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Reviewed: 07/08/01 | Updated: 07/08/01


This game tarnishes the good name of the Simpsons. When Bart Simpson dies, you hear a voice that says ''ED MUH SHORS'' which I can only guess is Cajun for ''eat my shorts.'' It doesn't seem like Bart Simpson is saying that to his blugeoner, rather, he is saying that to the player in a manner saying, ''I handed this load of cow dung to you and you actually payed for it!'' This game comes in handy when you want to: have run out of fire wood, run out of toilet paper, and as toy for your pets to chew on. Without trying to spoil the game, here's the review:

Plot:.15130570/10 - Mutants come on the planet and Bart has to do menial tasks such as spraying stuff, find size 6 and 1/2 shoes, find exit signs, and lots of other fruitless tasks - in other words, blah, blah, blah.

Gameplay:3/10 - I've honestly got to say, for a game with vulgarly bad jumping system, you sure do have to make a lot of jumps over aliens that do nothing more than scroll up and down or left and right. That, in addition to the fact that you see the same guy OVER and OVER and sometimes he is an alien, other times he is not (how original by the way), make wanting to play the whole game through more challenging than actually trying to beat.

Sound:3/10 - You know the Simpsons theme song? Well imagine it being played OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! It almost drove me to madness. I'd rather have my bikini line waxed than hear it one more time.

Graphics: Imagine the simpsons and southpark combined, that is what this game looks like. In other words, it looks like Matt Groening was tripping balls when you play this game. Definitely a sore sight for your eyes.

Relation to the Simpsons: 5/10 - Surprisingly, you do see a lot of stuff that appeared in status quo simpson episodes which is pretty good for being in one of the first couple nintendo generations.

Replay? Imagine your cousin/parent/sibling/spouse asked you to appear with them on the Jerry Springer show. What would you say to them? The same applies here. I'm simply writing more because I need 36 words to meet the 400 word minimum, so let me talk about whatever comes to the top of my head right now: has anyone seen the game designers of ''The Great Waldo Search'' at your local YMCA as of late?

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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