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They're cute, lovable and amazing.

Now they star for the first time in their very own video game.
An action-puzzle game that everyone will love to play!

When they were little baby trolls, Grampa troll told Samantha and Norbert exciting tales of lost treasures stashed on a mysterious island. That was long ago.

Yesterday while wind surfing, our two teenage troll twins came upon an undiscovered and uncharted island filled with excitement, adventure and hidden treasure. If it's the same island they were told of, you can bet each subterranean cavern is also loaded with danger.

-32 challenging treasure filled mazes to explore.
-Game Edit feature lets you create your own levels.
-Password feature allows you to continue game play.
-Single, Double, and Teamwork game play modes.

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#9 lowest rated NES puzzle game (#77 on NES, #2312 overall)


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#11 easiest NES puzzle game (#79 on NES, #3298 overall)


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#5 shortest NES puzzle game (#22 on NES, #778 overall)


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