Review by safatwo

Reviewed: 02/03/05

The Tecmo Baseball cartridge can be yours for 99 cents.

99 cents is how much I paid for Tecmo Baseball at the local video game store. I could end this review now by telling you I want my money back. But you're not that lucky. This games is bad. I mean really really bad. Where do I start?

Graphics: The game uses a nice blend of pastel colors instead of real colors. The graphics go down hill from there.

Music: Let's just say that I was refreshing my thoughts of this game while writing this review and I just turned the game off. Because the music was driving me crazy, and breaking what little concentration you need to write a game review of an NES game from 1988. There is a sound clip on the Internet of some cats screaming along to metal music. I rate that clip a 4. I rate the Tecmo baseball music a 1.

Game play: Let me paint a nice pastel colored picture for you. When it is your turn to bat, you watch the pitch from behind the pitcher from the 2nd base perspective. On the left hand side of the screen is 1st base and on the right is 3rd base. This camera angle does not change. If you are batting, you see the same angle as if you were pitching. That would be almost acceptable if the game only allowed you to pitch forward without moving the ball but...

The game allows you to pitch in the following areas. High left, high middle, high right, middle left, middle middle, middle right, low left, low middle and low right. The only way to tell where the pitch goes is by swinging and missing. A baseball game that requires skill is fun, a baseball game that requires guessing to hit is not fun. Put that 99 cents back in your pocket and buy a candy bar.

Replay value: There is no replay value.

Overall:I will sum up the game with this explanation. Me and my wife enjoy sitting around late at night playing the Vanna White edition of Wheel Of Fortune and The NES classic, Win lose or draw. I would say I enjoy those games 10 times more than Tecmo Baseball.

The one reason I gave this game a 1 and not a 0 is that the Cartridge itself is cool as heck. It's the classic Nintendo Gray with bright red letters and a catcher just about ready to catch a ball on the cover. Plus it has an extra picture of a baseball in a box on the corner so you know it is a baseball game.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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