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Solid fun 10/15/18 2001mark
The most overlooked game on the NES. 05/25/01 AndrewP2003
This game is too cool for me and my Yo-Yo... 01/13/01 Argonaut
Under the Southern Cross, anything is possible! 10/23/01 Bentone
Island fun and adventure, it's a Classic! 07/02/07 Christian of Valis
A great game filled with action and adventure 11/24/02 cloud14
Where Have I Heard 'Dr. Jones' Before? 10/12/02 CodieKitty
Mediocre Game, But Good Challenge 10/14/02 Eggplant Wizard
Essentially a tropical Legend of Zelda, with some Final Fantasy thrown in. 01/13/01 Emptyeye
The Zelda team reunites to create one of the best darn Zelda retreads out there! 04/02/00 EPoetker
Nintendo has done it again! 03/26/02 georgedagreat
Are you ready for a lesser-known adventure, that is almost just as good as The Legend of Zelda itself? 09/10/07 ghangiskhan1
One of the best NES games 01/14/08 happyloaf
Zelda clone or not, this is the best game on the NES! 02/25/02 MacDaddy Mike
A Gem in the Shadow of the SNES 10/04/12 Malechai
A test of island courage! 02/17/03 MI4 REAL
A modern-day adventure in an island paradise! 09/19/03 Rickyruffle
Vacation to the tropics for a spendid adventure! 11/20/01 SeanKelson
One of the best games ever, especially for you Yo-Yoers! 06/05/03 Sim Kid
Perils in Paradise 05/26/03 Skye Reynolds
A classic with a good story, fun gameplay, enjoyable music, and great challenge 01/14/08 sybastard
Welcome to the Ugly Islands 04/15/04 The Manx
It's got Zelda elements, but it's hardly a clone. 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
An under-rated action/adventure classic 09/21/07 Watcher19
Bad mechanics, bad music, bad story. So this is a classic? 01/09/08 xenogears06

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