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FAQ/Walkthrough by ssk9716757

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/21/09

Stunt Kids
Walkthrough/FAQ for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
by ssk9716757
Version 1.00

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions don't hesitate to e-mail
them to me at ssk9716757@gmail.com.


I. Introduction/Disclaimer.................[INTR]
II. Walkthrough............................[WALK]
  A. Level 1...............................[LVL1]
  B. Level 2...............................[LVL2]
  C. Level 3...............................[LVL3]
  D. Level 4...............................[LVL4]
  E. Level 5...............................[LVL5]
III. Credits/Thanks........................[CRED]

I. Introduction/Disclaimer                                               [INTR]

Hello, an welcome to my guide for Stunt Kids for the Nintendo Entertainment
System. Stunt Kids is a game similar to Excitebike, and if you've played it
you'll know what this game entails. You can play against the computer or with a
friend and go through levels filled with obstacles on your bike. The first one
to get to the end first wins. Along the way, things you collect will determine
how many points you get, and after beating the game you can input your name
on the high score board.

It's a relatively simple game, but still a fun one that's easy to pick up and

Now for legal stuff. This site may only be used by the following sites:


If you aren't one of these sites and would like the guide, simply e-mail me at
ssk9716757@gmail.com to get permission. I almost always give permission, but
only if you ask first.

Now, onto the guide.

II. Walkthrough                                                          [WALK]

When the game starts, you'll have the option of choosing either one player or
two players. This walkthrough is written for single player.

[LVL1]                              LEVEL 1                              [LVL1]

Stage 1-1
This is the easiest stage, so don't sweat it too much. Just hold down D-Pad
right and press A whenever an obstacle presents itself. The key here is to beat
the CPU player (or your friend, if you're playing on two player). Things to
watch out for include birds, since hitting them will send you flying off your
bike. There's also a time limit, but it shouldn't present too much of a
problem since the course is pretty short.

Note that even if you lose the race, you can still move forward, but you'll
earn less points. Picking up the little power-ups during the race and finishing
in less time will net you more points. The only way to truly lose is to run out
of time and not finish, which will result in you losing a life.

On every level, stages 2 and 3 have two and three stages, respectively. You
only need to clear one of them to proceed. I will provide strategies for each
stage so you can choose whichever one you find easiest.

Stage 1-2 (#1)
Here there're obstacles such as picnic tables and ramps. Collect as many power-
ups as you can, because this CPU is hard to beat, and try to get to the finish
as fast as possible. I recommend slowing down a bit if you feel you're going to
fast, because it's better to sacrifice a second or two but get past an obstacle
rather than sacrificing several seconds because you fell down.

Stage 1-2 (#2)
Hit A when you approach any picnic tables to jump them. When you have the
series of picnic tables come up, slow down a bit or else you'll end up getting
ahead of yourself and falling, losing valuable time and letting the CPU player
get the lead. Other than that, aim for as many power-ups as you can and get to
the finish as quick as possible.

Stage 1-3 (#1)
Popping wheelies here really helps. Just hold left on the D-Pad to do it. You
jump a lot faster when popping a wheelie, so use this to your advantage if you
feel that you're going way too fast to be able to jump in time to clear an
obstacle. The obstacles here are the same as previous races, only this time
they move a lot, such as the anvil or the block that comes out of the ground.
Timing here is everything, so make sure that you slow down if you need to.

The funny thing is that when I played this, the CPU himself was crashing a lot
too, and we both lost because the time ran out. This is a hard stage. Don't go
for power-ups if you feel like you're going to fly off your bike as a result.

Stage 1-3 (#2)
The most dangerous obstacle is the construction working lobbing bricks. WATCH
OUT FOR THIS GUY! He'll hit you even if you think you're going to clear
him, because the bricks can fly out of nowhere. I would recommend timing the
jump right after he lobs a brick so you know you'll make it before he lobs
another one.

Stage 1-3 (#3)
The gaps are what's going to kill you. The best advice I can give on this one
is that you don't have to touch all the surfaces. You can skip some surfaces
if you're able to jump to another one. You will most likely crash, so try to
at least collect some power-ups.

Bonus Stage
It's not imperative that you clear this stage, since it is pretty hard. But if
you do you'll get some nice points as a reward.

[LVL2]                              LEVEL 2                              [LVL2]

Stage 2-1
Again, the easiest stage of this level. Not much to go into detail about here.
Mind the construction workers again, as their bricks will hurt you.

Stage 2-2 (#1)
An aggravating stage, this one is. The construction workers aren't as bad this
time around as the floating hooks. The only way to get past those is to ride
under them, because if you jump they will knock you out of the air. Get as many
power-ups as you can, and remember to slow down if needed.

Stage 2-2 (#2)
The main things to watch out for in this level are the frogs and the birds.
Make sure you don't hit them or you'll lose precious time. The water puddles
can pose a threat too. Make sure you go slow over them or jump over them. On
top of these obstacles, this course likes to throw a bunch of gaps your way,
so make sure you time your jumps early enough to clear them.

Stage 2-3 (#1)
The birds here probably won't pose as much of a threat to you as the frogs
and ladybugs in this area. Be warned about these obstacles, because though
they're pretty easy to jump over, they like to jump up themselves and knock
you off your bike. I recommend waiting until the frog makes its jump and THEN
jumping over it to make sure you don't get knocked off your bike and lose time.

Stage 2-3 (#2)
There are a lot of little intricacies in this level that will trip you up if
you go too fast, especially the series of picnic tables at the beginning. Not
to mention the various animals and insects scattered about the level. The main
ones to watch out for are the frogs, since they will jump up and knock you off.

Stage 2-3 (#3)
The main things to be aware of in this stage are the moving obstacles, such as
the hooks and girders that come up out of the ground. The little mini-bridges
can be a pain too, but just remember to go slow on those or else you WILL fall.
Don't go too fast or you'll get all twisted up, and slowly but steadily make
your way towards the finish.

Bonus Stage
The second bonus stage, same as the first one.

[LVL3]                              LEVEL 3                              [LVL3]

Stage 3-1
Unlike the previous first stages of each level, this might give you some
trouble. Some new tools introduced here are things such as the trampoline,
which'll bounce you into the air if you jump on it. It's colored purple, so
that should help you distinguish it. As always, the mini-bridges and workers
will be there to complicate the path. The gaps here are more of a pain, though,
so watch for those and jump early.

Stage 3-2 (#1)
What you will want to watch out for in these levels are the birds, which get
really, really annoying. Every time you jump up they'll be there. Just make
sure that when you jump, the birds ARE NOT there. Easy enough.

The snails can also be pretty bad. If you going too fast your momentum can
carry you right into the snails, which will send you flying off your bike.
The frogs also make a return, which is something you will definitely want to
watch out for.

Stage 3-2 (#1)
Mini-bridges are as persistent as ever. Don't just try to jump these as soon as
you see them, because some of them are too long and you will end up flying off
your bike. Just slow down a bit and glide across them.

The ladybugs are still alive as well, and back with a vengeance. You can avoid
them the same way you avoid the frogs, which is to wait for them to jump and
then jump yourself to clear them.

Also, the little gaps in the ground (not the big ones, just the small little
potholes) are a lot more dangerous than they look. It might seem easy enough to
glide right over them, but I recommend slowing down and jumping them to be on
the safe side.

Stage 3-3 (#1)
This stage has the little half-pipe style ramps. What I mean is that they
stack two ramps facing the opposite way against it each other so that it works
out kind of like a halfpipe that skateboarders do tricks on. These can be
especially dangerous if you're going too fast, since you'll come down one end
of the ramp and just smack into the bottom of the other. You can either jump
these or slow down and get a boost by jumping off the end of it.

Stage 3-3 (#2)
The stage also has swing sets, which you can either jump or ride slowly across.
Don't land on them after doing a jump, though, as you will fall, and don't try
to go too fast.

Stage 3-3 (#3)
Other things to watch for include ducks, which, though they look harmless, are
bothersome and will cost you valuable time. This stage also has some kids who
seem to be skateboarding, so watch out for the little guys. Other than that,
collect power-ups and race to the end.

Bonus Stage
Again, like all the previous bonus stages. Race through and collect all the
different fruits before the time runs out for bonus points. I would recommend
going a bit slow on this one as there are more obstacles than previous bonus
stages. But don't go too slow. You want to finish in time, after all.

[LVL4]                              LEVEL 4                              [LVL4]

Stage 4-1
Returning in this stage are the birds, frogs, and mini-bridges that we love so
much. The mini-gaps in the ground are back too. Watch out for these things, as
well as the snails. When there's a hill, you can jump at the highest point of
it to get a bit of a boost that'll help you clear other obstacles.

Stage 4-2 (#1)
This stage has a lot of playground equipment strewn about, such as slides, so
watch out for those. You can jump as you approach them and ride down them.
There is also tires hanging on ropes that will knock you down if you get hit by

Stage 4-2 (#2)
Also, as always, watch out for the various animals and insects strewn about the
stage. The gaps as well. Slow down if you think you're going too fast to
cleanly clear a lot of the gaps, as going slow is better than falling down and
losing time.

Stage 4-3 (#1)
The bouncing anvils are back in this stage. There are also floating purple
platforms that will knock you down if you hit them. Also back are the purple
tubs with plants in them, and to clear these you have to slow down and steadily
make your way across them. Don't worry, like I said before, going slow is
better than falling down and losing even more time.

Stage 4-3 (#2)
The mini-bridges, again, are very easy if you just go slow. The thing about
this game is that though it's a racing game, going slow often works in your
favor more than going fast does. The obstacles pose little to no threat when
you slow down to get past them.

Stage 4-3 (#3)
I'm sure we remember the hook on the chain. DON'T JUMP WHEN THIS IS OVER
YOU. You will get knocked down and lose time. The key to winning all these
stages is to make sure you lose as little time as possible, so falling down
even once can really hurt you. Be careful.

There are trampolines in this level (colored purple) which will bounce you up
when you land on them. Utilize these.

Bonus Stage
Again, go through and collect all the fruit and coins/power-ups. Completing
this level with net you some nice bonus points.

[LVL5]                              LEVEL 5                              [LVL5]

Stage 5-1
The halfpipe ramps are back. Again, don't go too fast when coming in to land
on these or you'll fall flat on your face. The snails and ducks are back too,
but they're easily avoidable if you just slow down and jump over them.

There are also kids in this level, as well as various playground equipment.
You can just jump over the kids, but make sure to go slow over the equipment
like the swing sets. They will knock you down if you don't.

The tire on a rope will knock you down if hit. Watch for it.

Stage 5-2 (#1)
The floating purple platform is back again, as is the hook on a chain. Both of
these will knock you off if hit, so watch them. The mini-bridges also will
knock you down if you go too fast on them.

Stage 5-2 (#2)
The cones on the ground with knock you over if hit, as will the construction
workers if you hit them or if they hit you by lobbing a brick at you. Wait
until they lob a brick to jump over them and keep going.

The purple plant holder also requires going slow to pass. As does the bouncing
anvil. Trampolines are also in this level, so use them well.

Stage 5-3 (#1)
The final stage (aside from the bonus stage). Buckle down and get through this
last stage. Use your strategies you learned from the previous levels. Don't
jump when there's a tire on a rope or a hook on a chain, or anything else above
you. Jump over the ducks and other various obstacles such as the trash cans.

Stage 5-3 (#2)
Don't go too fast on the mini-bridges, and make sure not to hit the kids who
are walking absent-mindedly through a race course. The playground equipment
can trip you up as well, so go slow over it. Just remember what you learned
and you'll finish fine.

Stage 5-3 (#3)
Grit your teeth and fly through to the end. Make good use of everything you've
learned and take on all obstacles armed with that knowledge. Again, watch for
the kids walking around like idiots in the middle of a race course, and also
watch the darned hook on the chain, which will get you more often than not.
Race through to the finish and give the CPU a beating to remember.

Bonus Stage
The final bonus stage. Go for it! Get all the fruit and coins and just race
like a madman to the finish.

Congratulations, you've finished Stunt Kids! At the end you'll be prompted to
enter your name if you got a high score. Well done!

III. Credits/Thanks

Thanks to Codemasters for making this fun game for me to write about.

Also thanks to GameFAQs for hosting the guide and getting it out to all of you.

Credit to Nintendo for making a great system to play on.

And thanks to you for reading the guide. I hope it helped you out. Until next


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