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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 03/06/2003
Highest Rated FAQ

       ____   _   _   _____   ____   _____
      |  __| | | | | |  _  | |  __| |  _  |
      | |__  | | | | | |_| | | |__  | |_| |
      |__  | | | | | |  ___| |  __| |    _|
       __| | | |_| | | |     | |__  | |\ \
      |____| |_____| |_|     |____| |_| \_\

   _____   _   _____           _____   _      _
  |  _  | | | |_   _|  *****  |  _  | | |    | |
  | |_| | | |   | |    *      | |_| | | |    | |
  |  ___| | |   | |    ****   |  _  | | |    | |
  | |     | |   | |    *      | | | | | |__  | |__
  |_|     |_|   |_|    *      |_| |_| |____| |____|
                      |  ___|
                      | |__
                      |  __|
 ____________________ | |    ______________________
|*******************/ |_|    \*********************|
 ------------------/          \--------------------


v2.7 - Completed 3/6/03

Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne

Copyright (c)2000,2002,2003 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

A Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game by Activision, reprogrammed by Pony,
Inc. 1987

The following is a Hint Guide/FAQ/Walkthrough for the 8-bit NES version of
Super Pitfall.  Please note that the original version of Super Pitfall was
released on the Tandy Color Computer (CoCo).  I have never played that version
and cannot tell you if it is identical to the NES version.  Also, a fellow by
the name of Steve Bjork programmed the CoCo version and I believe he programmed
the NES version as well.  I found his email address on the net, but it doesn't
seem to be the correct one.  If anyone has his email address, please send it to
me, as I have a few questions I'd like to ask him :)


I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Story
IV.   Getting Started
V.    Main Characters
VI.   Enemies & Hazards
VII.  Controller Functions
VIII. Items
IX.   Scoring
X.    Hints & Tips
XI.   Walkthrough
XII.  Frequently Asked Questions
XIII. Game Genie Codes
XIV.  Acknowledgements
XV.   Miscellaneous
XIV.  Disclaimer


3/6/03: v2.7
-Added notes on "Perfect Ending".
-Added a Super Pitfall site in the Miscellaneous section.

3/6/02: v2.6
-Added my current email address.

11/14/00: v2.5
-Finally finished the 3rd and 4th Quests.  Go to the end of the Walkthrough for
more details.
-Added the Note at the end of the Revision History section.
-Changed the format of the Revision History section.
-Added an Acknowledgements section.
-Added a Miscellaneous section.
-Added another tip on getting 1-Ups.

7/31/00: v2.1
-Added a Game Genie code section.
-Changed the Table of Contents to a more traditional set-up.
-Added another URL for where this FAQ/Walkthrough can be displayed.

3/16/00: v2.0
-Finished 2nd Quest walkthrough.

3/14/00: v1.1
-Added point value for Flyers in Scoring section.
-Changed some info on the 2nd Quest.

2/24/00: v1.0
-First completed version of this Walkthrough (for all of the 1st Quest).
-Finished the Walkthrough section.
-Changed ASCII art title.
-Cleaned up errors.
-Typed all the important items that are essential in your quest in BOLD print
throughout the walkthrough.

2/23/00: v0.6
-Added more to the Walkthrough section.

2/15/00: v0.5
-Added more to the Scoring section.
-Added more to the Items section.
-Added Frequently Asked Questions section.

2/11/00: v0.4
-Added the Scoring section.
-Added the Hints & Tips section.
-Added the Dark World enemies to the Enemies & Hazards section.
-First public release of this FAQ/Walkthrough.

2/10/00: v0.3
-Started the Walkthrough section.
-Added some hazards to the Enemies & Hazards section.
-Completed Controller Functions section.

2/3/00: v0.25
-Added some enemies to the Enemies & Hazards section.

2/1/00: v0.2
-Added Introduction.
-Added the Getting Started section.
-Added Main Characters section.
-Created ASCII art title.

1/31/00: v0.1
-Initial layout started.
-Table of Contents, Story and Disclaimer sections completed.

[NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]


"Disappointing."  "Tried to make it too much like a Mario game."  "One of the
worst games I've ever played."

Try doing a net search on Super Pitfall and 99% of the articles and reviews you
find for this game will consist of at least one of the above quotes.  Just
about everyone who writes anything on this game will mention how it does not
deserve to be a part of the Pitfall franchise and how it is the Black Sheep of
the Pitfall family.  To be perfectly honest with you, they are probably right. 
This game is nothing like the original Pitfall.  I do not blame the fans of the
original game who loathe this one.

However, I always seem to find myself writing walkthroughs on NES games that
people (1)hate, (2)have never heard of or (3)just don't care about.  I guess
this game qualifies.

Super Pitfall really isn't that bad.  I've heard people knock the play control,
but it's actually pretty fair.  You have full control of your jumps, unlike the
original Castlevania game, unless you fall off a ledge (then you plummet
straight down).  The control is actually so good that you can jump, then, while
in mid-air, hit the jump button really quick and jump in the opposite

The graphics also get scrutinized by many.  It was an early 8-bit game...what
did you expect?  They aren't spectacular, even for 8-bit, but they aren't lousy

The music is, well, bad.

The fact that Pitfall Harry looks like Mario seems to piss off the Pitfall
diehards.  I suppose he could have looked a bit more like Indiana Jones or
something, but all they had to work with is the little stick-figure Harry from
the Atari games, so at least he looks like someone...might as well be Mario :)

Harry has a gun.  This also deviates from Pitfall legend.  I'd want a gun too
if I were being attacked by scorpions and mutant cavemen (I'll get into them

The biggest knock on this game usually comes from people who don't like the
non-linear gameplay.  I can see how it can be easy to get discouraged.  Your
goals aren't defined.  Just about everything you have to find in this game is
invisible and you have to jump in a particular unmarked spot to make an item
appear.  There is no life meter, so if you touch an enemy or other hazard, you
lose a life.  There are also 4 different warps that throw you into completely
different worlds.  All this can lead to a pretty confusing and frustrating
gaming experience.  I was one of these people until I decided to map out the

Once you know where to go and where all the hidden items are, the game actually
seems fairly easy.  I mapped the game out on paper and have not yet created an
ASCII map, but you don't need the map to finish the game.  I will give an
overview of all the items, enemies, etc. and also reveal the solution to
finishing the game.  The walkthrough will consist of the quickest, most direct
course to make it through the game.  There are items scattered all over the
place, but my walkthrough will only take you to the essential items you need to
make it to the end.

Hopefully this walkthrough will help those of you who have been wanting to
finish this game for a long time.  This is one of those games that actually
grows on you after awhile, so hopefully some of its critics will give the game
another try and perhaps cut it some slack :)


The following is taken straight from the manual:

Pitfall Harry is back, ready to embark on the most dangerous, most impossible
mission he has dared to attempt so far.  All alone, with only a gun and his
wits for protection, he must recover the priceless RAJ DIAMOND from a vast
subterranean dwelling high in the Andes Mountains.  And to complicate matters,
he must also rescue his beloved niece RHONDA and feline friend QUICKCLAW THE
LION, both trapped in the dark, damp depths below.

This is no weekend caving adventure.  With no map to guide him, Harry must find
his own way through the cave's endless passages-over 270 screens-infested with
poisonous frogs, bats, snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, cavemen, lava pits,
deadly condors, falling rocks and other evil creatures and hazards.


If you let the title screen sit for a few seconds you will get to watch a brief
demo of the game.

You begin the game with 3 lives.  If you touch an enemy or hazard you lose a
life.  After you die a screen will appear showing your remaining lives, then
you will start the next life at the same spot where you died (unless you fell
on spikes or other hazards...then it will start you near where you died).

You can gain more lives throughout the game, but when your last man dies your
game is over...unless you know how to continue.


If you are not using a Game Enhancer or Emulator, then you will probably find
yourself using this trick to continue.  Press A, A, A, Select, Select when the
title screen re-appears after the game ends.  The pointer will move below the
2-player option to confirm that the code was entered correctly.  Press Start to
resume play.  You can do this as many times as you'd like.


There are really only 3 main characters in this lonely place:


The Mario-clone is the hero of this quest.  He's pretty agile and, according to
the manual, "is basically an optimist," so he should have no trouble finding
the girl, the lion and the diamond.


She is Harry's beloved niece.  Usually the hero has to rescue his girlfriend or
some other damsel in distress, but this time it is his niece.  RHONDA has been
kidnapped and turned to stone.  Hopefully when you do find her you have already
found the FLASK OF MEDECINE, otherwise she will remain a statue.


This is Harry's feline friend.  He has also been captured and thrown in a cage
in one of the dank caves.  For some reason I thought QUICKCLAW looked more like
a cross between a pig and a monkey than a lion...I didn't realize it was
QUICKCLAW until I beat the game and realized that it must have been.  Who put
QUICKCLAW in that cage?  By the way, try typing QUICKCLAW ten times really



There aren't a ton of enemies in this game.  General rule of thumb is to avoid
them completely, as their touch is deadly.  There are, as always, some
exceptions.  Here is a list of the baddies:


There are a couple different types of Frogs.  One hops back and forth slowly in
a fixed area.  The other one will hop after you quickly and seek you out.  Both
can be taken out with 1 bullet.


These guys crawl back and forth in a fixed area but will sometimes follow you
until they disappear off the screen.  They are low to the ground and since you
cannot crouch and shoot, your bullets will go over them unless you are standing
on a level below them and jump up to shoot them.  They are fairly easy to avoid
and are not very fast.


Bullets will also pass above a Scorpion if you try shooting them from the same
level they are on.  They crawl back and forth in a fixed area but will also
follow you off the screen.  Be careful of their sudden strike.  When they get
close to you they will run at you, so be ready to jump quickly to avoid them.


These guys are pretty quick.  They travel close to the ground and will suddenly
raise their head to strike at you.  You can shoot the Snake when its head is
raised, but shoot it quick as its head only comes up for a second.  They will
follow you.


You will run into a couple Bats during the course of the game.  They will be
hanging upside down until you get close to them, then they will attack and
travel in a wave-like, up & down pattern.  With precise timing they can be


You cannot use your gun while swimming, so just avoid the Fish.


These are just Snakes in the water.  They swim about as fast as the Fish. 
Avoid these.


Unlike the Bats, these creatures fly in a straight line.  Some are faster than
others.  The Vultures also serve another purpose in the game...they are warps
to other caverns.  You can jump right into certain Vultures and they will warp
you to other, unreachable areas of the game...you will be able to differentiate
by shooting at the Vulture.  If a Bullet passes through it, it's a warp.  Don't
worry, I'll let you know which ones warp you so you don't have to send Harry to
his doom.


There are 3 of these you will run into during the course of the game.  They are
located around vital items in the game, so they can be considered guardians. 
When you see one coming at you, quickly run the other way and jump up to cling
onto a ladder to let them pass by.  I will get into more detail on how to avoid
each individual one in the Walkthrough.  They cannot be killed.  Who controls
these things?  Do they have a mind of their own?  We'll never know.


This thing only appears in one area of the game, right around the area where
you warp to the Dark World.  I guess maybe he's guarding the entrance or
something.  The Ghoul seems like the closest thing resembling a main villain in
the game.  He flies at you quickly and disappears off the side of the screen. 
I've managed to pump 4 shots into him before he flew away and it still didn't
finish him, so he's more than likely an invincible distraction.


A little nuisance found in the Dark World.  Easy to avoid.


This guy, found in the Dark World, flies overhead dropping...something onto
you.  His droppings are easy to avoid.  Find a way to shoot him for a cool
10000 points.


This guy looks like the skeleton of a small chicken.  He walks around the
levels of the Dark World.


There are 3 different Cavemen, Gary, Norm and Arnie (according to the manual). 
They are big lugs with white masks.  They are found in the Dark World and need
to be shot several times to kill.  They also shoot back, so it is usually
easier to just jump over them and their shots.


This guy is almost everywhere in the Dark World.  I wish I could explain what
he looks like, but he's easy to spot as he is the only green enemy in this area
of the game.  A couple shots will do him in, but be careful of his shots.


This Dark World enemy rolls at you, then comes out of his shell for a second. 
That is the time to blast him.


When climbing up the long ladders in the Dark World, two different types of
Flyers will fly across the screen to try and buzz you.  One looks like a normal
brown bird while the other is brown, but has a white skull.  They are small and
fast, so proceed up the ladders with caution.  The manual mentions Condors, so
perhaps these are them.


These are basically any non-living things in the game that will kill you or
tick you off.


These are found throughout the game.  Touch 'em and die.


These are generally bad news.  If you get caught in a waterfall it will carry
you down until you land in a pool or on a platform, often far away from where
you want to be.  There is one helpful Waterfall located...


Some places in the game have pits of lava.  One area in the game has lava pits
that shoot 2 lava balls, sort of like a mini-volcano.  Avoid the balls and the


These nasty things go up and down.  You have to run under them without getting
mashed.  They are usually found in pairs.  If for some reason the pair are
moving in a way that you don't think you will be able to make it past, exit
back the way you came from and return and they will reset, hopefully to your


In some areas of the game you will trigger a falling ceiling.  I will let you
know where they are in the Walkthrough section so you don't get caught
off-guard.  The manual refers to these as "falling rocks" but since they are
all the same rectangular size and fall from the ceiling, I'll refer to them as
Falling Ceilings.


Here are the controls for this game:

START BUTTON - Press this during gameplay to pause the game.

SELECT BUTTON - I found no use for this (except to enter the continue code).

UP - Makes Harry climb ladders or swim upward.

DOWN - Makes Harry duck, descend ladders or swim downward.

LEFT - Makes Harry walk or swim left.

RIGHT - Makes Harry walk or swim right.

A - Press to jump.  The longer you hold it, the higher Harry jumps.

B - Press to fire your gun.


Items are scattered throughout the Caverns, most of them invisible.  Jumping in
certain spots will reveal some items.  Here is a list of each item and what its
purpose is.


Found throughout the Caverns but not in the Dark World.  There is an abundance
of Gold in the 3 Warp areas.  Collect these only to increase your score.


If you jump in the right spot you will uncover the Spare Pistol icon.  Grabbing
this will add 20 Bullets to your arsenal.


These 4 Crystal Balls are used to unlock Rock Walls throughout the Caverns. 
You use them like a key to unlock the wall and move on to a previously
unaccessible area of the Cavern.  They are all hidden.  I will give the
location of the necessary ones needed to finish the game in the "Walkthrough"


Every good game has hidden 1-UPS, and Super Pitfall is no exception.  They are
few and pretty well-hidden at that.  If you are familiar with the game company
FCI (they licensed NES games like Seicross, Dr. Chaos and Ultima among others)
the 1-UP symbol is the same as their company symbol, an eye with 3 lashes
extending from it.


This is needed to cure your neice RHONDA, who has been turned to stone.  If you
find her before you find the FLASK OF MEDECINE, it won't do you any good.


Even though the Balls mentioned above act like keys, the KEY TO FREE QUICKCLAW
is a one-of-a-kind item in this game.  You need to find it to unlock the cage
holding your friend QUICKCLAW the Lion.


The storyline is unclear, so I'm not sure if Pitfall Harry went to the Andes
Mountains in search of the RAJ DIAMOND and had his neice and friend kidnapped
in the process, or if he actually travelled to the Andes to rescue his neice
and friend and just figures he'd take a side trip to find the Diamond.  Either
way, it's worth some points.


Jump around in the Dark World to uncover a hidden Star.  It will make you
temporarily invincible, so you can run through enemies.  It doesn't last for
too long, so don't get overconfident.


An item found only in the Dark World.  As far as I know, it only adds to your


Pretty much the same as the Cross, except it's worth double.


You accumulate points throughout the game by shooting enemies or grabbing
items.  Here is a list of what everything is worth:

Caverns Area:

Grabbing a 1-UP...........................0 points + 1 Extra Harry
Shooting a Frog.........................500 points
Shooting a Vulture.....................1000 points
Shooting a Snake.......................1000 points
Shooting a Bat.........................2000 points
Shooting a Spider......................2000 points
Shooting a Scorpion....................2000 points
Dying..................................2000 points (only from enemies, not
Grabbing a Gold Bar....................3000 points
Shooting an Eel........................5000 points (yes, it can be done!)
Shooting a Fish........................5000 points (yes, it can be done!)
Opening a Rock Wall....................5000 points
Grabbing a Spare Gun..................10000 points + 20 Extra Bullets
Grabbing a CLUB BALL..................20000 points
Grabbing a DIAMOND BALL...............20000 points
Grabbing a HEART BALL.................20000 points
Grabbing a SPADE BALL.................20000 points
Grabbing the RAJ DIAMOND..............50000 points
Grabbing the KEY TO FREE QUICKCLAW....50000 points
Grabbing the FLASK OF MEDECINE........50000 points
Rescuing QUICKCLAW....................50000 points
Finishing the Game....................50000 points

Dark World Area:

Warping to the Dark World..............1000 points
Shooting a Dark Crawler................2000 points
Shooting a Dark Snail..................2000 points
Shooting Caveman Arnie.................2000 points
Shooting a Green Walker................2000 points
Shooting Little Bones..................2000 points
Shooting Caveman Norm or Gary..........3000 points
Shooting a Flying Dark Reaper.........10000 points
Shooting a Flyer (w/skull)............10000 points
Shooting a Flyer (w/out skull)........10000 points
Grabbing a Star.......................10000 points
Grabbing a Cross......................10000 points + limited invincibility
Grabbing a Crystal Ball...............10000 points
Grabbing a Ring.......................20000 points
Rescuing RHONDA.......................50000 points


Here are some hints and tips for the game:

-Avoid enemies rather than killing them.  Points don't seem to matter much in
this game, so it is easier to jump over an enemy rather than to kill it,
especially the Cavemen in the Dark World who take more than 1 shot to kill.

-Even though you cannot shoot your gun while swimming, there is still a way
that you can shoot the Eels and Fish.  There are a couple areas in the game
where you come to a dead end wall.  On the other side of the wall is a pool of
water.  You can shoot through this wall and blast any previously unshootable
water creatures that happen to be swimming in there.

-Tony Roy (t2k@vcn.bc.ca) discovered various areas throughout the game where
you can walk through walls.  Try to get to an area with plenty of enemies.  Get
to a wall and hold the directional button toward that wall so that Pitfall
Harry is running into the wall.  If you do it long enough sometimes Harry will
start to inch his way into the solid wall!  Once he's into the wall a few steps
you can press the jump button and Harry will work his way up through solid
walls.  In some areas this will lead you to places where you get trapped, areas
where every item's icon in the game is displayed on the screen as well as areas
with never ending corridors.  The programmers never meant for you to find these
areas and I haven't found anything useful in them, but try it and let me know
if you find anything significant.

-If you have played the game a lot, you are familiar with the long shaft where
you can catch a ride on a Balloon and float upwards.  This shaft seperates the
right area of the Caverns from the left area and platforms with spikes line the
middle of this shaft.  Well, you can actually walk on those spike-ridden
platforms to get to the other side without dying!  It takes a little practice. 
Try jumping over to the platform lightly so that you don't land on top of the
spikes but instead land right on the edge of the platform where the spikes meet
solid ground.  The spikes won't hurt you unless you land on top of them, so if
you can manage to make a perfect jump onto the platform you can walk across it
(through the spikes) and jump over to the other side of the Caverns.

-1-UPS symbols are located in a few places in this game, but there is another
way to get an extra man.  You can build up extra men by shooting Frogs,
provided you have enough ammo.  Basically, find a Frog, shoot it, leave the
screen and when you come back and the Frog reappears, shoot it again.  Continue
this method a bunch of times to acquire extra men.  [Note: I have not tried
this method but have seen it on several web sites]

-Here is the exact method as described by an unknown contributor:

"If you're struggling with the fact that this game is darn nasty or if you just
like killing frogs, this code should be a bonus. When you start the game get
the gun that gives you a spread of forty bullets. Continue to the first
waterfall on the right, destroy the frog in your path to the second long
ladder. Get the gun next to the ladder and continue to the right. There should
be an opening in the floor. Plunge through this and go down the ladder. Now, go
left, kill the frog, run back to the right and repeat this process. Once you've
mutilated the seven frogs, a sound should ring, and you should have five extra
lives. So for every seven frog lives taken you receive five lives. It doesn't
seem fair but it works."

-Press A 3 times and Select 2 times when the title screen appears after dying
to be allowed to continue where you last died.

-There is a code that lets you restart after finishing the game.  Press Select,
A, A, A, Select and Start at the congratulations screen to continue. [Note:
When I beat the game it continued anyway, so I'm not sure how useful this code
really is]

-Map the game if possible.  It makes it so much easier if you know where you
are going.  I will have access to a scanner in the near future, so hopefully I
will be able to scan the rough map I made and link it to this FAQ. [NOTE:
Highly unlikely this will ever get done :)]

-Be careful going down ladders.  It's totally random, but sometimes you will
find Harry gliding down the ladder, usually into an awaiting enemy.


Alright, now to the meat of this walkthrough, the walkthrough!  For those of
you who just want the basics for blowing through the game, you're in the right
place.  The walkthrough will consist of the most direct path to the end of the
game.  I will lead you to all the essential items you need, as well as to your
pals QUICKCLAW and RHONDA and to the RAJ DIAMOND.  You will miss out on a lot
of other areas in this game, but if you feel like exploring a little, go ahead.
  If you just want to beat the game, continue reading.

You start the game by materializing in a spot located above ground.  Since you
will be underground for most of the game, enjoy the sunlight now.  Remember
this spot, as you will have to return here once you've found everything.

Since you will be shooting some enemies throughout the game, you will need
bullets.  These appear throughout the game by jumping in various unmarked
places.  I will let you find these on your own, but will help you out with the
first one.  From your starting point, stand above the ladder to your right and
jump straight up.  Grab the Gun symbol to gain some quick bullets.  Just about
all of the items in the game will be found in this way, by jumping in mid-air
and triggering their appearance.

From here, work your way to the right.  The first enemy you encounter will be a
frog.  Either shoot it, or if you feel like conserving bullets, jump over it. 
Keep moving right past a Spider and you will enter the Caverns.  Continue right
until you see a Bat hanging upside down.  The easiest way past the Bat is to
keep walking until you fall in the hole below it.  It will wake up and
harmlessly pass over you.

Jump out of the hole and keep moving right until you reach a waterfall.  Don't
try to jump past the waterfall until right after a wave of water passes by or
you will be dragged down with it to the pool below.  Carefully jump over the
gap past the waterfall.

Across the gap, shoot the Frog and grab the Gold Bar.  You will see a ladder
above you.  Jump up and climb the ladder.  Now jump up to where the Spider is
and proceed past it to the left, past the waterfall.  You will get to a gap
with a ladder above it.  Jump to the ladder and climb it all the way up to
where another Spider is.  You will see Gold over to the right across a spiked
pit.  Grab it if you want, but a more important item is to the left.  Jump over
the Spider to the left and stand against the wall.  Now jump straight up and a
SPADE BALL will appear!  These are the 4-suited Balls that you will need to
unlock Rock Walls throughout the Caverns.  Scrounge up the SPADE BALL and go
back down the ladder, but get off the ladder at the first opening on the right
(if you go all the way down and fall off the ladder, the Bat will get you).

After getting off the ladder, go right past a Snake and a waterfall until you
reach a ladder going up and down.  Go all the way down it, avoiding a Frog
along the way until you get to the bottom of it.  Before letting yourself fall
from the ladder, make sure the Spider isn't beneath you.  There is another
ladder beneath you now.  Climb down it and get the Gold to the left.  Now go
right, shooting a Frog along the way, until you get to a ladder sticking out of
solid ground.  From this little ladder, move about 4 1/2 spaces (spaces are
about the width of Harry) to the right of the ladder and jump up to reveal
another SPADE BALL.

Grab the Ball and head back left to the ladder going up.  Climb it up to the
Spider's level, then go left.  You'll get to a ledge with a Frog jumping on the
other side and a waterfall.  Shoot the Frog and jump over to the waterfall. 
You have to be quick to get under this waterfall, so make your move right as
the block of water is at the same level as Harry (he can walk through the tail
end of a waterfall without being dragged down).

After the waterfall, move left to another pool of water.  Jump into the water,
avoiding the fish, then swim to the left past the Eels where you will see an
opening in the bottom of the pool.  This is actually one of the coolest short
cuts of the game.  Get into that opening and push down until you fall through. 
Let the waterfall carry you down past many levels of brick and rock until you
ultimately end up in a big pool at the bottom.

You are now deep in the Caverns.  Believe it or not, that waterfall pulled you
down 14 levels.  It was the quickest and easiest way to travel down this deep,
as well as the safest.

In the pool of water, swim all the way right past the Eels and Fish until you
reach a ladder.  Climb it.  You will now see a rock ledge above you to the
right with a ladder on it.  Jump over to it and grab on to the ladder. 
Avoiding the Spider, climb on to the platform.  Work your way to the right over
to a ladder with a Frog guarding it.  Shoot the Frog and head up the ladder.

This is the longest ladder of the game.  There are enemies at every opening, so
move your way up cautiously.  From where you started climbing, make your way up
to the 6th opening (notice the green colored stone).  Get off the ladder and go
to the left, avoiding the Spider.  Jump the gap to the left where you meet up
with a wall.  Go stand against the wall and jump straight up to reveal a
DIAMOND BALL!  Scoff it up and jump back over the gap to the right to get back
to the ladder.

Climb up past one opening and get off the ladder at the second one.  Avoid the
Spider and head to the right, jumping over a gap, where you will see a Snake. 
There is a ladder above where the Snake is moving.  Jump up to the ladder and
climb it.  Jump over to the right platform quickly past the waterfall.  Stand
on the left edge of the platform and jump straight up to reveal another DIAMOND

Grab it and head down the short ladder.  Move right until you get to a ladder
going up.  Climb it.  When you get to the top, move Harry about 3 spaces to the
left of the ladder and jump straight up to discover a HEART BALL.

[NOTE: There are a few more BALLS you can find in the Caverns, but the 5 you
have now are the only ones you need to make it to the end.  The counter in the
left hand corner of the screen will only show 1 of whichever BALL you have
found.  When you get another of the same suit, it doesn't show that you have 2
of them, but it does keep track.]

From the HEART BALL location, go back down the ladder, getting off at the first
opening, and head all the way back to the left past the waterfall to get back
to the long ladder (a Spider is near it).  Go down the ladder and get off at
the 8th opening (a Frog will be at this opening).  Go left, jumping over a
couple gaps, until you reach a swinging vine.

[NOTE: The vines are a bit hard to get used to.  Try to jump so Harry's head
hits the lowest part of the vine.  Once you get used to it, it's pretty easy to
control...just take your time and plan your jumps.  Some times if you stand on
the edge of the platform and jump straight up, the swinging vine will "catch"

You will swing across 2 vines to a platform.  The next jump is tricky.  You
have to jump onto the next vine and land on the edge of the platform so the
waterfall doesn't haul you down.  I suggest jumping off the vine while halfway
through your swing so you can control your jump to land where you want.  Get
past the waterfall then swing on one more vine over to a ladder.  Climb the
ladder, being aware of the Snake.  Go right, carefully past the waterfall, and
continue right, jumping over several platforms collecting a couple Gold Bars,
then climb the ladder at the end.

You will come to your first Rock Door.  Since you have the DIAMOND BALL, you
can open this one because it has a Diamond hole.  Go through it and head over
to more vines.  Swing over to the ledge, avoiding the waterfall, then swing
over to another ladder.  Climb the ladder and head all the way right, avoiding
the Bat, to another ladder and climb it.

Go left carefully past the Spike Mashers.  Just take your time and wait for a
clear opening.  Go all the way left to another ladder and climb it.  Go all the
way right, past a Scorpion & Bat to a ladder and climb the ladder, but make
sure to avoid the Frog to climb up, then quickly shoot it.

Here you will come to another Rock Wall.  It has a Spade hole and you have a
SPADE BALL, so go through it.  Continue left past 2 Spike Mashers and climb the
ladder.  On this level simply go all the way right and climb the ladder, but
stop at the top.  The level you are on now has ceilings that fall and try to
crush you.  If you go left quickly without stopping or jumping you will make it
through unharmed.  Just keep moving to the left and stop at the ledge with the
waterfall (the ceiling won't fall here).  Jump to the other side and climb the
ladder, avoiding the Spider at the top.

On this level move right, but be careful of the Vulture.  If you touch him he
will warp you to a hidden cavern where there is nothing important (if you
accidentally touch him and get warped, the exit in the hidden cavern is easy to
find...just go all the way right past a bunch of Scorpions till you get to a
wall, then stand 1 space away from the wall and jump straight up to warp back).
 Either shoot the Vulture or avoid him and a Scorpion and continue right to a
ladder.  Climb it up to the next level but don't move yet, as this is another
falling ceiling level.  Run without stopping to the left till you get to the
ledge.  Jump across and over to the ladder.

Climb the ladder and go right until you get to a grassy stump.  Slowly and
carefully work your way over the gaps to the right.  If you fall through in
this area you end up way back in the area where you got your DIAMOND BALLS, so
be careful.  When you successfully make it across the ledges, climb down the

You will see a Rock Door with a Heart hole.  Go through it and climb the
ladder.  When you get to the top of the ladder, get ready to face the first of
3 Easter Island Heads that guard the Caverns.

Notice a small ladder sticking out of the rock above you.  That's what will
save you here.  If you stand under the ladder and slowly move about 5 spaces to
the right, the Head will attack.  Quickly jump back left to the ladder and
climb it just enough (don't climb all the way up or you fall down) so the Head
passes under you.  Once it passes, quickly climb down the ladder and run all
the way to the right and jump down to the next level so the Head doesn't trap
you in.  You made it past him!  Proceed to the right where there will be an
elevator and the infamous RAJ DIAMOND!  Grab this gem and head down the shaft.

You will want to ride it almost all the way to the bottom.  Be aware of the
Bats and Vultures as you travel down.  You'll know it is almost time to exit
when the walls turn from grey brick to a pretty solid looking grey stone.  When
you notice this scenery change, you are almost there.  There will be an opening
with a Spider crawling around.  You want to jump off at the opening after that
one.  Do it quickly as that is the last exit before a pit of spikes (if you end
up in the spikes, don't worry...your next life will start at that opening).

From here, climb down the ladder to the left of you, but be alert because you
will land on a sinking platform.  Quickly jump off the sinking platform to
another sinking platform to the left where you will have to jump off to land on
solid ground.

Now climb up a ladder then down the ladder on the other side.  Here you will
have to jump onto 2 sinking platforms over to a ladder.  Climb the ladder and
go left to the lava area.

You can either take the high road or the low road here.  The low road is
probably the easiest, while the high road has some Gold and a hidden stash of
Bullets.  Once you get past the shooting lava, you will have to deal with the
2nd Easter Island Head.

You will see a ladder sticking out of the rock above you and a gap in the floor
below you.  Move left slowly until that ladder is off the screen.  Take 1 or 2
more steps and the Head is coming at you.  Run back to the ladder and cling to
it for safety.  Let the Head rumble under you and back to where it came from. 
It will now be magically gone forever.

[NOTE: You can also run back to the gap instead of the ladder...the Head will
harmlessly pass over you even if you are standing in the gap and not crouching,
as long as you are in that gap.]

Move all the way left over a pit of spikes, climb down the short ladder,
avoiding the Spider, then climb up the next ladder over to the space with the
Gold Bars.  Grab the Gold, but don't go anywhere.  While in this little square,
stand right next to the ladder and jump straight up.  A KEY will appear.  This
is the KEY that will free QUICKCLAW from his cage when you find him.  Grab it
and climb up the ladder to the area with the Big Red Balloon

It looks tempting, but avoid the Red Balloon.  Go left through water until you
get to a platform with a ladder on each side.  Climb out of the water up the
right ladder.  There will be a platform right above you.  Jump up and climb the
ladder directly above the one you just used to climb out of the water.

More Vines.  Swing across 4 Vines over to an area with grey bricks and walk
left to a ladder and climb it.  Go all the way right to a ladder and climb it. 
On this level will be the Spike Mashers that you know and love.  Carefully
weave your way through them all the way to the left to a ladder.

When you climb this ladder there will be a Frog and a Vulture.  Blast the Frog
and either shoot or avoid the Vulture.  Go all the way right to a ladder and
climb it, but don't move yet.  This is another level with falling ceilings. 
Run left without stopping, jumping over a charging Snake in the process, and
climb the ladder.

On this floor go right, avoiding a Snake and a Bat, then up the ladder to a
Rock Wall.  Run into it, unlocking it with your trusty DIAMOND BALL, then go
left past the Swinging Vines to the ladder.  On this next level just proceed
right to another ladder.  The next floor has Falling Ceilings and Mashers, so
get by 'em all and get to the ladder.

As you can see, you're basically just zig-zagging your way up the left side of
the Caverns.  It seems pretty straight-forward, but will soon get interesting.

Go right to another ladder and up it to another floor with Falling Ceilings. 
Quickly run left to the ladder.

This floor is where it finally picks up!  When you get to the Vulture, jump
into it to enter a Warp Zone.  You will know it is a warp because if you try to
shoot it, the Bullet will pass right through it.  This Warp will take you to an
area similar looking to the beginning of the game.  Here you will find both
QUICKCLAW and the FLASK OF MEDECINE to restore RHONDA back from stone.

From the starting point, go all the way to the right, past all the enemies,
till you get to the end.  You will see a ladder going down.  Go down it but be
careful of the Frog below you.  Keep going straight down the ladders until the
floors change to an olive-colored brick.  Go down one more floor (there will be
Gold Bars to your right) and go all the way left until you hit a dead-end wall.
 Move 1 full space away from the wall and jump straight up to uncover the FLASK
OF MEDECINE!  Now RHONDA will not be a statue when you get to her.

From here, fall straight down off the right side of the ledge.  Collect the
Gold and jump over the gap on the left to a ladder.  Go down it, being careful
of the Scorpion, and move left to find QUICKCLAW!  Touch the little guy to free
him from his prison.

Finally, you have everything you need to go get RHONDA and escape from these
sleazy Caverns.  From QUICKCLAW, go back up the ladder and head left.  Keep
going left, crossing an area of water, until you get to a ladder.  Climb down
it and go left to the wall with the Gold.  Jump straight up against the wall to
warp back out of this area.

Now go right and climb up the 2 ladders.  Go left and stand under the second
ladder hanging from the ceiling.  Take a couple more steps left and the third
Easter Island Head of the game comes rumbling at you.  Run back to the right
and stand in the hole, letting the Head go over you and back, then follow it to
the left where it gets trapped in a Spike Pit.  Grab all the Gold and head up
the ladder.

Go right past the Snake and through the Rock Wall with your SPADE BALL and
continue to the right, past a very speedy Frog (probably the frog from Blaster
Master), to the ladder.  At the top of the ladder will be a Vulture and the
mysterious Ghoul (see Enemies and Hazards section).  Avoid these nuisances and
go all the way left to the wall.  Jump straight up to enter...


If the Caverns gave you that scared, lonely feeling, this place is truly hell. 
Complete with its own somber music and skull-adorned rooms, you will want to
make your stay here brief.

From where you start, climb down the first ladder you see so you are standing
on what looks like a green hut.  Walk off of it to the left and let yourself
fall straight down.  Hopefully you will land on a platform and not on top of an
enemy.  Now walk left off of this platform and let yourself fall straight down
to the very bottom floor of the Dark World.  That was the quickest way to the

Now you will want to go left where all sorts of low-life is dwelling.  Jump
over all of these alien-looking beings and avoid the Flying Dark Reaper who
bombards you from above, until you finally get to a ladder.  Slowly climb up
it, avoiding the Flyers, until you can get off to the right.  Jump over the
Caveman and go right past 1 ladder to a second ladder guarded by a Green
Walker, and climb up it, being careful of the Flyers again.  When you get near
the top wait for the enemies to clear out and when you climb out quickly jump
up to the ladder to your left.

From this platform, jump up to another small ladder then work your way to the
right past a Caveman until you reach another ladder.  This one leads up to a
room guarded by a Caveman and a Little Bones.  Climb up and jump up to a ladder
leading to RHONDA!!

The moment you rescue her the gloomy music is replaced by that original tune
you are sick of hearing from countless hours of exploring the Caverns...oh
wait, you've been using this walkthrough to blow through the game, so you're
probably not sick of it yet.  At any rate, the only thing left to do is return
to the game's starting point, a difficult task in itself.

From RHONDA, exit the room down the ladder and fall off the left of the
platform down to where 2 skulls are.  Go left past a Dark Snail and a Caveman
and down the ladder.  Go down to where the Green Walker is and go left past one
ladder over to the next ladder, guarded by a Caveman.

Climb this ladder all the way past Flyers and Caveman, through a couple of
green huts, until you can no longer go up.  To the right of here will be a grey
block.  Jump on it to see a Swinging Vine.  Here's where you might get pissed,
as this is probably the most challenging area of the game.  You have to swing
on multiple Vines to get over to the right.  One wrong move and you either fall
to your death or to an area below.

If you were skillful enough to swing your way through the Vines, you'll reach
an area with Spike Mashers.  Go right and fall in the second gap you come to. 
Go right to the dead end wall, stand one space away from it, and jump straight
up to exit the Dark World.


Now you're back to those good ol' familiar Caverns.  Walk to the right avoiding
the Vulture until you get to a Spiked Pit.  Before jumping over it, wait for
the Ghoul to fly by, then jump over the pit and out onto a platform back
outside.  Jump to a second platform and fall off its right side.

Congratulations!  You have completed the "Adventures of the Lost Caverns."  If
this was a game that you've been trying to finish for years, I'm glad I could
help.  However, don't celebrate too quickly...it isn't over yet.  This was only
the 1st of at least 3 Quests in this game.  Read the FAQ below for further
comments on this topic.  If you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and continue
on to the 2nd Quest.


Alright, let me start off by saying that for my 2nd Quest walkthrough, I am
going to assume that you can avoid most enemies on your own, so I will only
mention them as reference points.  However, most of the items you must find are
hidden in different places than they were in the 1st Quest, so I will
concentrate on leading you to them.  Also, a lot of the 2nd Quest is
repetition, so rather than typing up several paragraphs to get you through a
section like I have done previously, I will refer you to the same area in the
1st Quest section of the walkthrough or just provide you with quick directions

From the starting point (same as in 1st Quest), go right to the second ladder
going down (a Frog is guarding it).  Climb down it and exit immediately to the
left.  Jump over spikes to another ladder going down (a Spider is beneath it). 
Go down it, jump over a Spike pit, then climb a ladder.  Walk to the dead end
and collect the Gold.  Now stand about 2 spaces from the wall and jump around
to uncover a CLUB BALL.

Climb back down the ladder, jump over the Spike pit, and climb back up the
other ladder.  You will now be going to the right for awhile.  Continue until
you get to a waterfall.  Continue right, past the waterfall, then over a Spike
pit.  After you jump over the pit, walk to the center of this area (you will be
in an area between 2 Spike pits).  Jump around to find a DIAMOND BALL.

Go back left, past the waterfall, and jump into the next pool of water.  Swim
left to where the water is running out of the pool.  Let yourself fall through
the hole, bringing you all the way to a pool at the bottom of the Caverns.

Swim right until you can climb a ladder to get out of the water.  Now jump over
to the ladder that is in the platform to your upper right.  From here go right
until you get to a ladder going up and down (guarded by a Frog).  Climb it up
to the 6th opening (the first green brick area, guarded by a Spider).  Exit to
the right and walk all the way right until you reach a Rock Door.  Open it with
your CLUB BALL.  Stand about 5 spaces from the dead end wall and jump around to
reveal a HEART BALL.

Now go left to the first ladder you see and climb it up 2 levels.  Go right
until you get to another ladder.  Stand about 5 or 6 spaces to the left of this
ladder and jump around to reveal a SPADE BALL.

Go all the way left, past a waterfall, to the long ladder (guarded by a
Spider).  Go all the way down it to the last level before the bottom (guarded
by a Frog) and exit to the left.

Move left until you reach the Swinging Vines.  Swing all the way across and
climb the ladder you get to.  This next area is pretty straight forward.  Keep
working your way up (going through 2 Rock Walls on your way) until you get to
the top (you will see the opening in the pool that you dropped out of earlier).

When you get to this point, move on to the right and jump over the series of
platforms with gaps between them.  Once safely across climb down the ladder to
the Rock Wall with the Heart in it.  Open it then jump around in the middle of
the area to uncover a DIAMOND BALL.

Climb the ladder to the right and continue to the right, avoiding the Easter
Island Head like you did in the 1st Quest.  Once safely past it, move on down
the ladder to collect the RAJ DIAMOND.

Take the elevator all the way down as far as you can go before hitting the
Spike pit at the bottom, and jump off to the left.

Work your way to the left, past falling platforms, Lava Pits and the 2nd Easter
Island Head.  Once you get past the Head, climb all the way up the ladder to
the Red Balloon.

[NOTE: In the 1st Quest you found the KEY TO FREE QUICKCLAW in the area right
after the Head, but it is in a different place this time around.]

Jump up to hitch a short ride on the Balloon.  Float immediately left up to a
ladder (attached to a platform near lava) and grab on to it.  Climb up it and
ride the platform over the lava to another ladder.

Hop over the Spikes and climb the ladder.  Jump over the gaps to your left and
climb the ladder.  Instead of moving to the right, take 2 steps to the left so
you are standing against the wall and jump straight up to reveal a SPADE BALL. 
Grab it and go to the right to a ladder.

Climb it and jump over a Spider to your left to another ladder.  Move right and
climb the ladder up to another Lava Pit.  Cross it and continue up about 4 more
ladders until you are on a level with a small Spike pit with a ladder up above
it.  Stand on the small ledge to the right of the spikes.  Now jump over the
spikes, but make sure to hold the jump button down all the way so you jump high
into the space above the spikes.  If you did this correctly, you just uncovered
the elusive KEY TO FREE QUICKCLAW (it took me months to find that damned

Now that you have the KEY, work your way all the way back down to the ladder
where you got off of the Red Balloon (with the Lava Pit next to it).  Climb
down the ladder and head left, over the platforms to the Swinging Vines.  Swing
across the vines over to the other side.  Instead of leading you through this
area step by step again (like in the 1st Quest), you can either follow the
steps I described in the 1st Quest up to the Vulture Warp, or simply work your
way up about 11 levels until you get to the Vulture Warp.  Jump into the
Vulture to warp to the area with QUICKCLAW and the MEDECINE.

In the Warp Zone, go all the way right until you hit the dead end wall.  Go
down the ladder on the screen, all the way down to the very bottom of the
level.  Now go straight all the way to the left to find QUICKCLAW.

After rescuing him, climb up the ladder next to where he was.  After you climb
it notice the Gold Bars up and to the left of you.  You want to go there.  Move
left, climb the ladder up 1 level, and jump right, over to the Gold.  Now stand
about 4 spaces from the wall and jump around to uncover the MEDECINE.

From here, move left to the Swinging Vines, but don't cross them.  Fall down 1
level and continue working your way left, past the water, until you reach a
ladder.  Climb down it and jump over to the left where the Gold is.  Now jump
up into the hidden exit to escape from this area.

Continue right until you get to a couple ladders on top of each other.  Climb
them and move left to get by the last Easter Island Head.  Get past the Head
then climb up the long ladder to a Snake.  Go right through a Rock Wall, past a
Frog, then up the ladder.  Go all the way left and jump up to enter the Dark

The rest of the game from this point is exactly like in the 1st Quest.  Here's
the Cliff's Notes version:

Make your way down to the very bottom of the Dark World.

Go all the way left to a ladder.

Climb it up to the first exit.

Go right past 1 ladder and up the second.

Climb up the ladder into the Dark Lair.

Immediately jump up to the ladder on the left and then up one more very short
ladder.  Go right over a couple gaps and up a ladder to the area with RHONDA.

Rescue her and head back to where you climbed the ladder into the Dark Lair. 
Climb down it to the Green Walker and get off to the left.  Go past 1 ladder
over to the really long ladder and climb it ALL THE WAY up, past quite a few
enemies, until you are at the top of the level.

Move right through the Swinging Vines, then move right past 3 sets of Spike
Mashers, then fall in a gap.  Jump over a Spike pit to the right and jump up
into the space to the right of it to exit the Dark World.

Now that you're back in the Caverns, just move all the way right until you are
in daylight.  Get outside the Caverns and fall 1 level down to the ground. 
Continue right until the screen starts to flash.

The 2nd Quest is complete.

Now for the bad news.  When you finish the 2nd Quest, you get yet another
quest.  However, the 3rd Quest is simply the 2nd Quest all over again.  If you
are daring (or bored) enough to finish the 3rd Quest, you get to play the same
quest over again.  In fact, you will keep playing the same quest over and over.
 I've beaten the first 4 Quests and the 5th starts out the same way as the 2nd,
3rd and 4th did.

I am going to assume that this game is like the original Super Mario Brothers,
in that when you beat the 1st Quest, you get a 2nd Quest that is like the 1st,
but with a few changes and then the 2nd Quest just repeats over and over.

I really wish there was a concrete ending, but I'm afraid there is not.


I received an email from Ethan Forsythe (ethane@succubi.org) that said the

"...you do get a special bonus if you collect all the gold - at the ending
screen it simply adds the words 'Perfect' before 'Congratulations'".

Being skeptical of this, I mentioned it on a message board and Super-friend
Skrybe ( dug through the ROM for the game's script and
came up with the following message:


Soooooo, Mr. Forsythe, you are absolutely correct...sorry if I ever doubted


Most of the following are probably answered somewhere in this Walkthrough, but
here are probably the most asked questions on this game:

Q: Does this game end?
A: I'm not sure.  After finishing the game, you will automatically start over
at the starting point, with the same score, but with none of the items
collected from the first time through.  I consider this to be the 2nd Quest of
the game.  The entire layout of the Caverns is the same, however all the items
are in different locations.  I had once hoped the game would officially end
after the 2nd Quest.  Just when I was getting my hopes up, I came across "The
Game Counsellor's Answerbook for Nintendo Game Players."  In the small section
on Super Pitfall, the author writes, "We've found at least two more quests. 
The second quest starts right after you finish the first one, and the third
will begin after completion of the second."

[NOTE: I finally finished the 2nd Quest and it did start you over again at the
beginning.  However, instead of the items being in completely different spots
again, they were in the same positions as in the 2nd Quest.  Basically, the 2nd
Quest will keep repeating for infinity]

Q: The manual mentions getting special congratulations if you collect as many
Gold Bars as you can.  What happens if you collect them all?
A: I went through the entire game, collecting every Gold Bar I could find.  I
scoured all the Warp areas and everything.  When I finished the game I got the
same old crappy ending.  I seriously doubt that I missed any of them, as I know
the layout inside and out, but perhaps you need to uncover everything,
including all the hidden stuff (Bullets, Rings, Crosses, etc.) to get a special
ending.  Who knows other than the programmer.  It's an older game so I doubt it
had a special ending for collecting everything.

Q: Who programmed this game?
A: I believe it was a fellow named Steve Bjork.  He programmed the CoCo version
at least, so I'm assuming he did this version.  Steve, if you read this, please
email me...we gotta talk :)

Q: Sometimes I will hear a weird sound like I am getting points or something. 
What is this?
A: I've heard this sound in a couple spots, in particular where you are leaving
the Dark World after swinging across those Vines at the top of the level.  When
you get to the Spike Mashers it will make that sound more than once.  It MIGHT
mean that a Warp is near, as there is a Warp near this area.

Q: Sometimes it seems impossible to get by those Spike Mashers.  What do I do?
A: If it looks like you will not be able to clearly get by them, leave that
screen the way you came and return back to the Mashers.  They might be easier
to get by.

Q: What do the Cross and Ring do in the Dark World.
A: They give you a lot of points when you find them.  Above that, I'm not
really sure.  Since there are no Gold Bars in the Dark World, perhaps the Cross
and Ring were put in the Dark World just for points.

Q: Right before I enter the Dark World warp, some weird ghost thing with horns
flies at me.  I try to kill it but can't.  What the hell is that thing?
A: I called it a Ghoul in my "Enemies & Hazards" section.  I think it's the
only enemy in the game that cannot be killed (other than the Easter Island
Heads).  It's guarding the Dark World, so I'm assuming it's the being that
kidnapped RHONDA.

Q: I found a SPADE BALL but I already have one.  What do I do?
A: Grab it.  Even though it will only display 1 of them, it will keep track of
how many you have.

Q: How many Warp areas are in this game?
A: I found 4.  There's the one that leads to the Dark World.  There's one that
leads to QUICKCLAW and the FLASK OF MEDECINE.  There are a couple more in the
middle and middle right area of the Caverns that lead to small areas loaded
with Gold Bars.  These last 2 aren't significant in beating the game.  Three of
the warps include jumping into Vultures...you'll know which are warps by
shooting them.  If the Bullet harmlessly passes through them, you'll know it's
a warp.

Q: I went into the Warp Vulture in the middle-left area of the game and found
QUICKCLAW but couldn't find the FLASK OF MEDECINE.  How do I get back to that
A: Once you leave a Warp area that you entered by jumping into a Vulture, the
Vulture will not appear again, so get what you need while you are in there and
don't leave until you have it.

Q: To the left of the Red Balloon I sometimes see a Blue Balloon appear for a
second near the Swinging Vines.  How do I get to this?
A: It doesn't really exist.  It's just the graphics glitching from too much
sprite movement on the screen.

Q: I let the Easter Island Head pass by me once and then it went back from
where it came.  When I went to follow it, it was blocking my path.  How do I
get by it?
A: Go back the way you came from about 3 or 4 screens.  When you get back it
should be gone.

Q: Who made the ASCII art title for this walkthrough?
A: The original ASCII title I made was a bit...well, it was crap.  I made a
plea on one of the gamefaqs.com messageboards for help on a better title, and
after zero responses, I trudged through it and made something that looks
somewhat decent :)

Q: The manual mentions finding a Photograph of the Underground Kingdom which
contains a launching site that helps you get back to the starting point.  I
have never come across such a Photograph.
A: I don't believe it exists.  You don't really need it anyway, as it is easy
to find your way back.  Perhaps in the CoCo version there was a photograph.


Some people like to cheat when playing video games.  If you are one of them,
these codes should make things a bit easier for you:

Unlimited lives for 1-player game:

Unlimited lives for player one:

Unlimited lives for player two:

Both players start with 1 life:

Both players start with 6 lives:

Both players start with 9 lives:

Start with 30 bullets:

Start with 10 bullets:

Unlimited bullets:

30 bullets on pick-up:

10 bullets on pick-up:


Activision - For releasing this game on the NES.  I don't know what you were
thinking, in Pitfall Harry terms, but this game isn't as bad as people think. 
If you had released a map of the game back in the day this game would have been
a little more user-friendly and gotten a little more play.

Steve Bjork - For programming this fine game.  Someday he might be waxing
nostalgic and find this little walkthrough of mine.  If so, PLEEZE email me at
alamont1@maine.rr.com so I can ask you about a million questions :)

Pitfall Harry - It takes a brave man to battle snakes, scorpions and eerie
looking cavemen.  I'd be carrying heat too.

Ethan Forsythe (ethane@succubi.org) - For pointing me in the direction of that
Super Pitfall site and for telling me about the Perfect Ending.

Skrybe ( - For digging up the game's script and proving
that there is indeed a Perfect Ending.


Anything that I feel belongs in this guide, but doesn't go in a specific
section, will go here, such as...


-Believe it or not, there were actually plans to release Super Pitfall 2 in the
States.  Sometime in October 2000 an eBay seller auctioned off his prototype
cartridge of Super Pitfall 2, complete with screen shots (I have the .jpg of
the title screen...email me if you want it).  The game itself is actually a
little known Famicom game called Atlantis No Nazo by Sunsoft (it is available
online in ROM format...NO, I will not find it for you).  According to the Super
Pitfall 2 title screen, Sunsoft released the game in 1986 (in Japan) and sold
the rights to Activision for a 1989 release in the States.  Obviously the game
was never released, which is just as well.  It plays like a first generation
NES game and if people thought Super Pitfall was a non-traditional Pitfall
game, I'd hate to hear what they would have said about the sequel. 
Unfortunately, the guy who won the auction will probably keep the cart in his
closet, never to be seen or played again :(


Check out this site and view it through Babelfish
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ , as it is in Japanese.

This guy has the game completely mapped out as well as a pic of the actual
Perfect Ending!  Everything is mapped, there are enemy pics...this guy has the
game covered.  I think the only thing missing is an actual walkthrough, but who
needs it if you can just check out where all the hidden items are in the
screenshots!  Nice work dude!


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