Review by mushroomfantasy

Reviewed: 08/18/04

Misson One: Training for the Next Misson.

Based off Top Gun the movie (I guess.. it had Paramount Pictures in the starting credits), this NES game is a flight simulator. Like many other NES games, it can be confusing to play and frustrating. Is Top Gun one of these failed attempts at a decent game? Or is it a 1 hit wonder? Let's find out..

Story 1/10: You basically start out somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico to train. The plot is to fly around and shoot the heck out of enemy pilots. Not much of a plot, but I'm sure the movie had a better one..=p

Gameplay 2/10: This is where the game gets icky. You can select one of three missile types: T-11 Hound, T-22 Wolf, and T-33 Tiger. As their number goes up, so does their power, but you start out with a lesser quantity of missiles. At first it seems easy, target with the control pad, lock-on then fire missile with two presses of the B button, then fire away with the machine gunnin' A button. But eventually it gets harder and more confusing as more and more enemy pilots appear on the screen. Also, if you get lock-on by an enemy pilot, you can shoot their missiles, but they can fire from behind as well. Also one hit is a lost life for you, so when it starts getting rough the game ends fast. Don't forget that you'll have to refuel every once in a while..

Sounds/Music 5/10: The music and sound is decent. The music is fast paced much like the game itself.

Graphics 4/10: The graphics are semi-decent. The planes somewhat look like planes, and the control panel is readable. They could have done a better job with the sky background as you can't see where all the enemy fighters are, which isn't fun...

Replay Value 1/10: Once you play it once you never have to play it again. The gameplay is repetitive- lock-on, fire missile, 'dodge' enemy, machine gun away enemy missiles, try to land ( it's impossible!!), and then repeat. There are more addicting games out there..

SUMMARY 3/10: Top Gun is one of the WORST games I have ever played for the NES. Not only is it based off a movie which no one has heard of, it's gameplay is confusing, difficult, and frustrating. Stay away from this game as you stay away from a rabid squirrel..

(P.S. There is a sequel to this game for the NES, which may be SLIGHTLY better that this one..)

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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