What should I use the clear passwords for?

  1. When you finish the game you get a clear password for each character. It gives you the same stats as you had when finishing, but strips them of all items.

    What exactly is this meant to be used for? My first thought was that it was something of a New Game+ where you could use these together with a blank game password to start over on lvl 1 and be able to level up again and build new stats, but a blank game password just gives you an error message and I surely wouldn't want to start at a lower level without any equipment. So is it meant to be that but they messed up (or meant that you should start a new game and take the game pass from the first screen) or was the code used for something else entirely?

    User Info: FishOfPain

    FishOfPain - 6 years ago
  2. Did you use the same character names in your blank game password?

    You should be able to mix character passwords and game passwords. The only requirement that I know of is that you use the same names and order.

    So you are right that the clear passwords are meant to be like a new game+.

    User Info: mechaskrom

    mechaskrom - 4 years ago

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