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Reviewed: 01/25/03 | Updated: 01/25/03

Urge to kill...rising...

As a child, I had an unusual habit. Once I had amassed enough allowance money to purchase a new game, I would immediately rush to the store to do so, not stopping to think ahead of time which game I even wanted to get. It just so happened that this game was released unbeknownst to me, so when I stumbled across it I knew, being the Simpsons fanatic that I was (and still am), that I would buy it and love it. WRONG. There has never been another video game, to my knowledge, that has evoked such anger within me. To this day I can't listen to the Simpson's theme without convulsing just a little.

Storyline: Simple fare, both for an NES platformer and for a Simpsons-related story. Space Mutants invade Earth, and it just so happens that the little town of Springfield has all the materials they need to build a nefarious weapon of mass destruction. It also happens that a certain spiky-headed boy with a penchant for petty vandalism is the only hope to save his hometown from these heinous fiends. Bart traverses 5 familiar settings throughout Springfield, all the while collecting, hiding, changing, and otherwise destroying the assorted items that the mutants seek. It's a unique premise, I'll give it that, but I still have yet to figure out what purpose hats serve in building an implement of mass destruction...

Play Control: In a word, shoddy. Bart slides around way too much, considering some of the rather tedious platforming tasks involved. The jumps were also nerve racking in respect to said platforming. Bart drops like a ton of bricks after a jump, so when aiming for a landing spot, you had best be right on target. I still see the dent in my bedroom wall from where I launched my controller across the room after my fiftieth attempt at crossing the lollypop platforms at the Mall. Eeesh...

Graphics: Actually somewhat impressive, particularly for a game of this era. The levels are well-detailed, and familiar visual nuances reminiscent of the show scattered throughout make this game fun to look at, at least. The only area in which the visuals fall short are the character designs, which are at times overly simplistic. There were a few standouts, however. I still laugh to this day when I remember seeing Sideshow Bob for the first time.

Sound: This, at least for me, is often a saving grace for games I otherwise deem unworthy of being anything more than drink coasters. This game, however, is sitting under my glass of iced tea as we speak. Although the music is at times catchy, it is quite repetitive, and often only adds to the tedium of the situation at hand. I found myself muting the TV more often than not. On top of that, the sound effects were nothing short of atrocious. Generic attack noises, garbled voice-overs, and that putrid bong that accompanied Bart's jumps were enough to make me want to remove my ears with a pair of pliers. Just to reiterate: the mute button is your friend while playing this game.

Fun Factor/Replay Value: To be brief, this game is not for anyone with anger management issues or unsteady nerves. Anyone with the aforementioned problems will not have fun playing this game, period. The only replay value it has is in the fact that even a veteran gamer would have to play through it several times in hopes of ever completing it, as it sadly lacks any save or password feature. And you'd better believe this old vet when she says that only the most stalwart of gamers will complete this game. It took me seven years, two broken controllers, and countless bruised knuckles to achieve that coveted accomplishment.

Rent or Buy: Only true hardcore Simpsons fans and/or those with nerves of steel, an iron will, and the temperament of Mother Theresa need apply.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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