How do I beat the boss at the end of the Wild West?

  1. I used to be able to defeat the boss with the large hat at the end of the Wild West stage. Now, I can't seem to get by him at all, and I can't remember how I did it. Does anyone have a strategy to defeat him? Should I be using the shotgun or the pistol? Does it matter if he's facing me or not when I shoot?

    User Info: des223

    des223 - 10 years ago
  2. I've read the FAQ already. What I don't understand was that the last time I played, I pummeled him until August (!) with nearly continuous pistol fire, and still didn't take him down. My question is more along the lines I missing something other than using turbo? I can't tell if he regenerates health so quickly that I *need* turbo, or if he's only vulnerable at certain times.

    User Info: des223

    des223 - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. This is straight from DDCecil's Time Lord FAQ and should help you out:

    <i>Boss: Man in a Sombero:

    This is the boss fight that can make or break your game! The way to defeat
    him is to stay behind him, shooting him rapidly with your pistol. And when he
    turns to walk the other way, jump over and through him and shoot him in the
    back. Keep doing this repeatedly. It might take you all the way to
    April/May/June(!) to defeat him! I wish the game had boss meters! If you
    can't beat him, I say give up now, 'cause the rest of the game isn't going to
    be any easier!

    * Note - using a Turbo controller, I made extremely short work of him!*

    User Info: adaml

    adaml - 9 years ago 2   0

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