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Now you can do more than just watch Tiny Toon Adventures cartoons on TV. You can make your very own! With Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop it's easy, it's fun and you don't need a degree from the Acme Animation School. Just select a character, the setting, the action, as well as music, sound effects and dialogue. Then save your cartoon creations on video tape with your VCR and prepare to put on your own animation festival!

-Make your own cartoons starring your favorite Toonster pals, including Busters, Babs, Plucky and Furrball.
-It's easy to do. Use predrawn animations and action sequences to create unique cartoons.
-Direct one or two characters at a time, choosing their actions, where they go and how fast they move.
-Select from a wide assortment of classic Toonatic phrases your characters can use.
-Pick a scene for all the wacky action, like Acme Looniversity, Little Beeper and Calamity Coyote's Desert World and other popular settings.
-Add some tunes and funny sound effects. Use your imagination to create variety cartoon adventures up to 5 minutes long.

Who knows, you may even make it big in show business before Babs does!

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