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Reviewed: 08/06/03

It actually had a lot of potential

Few games based on TV shows, movies, or any other franchise, come out good. With few exceptions, they all suck. This game had one of the most original game concepts for the Nintendo, with a genuinely Simpsonesque theme... but poor controls and too high a level of challenge doomed it to mediocrity.

Graphics: 6

Pretty decent for Nintendo. Certainly not bad. Considering the limitations of the system, they managed to come out pretty close to the feel of the TV show.

Sound: 5

Nothing special. Not bad, not good.

Setting/Story: 7

The story isn\'t all that detailed, but an interesting one nonetheless. Space Mutants are taking over Springfield. In every level, they have a new wacky plan for how they\'re going to do this, and Bart Simpson (i.e. you) must foil them. Not exactly epic fare, but silly in a way that is fairly true to the spirit of the series so I like it.

Gameplay: 7

As I said before, the gameplay in this game is very imaginative. Every level has a very different goal, and a different style of gameplay. Probably the most interesting is level 1. The aliens are using purple objects (for some reason) to take over the world. So you have to get rid of them. You can spray paint them red, blow them up with rockets, or find more creative ways to get rid of them. You have to have a sharp eye, too, because a lot of them are things you might not think to spray paint like Moe\'s apron. But keep in mind, anything purple is fair game.

You can also use your X-Ray Specs to spot aliens in disguise. Jump on these aliens for points--jumping on enough of them can also get you a Simpsons family member to help with the final boss for the level.

The enemies are very imaginative, with some of the best variety you\'ll see in a Nintendo game. Bosses are characters from the TV show, like Nelson Muntz and Sideshow Bob.

What brings this category down is the controls. Ugh. This is where the game really failed. Bart is slow, clunky, and has a tendency to not land where you want him. That combined with some very unforgiving platform jumps over instant-death pits can make for a frustrating experience.

Final Score (not an average): 6

This could have been a great game. But the challenge and poor controls just made the game no fun to play most of the time. As it is, it comes out a decent but still mediocre NES cart. Worth playing, but a major disappointment as both a game and Simpsons fan. If you want a really good Simpsons game, try and find the arcade game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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