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FAQ/Walkthrough by CFarr


by: Cameron Farr (cammy85@hotmail.com)

O.K., I'd like to start off with a little review.  First, Superman is the
sorta popular game created by Seika that is almost based on Dick Tracy,
except this guy has powers.:o)  You had to complete five missions, each of
varying length (even missions Three and Four!!) and with its own boss(es).
I must say, though, that some of these guys make Freddy Kruger look cute.
The graphics are awful!!!  I've seen a LOT better at the arcade.  Despite
the graphics thing (hey, this IS an NES game!!), the game was still good.
The object was to find clues and eventually capture the level's ringleader.
Another bad (or is that good?:o)) thing was that you didn't have to rescue
Lois from anyone.  Anyhoo, I also noticed that on http://www.gamefaqs.com,
there wasn't any, so after many late hours playing this game (and being
frustrated), I FINALLY finished it and am ready to share my knowledge with
the world.



You (as always) start off as Clark Kent (did Christopher Reeves really have brown
hair in the movies?) in the Daily Planet.  Since this is the first level, you are 
introduced to Lois, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen.  Lois informs you that strange 
things are going on in Metro Park.  You should press "Select" for the map if you 
ever want to see it (duh).  You then go out into the phone booth and change into 
Superman (isn't it weird that you do this sometimes in towns in front of those 
stationery people or even next to the thugs?).  Next, you fly to Metropolis Park.
Head right to where you are above the "S" in Metro Park (see map, or if you don't 
want to, just look for the Apollo Theater).  Go in the theater and kill the zombies 
(with Super Breath II) until you reach the basement.  Beat up the thugs and Zoara, 
the end boss, and you're finished!!  Note the headline at the end of the level.  
You'll see why later!


At the Planet, Jimmy Olsen will give you a subway pass to make you look more official.  
Your mission here is to find out why stock prices have dropped so much.  First, as Lois 
told you, go to the Seneville Stock Market.  Here you will meet the FBI agents for the 
first time.  All they can tell you is that the Dragons' gang has caused the stock slump.  
The other men will tell you that Glernmorgan Square in Mt. Royal and the Fish Market in the 
Old City are in trouble as well.  You will receive more power at the square, and there are 
baddies in the fish market.  Once you beat them up, two men tell you of an arson attempt on 
One Lexcorp Plaza in Lafayette.  Use Super Breath to put out the fires (duh).  The men will
thank you and alert you of a bank robbery in Metropolis bank back in Seneville, so off you go.  
You then are asked to take the thugs to the Metro Police Station in Teaboro.  Next you search 
Metropolis's answer to Chinatown and find more fires.  Head right to China Garden and find more
thugs and the Dragon Gang's leader.


Finally, a rescue attempt!!  This is also the game's longest level.  You
are asked to find a kidnapped professor and also to check out Nordham
University and Metropolis University, where ghosts have been sighted...
help!!  You'll fight the ghosts as Nordham University.  Use X-ray vision to
see what you're fighting!!  At Metropolis U, you'll meet up with the FBI
who tell you that the police know something about the kidnapped professor
and that Lex has lost control of the monster (I think?).  You go to Teaboro
and meet the officer who tells you that someone saw a man in Centennial
Park resembling the kidnapped professor.  With that in mind, you journey to
Centennial Park's underground, where you find the professor, who informs you 
that Jay Falk, the level's main boss, has placed an evil brain inside a compu-
ter.  You must stop it, or Loss Webster (?????) will control the computers of 
the world.  You head out (how could the professor have found his way out?  He
didn't follow you, did he??)  Next, you recharge your flight power and head to
the Computer Center (under the FIRST "E" in Metropolis Park).  Making your way 
up, you find the computer and remove its evil memory.  It announces that it has 
released control over Metro Tower (which you passed on your way over and is 
thankfully a short jaunt away).  You run over there.  Take the elevator upstairs 
and take a few flights downstairs (is this really necessary??) and beat up Jay Falk.


Lex Luthor has apparently issued yet another challenge for Superman by robbing the
McKeesport Art Museum.  At the museum, the FBI inform you that Lex's monster has split 
up into three fire beasts which are located around the city.  Rather than let you run 
around aimlessly looking for them, I'll give all three monsters' locations:

1. the University Plaza in Staunton
2. the Palace Disco in Andersonville, and
3. outside the Civic Centre in Teaboro, located conveniently near the Police Station,
where you were asked to meet the FBI.

Following all that, they inform you that Lex is hiding under Central Station (in CBO, 
which they DIDN'T tell you!).  To accomplish getting underground, use the Super Spin.  
It isn't too hard to find Lex, but I can't remember the correct path (I have a Game Genie 
so my life energy doesn't run out, but my power energy does, so if this inconveniences any-
one, I'm sorry).  Eventually, you should find Lex (what an ugly porker!) and bring him to


At last, the final level!!  You are told the meet the FBI's BG Bros. in Seneville Battery
Park.  Throughout this level, your X-ray vision's power is stressed to its absolute limit
because, except for inside the buildings, your enemies are all monsters!!  Anyhoo, the BG 
Bros. tell you that the monsters' boss is hiding under Metro Park (under the first "O").
Use the Spin again.  This maze isn't that hard, except that you'll have to get back out 
this time.  A certain orange-haired monster will issue you the challenge to meet their 
bosses at the Freedom Island building (so THAT'S why those people were scared!!).  You 
agree to the challenge.  You then meet the villains known as the Zod Gang (who were the 
villains in Superman II).  Beating them, you beat the game and cast them back into space.  
You also receive a thank-you from the Statue of Freedom who reminds you to never stop
fighting evil.


1. At the end of Level One, the newspaper announces "Superman Defeats Zod Gang" when 
they don't appear until the last level!!

2. That stupid monster chase in Level 4.

3. The underground mazes (Super Mario All-Stars had a whistle!!)

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