• 10 Lives (Japanese version)

    At the title screen, press Right 3 times, B 3 times, A 3 times and Start. If done right, you'll have 10 lives

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    7    3

  • Codes

    Extra lives and stage selectAt the Title Screen press B, A, B, A, Up, Down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A, Start
    Extra Lives without Stage SelectOn the Title Screen, press Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A, Start
    Stage SelectOn the title screen press down on the control pad 5 times, then press right on the control pad 7 times, then B, A, Start.

    Contributed By: wallywest80, Land of GameCubes, and Gruel.

    17    23

  • Stage Select (Japanese version)

    At the title screen, press Left 3 times, B 3 times, A 3 times and Start. If done right, you'll get to pick stages after selecting your turtle.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    10    6

  • Stage Select & 10 Lives (Japanese version)

    At the title screen, press Left, Right, B 3 times, A 3 times and Start. If done right, you'll get to pick stages after selecting your turtle and start with 10 Lives.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    6    3


  • Easier battle with Shredder

    During the final battle against Shredder, Shredder splits up into two forms. They're identical in appearance, but only one is real; the other is fake. However, both forms are able to use the lightning attack that instantly kills you by turning you into a normal turtle.

    However, there is a way to make the fight a lot easier. When either form is weakened to near death, their helmet flies off. As you're beating up on the two forms of Shredder, one of them will lose their helmet very quickly. When this happens, LEAVE HIM ALONE. This Shredder is the fake, and he cannot use the lightning attack without his helmet on. Only the real Shredder will be able to use the attack from here on in, but since it's only him using it, you can avoid it and slowly beat him down with ease.

    For the rest of the fight, ignore the fake. If you kill him, the real Shredder will release another fake and you'll have to worry about lightning from both forms all over again.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

    16    9

  • Points Build Up

    During the first fight with Baxter Stockman in the sewers, he will fly around and drop Mousers that will attack you rather than directly attack himself. He will drop more Mousers after you defeat them and he does this infinitely. This will take some time but you can repeatedly kill the Mousers he drops and rack up points until your lives rack up or max out.

    There is another place where you can grind for points infinitely, and it is much safer than in the sewers: during the highway stage, there are Footsoldiers riding motorcycles. When you reach the first big grey tire located at the top of the screen, these Footsoldiers will spawn infinitely as long as you don't make the screen scroll further. All you have to do is stand there, wait for a bike riding Foot to appear, kill him (which is quite safe with the A+B attack), and repeat until you get bored or you got that extra life.

    Contributed By: roosterpeacock6 and MetHy.

    3    1

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