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Reviewed: 10/08/01 | Updated: 10/08/01

Cool yet unknown game........

Thundercade for the NES,from what it seems,doesn't have a lot of fans.Too bad since this game is pretty good.The game is an action game made back when the NES was still at it's greatests years.Now it's time for the review!


I know,I know!These graphics cannot compete to the PS2 or something but I'm comparing it to other NES games.These graphics are good but not great.Sometimes it hard to see your trying to shoot or even see yourself!But the colors are nice and after you finish a stage,you get a screen to show your progress through the game which looks very good for the NES.The main colors seem to be blue,red,and white like the american flag!I don't think I seen any yellow in this game!This wouldn't really a failing subject for this game though.


This game is fun!You shoot enemies like any other game and collect power-ups to make your shot multiply to several enemies.You can take your partner's life(2nd player)if you want and you can gain high scores and such.The game is pretty challenging too.The challenge isn't well-balanced like other action games like Super Mario Bros but Super Mario Bros is a true NES classic.The controls for the game aren't terrible either.There about the same as any other action games for the NES.


This game doesn't have a storyline so I can't review it.Your just a couple of guys on motorcycles trying to destroy stuff like buildings and more.They don't tell you what it is about at the beginning so you can bet that it has no storyline.

Replay Value:7/10

The game has alright replay value.It all depends if you liked this game.If you didn't you probaly won't play it again.But if you do,you will play it a day later!I never played any game right after I beat it 10 minutes later.Still,this is a fun game with a few secrets.So overall,I think you will play this because I played it again.

Rent and Buy?

This game is extremely old and is around 12 years of age!So you can bet you won't find it but since not a lot of people bought it,you may find it if your lucky.But for sure you cannot rent it simply because I don't think any more stores let you rent NES or SNES games anymore.But if you find it,I recommend you buy this game since it won't cost much.

There are my 400 words!Well,that took long enough!Thank you if you read my review!Well,then goodbye!

Rating: 7

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