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The only Turtles game which ISN'T a clone of the Arcade Game! 02/19/03 Aganar
An average game, with a few bright spots sprinkled in 01/18/01 Blackjack4x
An unfairly unappreciated mutant classic. 01/20/04 Braben
Come on it's a CLASIC... 01/17/02 Dracon
Turtles in a half-shell!! 10/02/03 Dralion
The Turtles make their way to Nintendo! Is it a good venture? 06/29/07 EmPlaya34388
If I wasn't a Turtle freak , this might have gotten a lower score... 04/03/00 EPoetker
It's Never the Same Game Twice! 01/18/01 Golden Road
Aw, SHELL no! 08/13/14 horror_spooky
A not so terrible game that bears the TMNT name 01/30/07 kaiserzero61
Black sheep of the series, a la SMB2 08/12/03 kentucky fried flow
Turtles in a Half-Shell.... IN YOUR FACE!!!! 01/04/07 KurtVoakes
Doesn't seem as hard as I remember it, but that electric seaweed is still a royal pain. 04/04/07 Megaman1981
Turtles on the half shell.....turtle power! 03/08/06 Megaman1981
Watch out for that...bulldozer!?! 07/17/01 Not So Dark Mage
Cowabungaaaaaa... Oops, dead again! 06/01/10 Ofisil
Batman Music in a TMNT Game? 08/10/18 RyanVG
A Great Classic!!! 02/12/03 SnakeEyes1215
A decent side scrolling fighting game 02/06/04 SNESster3
So much charm, and so much frustration 02/06/18 TKDBoy1889
The worst in the series is still not that bad. 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
Here's where it all began.... 12/21/01 Wild Gunman
Pretty average Turtles game 04/12/07 wolverinefan
"Turtles 2: The arcade game" is much better, still this one is good. 01/18/01 Yakuza

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CGR Undertow - Observations and Frustrations with TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES from CGRundertow

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