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Reviewed: 08/08/03

Another game to add to your collection


I have played the first one and like usual the first is always the best, but Zoda\'s Revenge is not a bad game at all. I find myself hooking up the good old Nintendo Entertainment System to this day, just to play this awesome game. If you like Zelda games this will be a cool game to add to your collection. You will love this game if you give it a chance, I did and I never regretted it.

Gameplay 10/10

The most important part in this game would have to be the final fight, just because it\'s so awesome and it determines whether you win, duh. This is a very addicting game. You won\'t want to put it down once you start playing this brilliant Nintendo Entertainment System classic. You will have to definitely make room on your top ten favorites list for this game. The Controls for it are pretty easy to get the hang out of. Especially only having two buttons you have to use.

Story 9/10

This game does not have that much of a complex story. You\'re a young male by the name of Mike Jones from the previous game to this series, Star Tropics. Zoda is causing havoc. So Mike goes through time and he has to collect things called Tetrads, they are the only way to beat Zoda. The story is not complex in any way, but I guarantee you will love this game. The story just kind of gives you a nice feel making you want to play this game until you beat it to find out the fate of Mike Jones.

Graphics/Sound 6/10

Of coarse compared to today\'s graphics and sounds this looks and sounds pretty bad, but it\'s decent for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It probably has the best graphics for any Nintendo Entertainment System game, though. It\'s not a side scroll type of game, like you might be used to in most Nintendo Entertainment System games.The enemies and bosses as well as Mike Jones are nicely done. There wasn\'t anything wrong with the music in this game, I actually found some of the music catchy after a while. The sound effects were not that good, after a while they might feel like a pain. This game\'s other awesome features will make up for it I swear.

Play Time/Replayability 10/10

Well, if you\'re really into this game and you focus on the game until you have it beat it you might beat it in five hours. For replayability I still play this game today. I think if you\'re a fan of this genre of game you will love this game to death and play it for now and forever. I know that I still do.

Final Recommendation

My final recommendation is if you don\'t already have this game you should go buy this game whenever you can. This game might be pretty though to find, though being an old Nintendo Entertainment System game. I would go through a mob of gamers to get this game if I didn\'t have it. Some good places to look for it might be places that carry Nintendo Entertainment System games, older games, flea market, or maybe a convention. Overall I give this game a solid eight out of ten.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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