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Reviewed: 02/04/09

good but not great!!

Tecmo baseball is game nes released in 1987. I got the game at a used store in the mall recently and was excited to get home and try it out. Having played R.B.I and base's loaded, and already owning Baseball Simulator 1.000. I was expecting something simular to one of those games. If I had to pick one I would say it was a lot like Base's Loaded. So lets review the game shall we..

Gameplay 7/10
I thought the game played well a few minor things but besides that it played pretty well. The outfield moves a little slow but nothing compared to Bases Loaded. The pitching was excellent you could put the ball exactly where you want it. Baserunning is good except its possible to pull off a double but impossible to pull off a triple. Batting you can choose to swing high, low, middle which is good. Except trying to judge where to swing when the ball is thrown is the hard part, because the ball comes at you so fast. Not a big problem its just challenging at first.

Sound 7/10
One song and it pretty catchy. Does got a little annoying after a while and you can't turn it off

Graphics 8/10
Not bad for a nes game, the batter and pitcher look good. The outfielders look ok like all the other baseball games. The field itself is pretty plain the scoreboard says stupid things like fight, tecmo is number one, win. Home run celebrations are boring there the exact same almost as Base's Loaded's. All around decent graphics for the time.

Replayability 7/10
It features an elimination instead of a season which is disappointing but ok. Its alot like tecmo bowl 1 which they came out about the same time so there you go. The game doesn't have the options of Baseball Simulator 1.000 but it is fun. The games are quick and the computer is challenging and playing with a friend is a blast.

Conclusion 7/10
The roster's in the game are based on the players stats of the season, but they have changed the names. Its not as fun as Baseball Simulator 1.000 or R.B.I .but its just as good as Base's Loaded. Speaking of Bases Loaded it copys the over the pitcher view, which some will not like. Tecmo Baseball is a fun and challenging baseball game that you will enjoy.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Tecmo Baseball (US, 01/31/89)

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