the MEDECINE or gradually fill it by beating enemies and
getting crystals.

Go back in the water and back down the passage, then go right, right again, up,
then right, bringing you into the waters under the Tree Area.

Swim all the way right, avoiding the harpoon-toting enemies, until you get all
the way right, but do not go right into the underwater passage.  Instead, swim
up the right wall and jump up to one of the green platforms.  Now switch to Bop
and work your way up platforms until you reach the Big Blue Bird again.  Grab
onto her to hitch a ride into a new area.

When you land, walk all the way right, over a gap, to the wall.  Climb the wall
then go right to a chest containing MEDECINE (make sure to use the MEDECINE you
are carrying before you pick this up).  Fall into the gap to your left and
follow the passage until you reach a faucet sticking out of the wall.  Jump on
it to fill the area below with water, then switch to Gil.  Jump in the water
and swim down, where you will see a door and a passage going right.  The door
only leads back to the surface, so take the narrow passage.  Go right, down,
left, up, left, down, left, up and then right so you're at a point where you
either go down or up out of the water.  Down is a dead end, so jump up and out
of the water.  Go left and jump back into the water.

Now you can either go left or right.  Go right, following the path until you
reach a chest.  Inside is the GREEN POWER RING, which shows the location of
another KEY on the map.  Go back out the way you came and then choose the left
path.  Go down, where more harpoon enemies are, then go right and follow the
passage all the way to the next Mini-Boss.


This guy is kind of difficult to beat because he's hard to avoid using the
slow-moving Gil, but you have no choice.  Here's how you beat him.  Immediately
swim to the upper left corner of the chamber (the spikes at the top don't hurt
you).  When he comes at you, hold down on the controller so he swims into your
feet, causing a ball to drop from him.  While he is stunned, quickly swim to
the upper-right corner.  When he gets near, drop straight down to the floor and
run to the left to grab the ball, then toss it at him to damage him.  He swims
so fast that this is the only method I could use to get around him and get the
ball.  Repeat this procedure 4 more times to do him in.

After handing him is ass, you'll get GIL'S SECRET WEAPON out of the chest in
the next room.  This will allow you to bomb through walls to get into areas
that were blocked off before.


After beating this guy, there are a couple odds & ends to find before getting
to the next Mini-Boss.  Go all the way left, past the harpoon guys, then
straight up to a weird-looking red wall.  Hold down the B Button, then hit it
when you are charged to belch out an egg-shaped bomb that will blow out a
section of the wall.  Be careful not to go to the sub-screen after blowing up
part of a wall, as it will reappear when you return to the game.  Also, you're
bombs do not damage you, so there's no need to run from them.

After blowing through the wall, travel up, then left to the water under the
Tree Area.  Go all the way left until you enter the next screen.  You're back
in the under-water tunnel system. Go down, left, down and then left again.

You'll be in the Gray Area with the mine cars.  Exit the water to the left and
fall through the gap into a mine car at the bottom.  Ride the car down the
slope, then when it bumps into the left wall and starts to fall, jump out to
the left passage.  You'll see some water to your left.  Use Gil to swim down
into it and collect the BLUE POWER RING.

Swim up and out of the water and go left to a rope.  Climb it then go right to
another rope, up the rope, then left to a slope.  Go down the slope and keep
going left, down another slope, then jump to the left wall, using Bop to cling
to it, then slide down it to an opening in the wall, which leads to a Frog Man.
 Kill the frog and climb over the short wall to your left to some water.  Use
Gil and take a dive.  Follow the passage down, then left, then up to the shore.
 Change to Bop and go left to the SNOW AREA.


Go down, then right, stomping some mice along the way.  You'll get to a spot
where you can keep going right or go down.  Go right until you see a door, but
don't go in it.  Use Bop to climb up the side of the overhang above the door. 
Up at the top you'll find another LIFE CONTAINER.

Go back down to where the door is, but don't go in it (it just leads back to
the start of this Snow Area).  Use Gil and jump into the icy water to your
left.  When you get to the bottom, go right and up out of the water.  Change to
Freeon and fall down to the next screen.  Now change to Bop.  Even though you
are on ice, you'll be fine with Bop unless you try to jump or run.  Now walk
left through a narrow passage.  Two small enemies are waiting for you in the
passage, so since there isn't enough room to stomp them, hold down B to get
BOP'S SECRET WEAPON ready, then when you see them, let it fly.  Continue left
to the next screen.  Jump on the button to release the snowballs, which fill up
the pit below.

Jump down to the snowballs, then through the small passage to the right.  Go
right, then down, then all the way left to the next Mini-Boss.


This guy's a chump.  Using Freeon, jump on his head to make a ball appear, then
hit him with it.  Do this 5 times to beat him.  He does jump around a bit, but
you should not have any trouble with him.

Go get FREEON-LEON'S SECRET WEAPON in the next room as your reward.  This lets
you freeze enemies, which is convenient because you can then use them as steps
to get to those hard to reach areas, which you will be visiting soon.

[NOTE: Remember that Red Door way back in the mine car section where you could
get the RED POWER RING?  You can use FREEON"S SECRET WEAPON to freeze the
enemies there to make a bridge to the doorway if you didn't make the trip back


Exit by going all the way right, then use Bop to climb up the wall.  Now go
left as far as you can go and use Bop to climb this wall up to the next level. 
Now go right, past a penguin and down a small slope to where you can see a big
gap in the ceiling above you.  To climb the wall, use Freeon and jump to the
wall, then when you're right next to it, make the quick mid-air switch to Bop
and get climbin'.  When you reach the top, walk all the way to the right and
enter the door.  Exit the Snow Area to the right.

Beat the Frog Man and go right to the water.  Float down to the floor, then go
all the way to the right past 2 screens, then up to the shore.  Go right, past
another Frog Man, to the mine car area.

From where you enter, you have to go down, but make sure you jump to the right
and fall, as there are spikes directly under you.  Hop in the mine car and ride
it all the way to the right, jumping out before it smashes into the spikes. 
Climb the rope all the way up and exit this area to the right.

Continue right, past the area with the spring, until you reach an orange block
with a smiley-face.  Either jump on it a couple times or use a Secret Weapon to
get it out of your way, then go right to the wall.  Use Gil's bombs to destroy
it then enter the door on the other side.

You're now in an area with gold walls.  See all those enemies hovering about? 
Use FREEON'S SECRET WEAPON to freeze them, then quickly use them as stairs
before they thaw out.  Try to freeze them at their lowest points.  Some of the
jumps are too long for Freeon, so quickly switch to Shades to make the jump,
then switch back to Freeon to freeze the next one.  When you are standing on
the last frozen enemy, switch to Bop to climb the ledge at the top.  It's not
easy, but if you make it to the top, the WATER OF LIFE awaits.  This is the
only one in the game, so keep it handy until you absolutely need to use it.  It
will fill up all of your LIFE CONTAINERS.

From here, fall straight down to the next screen.  You will now have to
alternate between Shades and Freeon again to freeze enemies to get across the
lava.  Just remember to freeze the enemies at their lowest point to make the
jumps easier for Shades.

When you make it safely across, use Bop to climb up.  You will find a weird
green dude at the top who spits out these crawly, grub-like enemies at you. 
This is the perfect place to build up energy if you need it.  Keep squashing
the grubs and sometimes they'll leave behind crystals for energy.  If you're
fine on energy, go left to the door and enter to fight the Mini-Boss of this


This armored guy can be defeated using BOP LOUIE'S SECRET WEAPON and a lot of
quick moving.  Stay to the left side and when he comes at you, jump and bounce
off of him until he walks back to the right.  Now charge up your weapon and
when he comes back, nail him.  Be sure to avoid the spears falling from above. 
Hit him 6 times and the armor comes off, revealing his true feline form.  He's
now defenseless.  Use the jump attack and bop the poor guy about 9 times in the
head until he drops.

Go right to collect the BLUE KEY from the chest.  Only 1 more KEY to go!

Go left and exit out the door.  Go right, getting by the 2 green dudes, and
jump into the gap.  Work your way to the left, using Freeon's freezing
technique and Shades' jumping ability to get over the lava, then have Bop
scramble up the wall one screen and bounce off a couple enemies to get to the
door on the right to exit this area.

Use Gil to bomb through the wall then go left until you reach the spring board.
 You'll fly way up, then when you reach the top, go left to fight the Frog Man.
 Now go up the rope and up to the first exit on the left to the Ice Area.  Use
Freeon and go all the way left until you exit the Ice Area.

Now go all the way left, past one rope going down, to a second rope going down.
 Climb down it and take the platform to the left over the water and continue
left (past the game's starting point) until you exit to the area with the 2
Lips.  Climb the left wall and smash the Lip dude at the top.  Jump over to the
platform to your left, then jump over to the wall with a waterfall next to it,
and climb the wall.  Go left and climb another wall.  Go left again, over some
water then over some spikes, and climb up another wall, getting off on the
platform with the Lips.  Jump up and right to another set of Lips, then jump
left to the wall and climb it to the top.

Make a long jump to the right then another jump to climb up to the area where
the Big Rock is.  Cross the water then walk over to the edge of the cliff. 
Using Bop, fall off the cliff, but hug the wall to your left.  You'll land on a
little opening with a red wall blocking the passageway.  Use Gil to bomb the
wall, being careful to avoid the set of Lips behind it, then go one screen left
to a chest containing an all-important LIFE CONTAINER.

Use Bop and go back right, using your SECRET WEAPON on the Lips, then use Gil
to bomb your way back through the wall.  Switch to Bop and fall straight down
from the ledge.  When you land, change to Freeon and go right to the ledge and
fall straight down again, landing in the water.  Hop out of the water to your
left and change to Gil to bomb out a couple of walls, then drop down the long
passageway into the Dark Area.


Your first mission down here is to turn on the lights.  Walk to your left a bit
until you are on the red bricks.  Now go to the left-most bricks and start
bombing your way down the left side.  By belching a bomb onto the 2nd brick
from the left, you should be able to take out 3 at a time.  When you reach the
bottom, a giant button will appear.  Jump on it to turn on the lights.  Now
bomb your way over to the door at the right which brings you back to the top.

From here, go all the way left to the next screen.  You'll now have to bomb
your way down again.  Work your way down the left side.  Be careful to avoid
the green slimes on your way down.  You'll fall through the last set of bricks
and land near a chest.  Open it to get the last LIFE CONTAINER.  Use Bop-Louie
to climb up the wall and go right to the next screen.

If you have MEDECINE in stock, take it now.  This next chest you see to your
right has more MEDECINE in it.  Use Bop to get to it.  After getting it, use
Bop to make a tricky jump out of this small, enclosed area.  He has to jump out
and up, while holding right so he grabs the rock wall above him.  If you miss
the wall and fall down to the bottom you have to work your way all the way back
to this area again.

Assuming you made the jump and climbed to the ledge above the MEDECINE, go
right to the next screen.  Work your way down, then right, then quickly climb
the wall and jump into the first opening on your left before 2 large rocks fall
down.  As soon as they pass by, climb up quickly to the next opening before 2
more boulders come at you.  As soon as they pass, jump and climb your way up to
the passage on the right to safety.  Now go right to the last Mini-Boss.


This is the hardest enemy ofthe game, in my opinion, even tougher than the
Final Boss, but once you get the pattern down it should be easy.

Using Gil, you'll start on the platform to the left of the barrel where the
boss pops out.  To beat him, do the following: let the white face that is
circling the room pass over you and when it goes into the water, time it so you
leap down into the water onto it, causing a ball to drop.  Quickly grab the
ball and swim up to the other side of the platform.  Stand on the platform and
jump up, throwing the ball at the feline-like Mini-Boss when he pops out.  Now
wait for the white face to go in the water again and jump-attack it again,
grabbing the ball and jumping back onto the platform to nail the boss.  Keep
this up and after 5 hits the final Mini-Boss will be history.

Enter the room on the right to grab the GREEN KEY, the last of the 3 KEYS
needed to open the gate to the Final Boss.


Head back to the left, to the falling rocks.  As soon as a set of rocks falls
by, drop down to the bottom, then go left, up, then left to the screen with the
lamp on the ceiling.  Drop to the very bottom of this area and enter the door
to exit the Dark Area.

Go right, using Gil to bomb through the walls and continue past the water and
down to where the pair of Lips are.  Instead of exiting to the right, climb up
the right wall and go through the first opening on the right to enter the area
with the Big Gate.  Go right, defeating a clown, and over to the Gate.  Enter
it to face your final challenge and to hopefully escape this world back to your


This ugly dude, who looks like a bloated green slug, isn't too hard to beat. 
He has a mini version of himself attached to him, which he throws at you.  When
he throws him at you, notice the red spot on his belly...that is his weak spot.
 Stay to the left of the screen and when he throws the little guy at you, jump
on the little guy to make a ball appear.  Grab the ball and wait for him to
throw the little dude again, then when he does, quickly throw the ball at the
red spot.  Remember to stay to the left so you have time to avoid being hit.

Hit Unyo in the gut 8 times and you'll be able to discover the fate of Bop and
his 3 companions.


Q: Where can I find this game?
A: The game is almost impossible to find.  I've seen it pop up on eBay a couple
times.  Can you say "slim & none."

Q: I have this game for the Famicom and it is called Hebereke.  I think the
characters are different though.  What's up with this?
A: A couple of the characters underwent some cosmetic changes for the
Australian release.  Other minor changes were made, including a bird dropping a
weight on your head in the Aussie version, rather than a pile of dung like in
the Japanese version.

Q: Why didn't this game ever get released in the States?
A: Another good question that probably only a handful of people know the answer
too.  The PAL version has a 1991 release date and the last NES game (official
release) came out in 1995, so the game SHOULD have come out in the US but
someone probably thought us Americans wouldn't appreciate it or something
stupid like. :)

Q: Were any sequels released on the SNES or N64?
A: Niall Kavanagh (dizzyfan@doramail.com) answers this question a whole lot
better than I could: "Some Four Hebereke spin-offs were released in the UK,
Hebereke's Poppoon (Snes), Hebereke's Popoitto (Snes), Hebereke's Popoitto
(Alternitive Version, has both games on as opposed to just one, Playstation,
Saturn) and Oh-Chan's Logic (Allegedly I think it was cancelled, It's also
called Oh-Chan's Nonogram Logic, Saturn, Playstation)."   Thanks Niall!!

Q: Are there any areas where you can walk through walls and find more secret
A: I don't think so.  I believe I've found everything in the game.  Some things
were hidden pretty good, but everything seemed easy enough to find.


The following are a series of passwords that will start you with the mentioned
items and Mini-Bosses defeated.  Note that each password starts you in the
Starting Area of the game.

To enter a password, go to the password entry screen and you will see a grid
where you have to place 3 different colored balls in the grid.


Here they are:

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A |G| |G|G|B| |
 B |R| |R|B|G| |
 C |G| |G|G|B| |
 D |R| |R| | |B|
 E |R|B|R|G|G|R|
 F |R|R|B|R|B| |


Friends Rescued: FREEON-LEON

Mini-Bosses Defeated: 1

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A | | |R|B|G| |
 B |G|B| | |R|G|
 C |B|G|R|R|R| |
 D |R| |B|B|G| |
 E |G|B|G| |R|B|
 F | | | |B| |R|


Friends Rescued: FREEON-LEON, SHADES

Mini-Bosses Defeated: 2

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A | | |R|R| |G|
 B |B| | | |R| |
 C | | | | |G| |
 D | |G|B|R|R|G|
 E |G|R|R|B|G| |
 F |R| | | |R|R|



Mini-Bosses Defeated: 3

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A | |G|B|R|G|G|
 B |B|B|G|B|R|R|
 C |G|G|G|G| |B|
 D |B|G|R|B| |B|
 E |G|B|B|R| | |
 F |G|R| |B|R|G|



Mini-Bosses Defeated: 4

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A |R|G|G|R| |R|
 B |B|G|B| | | |
 C |B| |R| |R|B|
 D |R|R|G|R|G| |
 E |G|G|B|R|R|R|
 F |B|R|G|R|G| |



Mini-Bosses Defeated: 5

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A |R|G|B|G|G|G|
 B |G|G|G|R| |R|
 C |R| |R| | |R|
 D |R|B|R|B|R|G|
 E |G|R| |B|B|R|
 F |G|R|R|R|R|R|



Mini-Bosses Defeated: 6

    0 1 2 3 4 5
 A |R|G|G| |G|G|
 B |B| |G|B|B|B|
 C |R|R|R|G|G|G|
 D |B|R|G|B| |B|
 E |G| |R|G| |R|
 F |R|R|R|R|B|G|

This password starts you with everything...all Items, all LIFE CONTAINERS, all
3 KEYS, all the Mini-Bosses beaten and with full energy.  All you have to do is
go left from the starting point into the screen with the Big Lips.  Climb up
the right wall and go into the passage on the right.  Now go right, to the Big
Gate and enter it to fight the final boss.


Galoob never officially released any Game Genie codes for this game, as far as
I know, but Chris Covell (ccovell@direct.ca) created the following codes:

SXVASNSE.................Makes you immune to attacks.

SZXVAPVT.................Music runs at normal (original) speed on an NTSC NES.

ZASYTGGA.................Moon Gravity!!! (You can get stuck if you jump too
high in some
places, plus when you pick up the crystal, the game freezes for some reason.
Not perfect, but it'll hold my interest while I look for a real Mega-jump

LASYTGGA.................Less gravity than normal. This lets you jump a little
bit higher
than normal. You can still get stuck if you jump too high in some places, but
the game won't freeze when you pick up the crystal.

PASYTGGA.................Crazy Moon Gravity!!! Pretty useless, though.

Thanks Chris!!


My mom, for ALWAYS being there for me, lovingly and financially.  My new home
wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for her generosity.

My wife Amy for putting up with me and for being the best wife a man could ask
for.  Thanks for giving me a little "man time" to do things like walkthroughs
every once in awhile :)

Sunsoft, though I'd be more greatful if they would have released this in the

CJayC at gamefaqs.com for the vast amount of work he puts into his site.

Al Amaloo over at Video Game Strategies, for actually asking to use my

Chris Covell (ccovell@direct.ca) for the only Game Genie codes known for this

Niall Kavanagh (dizzyfan@doramail.com) for the list of sequels to Ufouria (In
the Frequently Asked Questions section) and also for some character and enemy

Feedback on this walkthrough would be very appreciated.  Most of the guides
I've written are for obscure games, this one no exception, so any comments,
questions, etc. would be nice (alamont1@maine.rr.com).


This walkthrough is not endorsed by Sun Electronics Corporation or Nintendo of
America. The information contained within this document is provided without
guarantee.  All copyrights and trademarks are recognized.

This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web
sites, as long as the proper credit is given to the author and it is not
altered in ANY way.  The most recent version of this walkthrough can be found


©2000, 2001, 2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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