Review by vgc2000

Reviewed: 12/22/09

The NES never needed a basic port of Solitaire if you asked me.

Here is a rather interesting game, a stripped down port of Solitaire for your very own Nintendo Entertainment System. Leave it to American Video Entertainment to release obscure and strange ideas for games. Solitaire was released on countless earlier consoles as a standalone game, it was also released on PCs at the time as freeware, and released on countless compilations. Now American Video gets this bright idea to release a graphically ugly stripped down version for the NES, very late in the console’s life at that and then expect people to shell out money for something for free that’s better elsewhere and expect it to sell millions.

As sloppy as the game play is, it still manages to be fun in small doses since Solitaire itself is a pretty fun and addicting game. Unfortunately this game plays about half as well as any other version at the time played. Graphically it’s pretty blurry, suits only have a number on them and are often difficult to read. The backgrounds are also very monotone and bland looking. Despite the fact that you could only make a game of Solitaire look so good, there’s still so much more that could’ve been done to make this game more pleasing to the eye.

The music of the game is monotonous but somewhat enjoyable; there is only one tune to listen to so it needed a vast improvement. Odyssey Software could’ve easily added three or four different music selections to help the game flow better but unfortunately it’s about as cut and dry as possible.

Game play here is just lacking too. You have ditto on the options, you can choose card backs, background color and 1 or 3 card draw and that’s it, there isn’t even a Las Vegas mode or even a hint or undo option.

They did the best they could with the control, use the D pad to select a card, highlight it with A then drag and then drop it with A again. At least you’re not going to get hung up and start screaming over bad controls.

The game is still somewhat fun but kind of a big waste on the company’s part. The game is extremely rare and I can see why. In the late days of the NES there wasn’t a market for this type of game and I could never pay asking prices of NES games for it. I added it to my collection for quite cheap and at least it makes a cool conversation piece but that’s about it. If you need to play a game of Solitaire then just grab a deck of cards or just play it for free on your PC.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Solitaire (US, 12/31/92)

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