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Reviewed: 04/30/01 | Updated: 09/24/01

That's nice... NEXT!

With the whole shebang over The Simpsons came loads of merchandise as you would expect for any pop culture hit. Like many pop culture hits, this one got a game... one that really sucked. Wait a minute... check that... MANY THAT REALLY SUCKED! Okay, so there were some good ones (like the arcade beat 'em up), but most of them are pretty stupid. The first one I remember coming out (I think it's the first one period) was Bart vs. The Space Mutants. It had an original idea, but it was just all around boring and tedious. Ahh... it's games like this that make the mediocre games a lot more worthwhile.

Just Let the Mutants Win Already!
In this one, you play as Bart (as usual) trying to save Springfield from an invasion of space mutants who strangely need purple items. So, in order to stop them, you've got to hide up all the purple items as best as you can by either covering them or spray painting. At the end of each level, after you've succeeded in covering everything, you fight a boss. You basically run around with a spray as your main weapon. Many things can be sprayed and changed. You an also use your feat as a weapon to defeat any enemies. Probably a very valuable tool in this game would be your X-ray specs, which you can use to tell if the person passing by is a regular human or a mutant possessed hellfreak.

''Buy something, will ya'?''
You can accumulate money with which you can use to buy items. These items can work at different times in different areas. Bottle rockets, for example, can be used to close the purple blinds at the retirement home.

The graphics aren't totally bad, but they do seem a bit dry. A nice diverse color pallet, but nothing beyond that. I can't say the color is beautiful; I can say it's fairly basic. Some game designs were okay, like Bart's, and some were just... Eh... like the tiny mutants you see in the game.

I believe I feel blood trickling from my ears. The music and sound effects are just terrible. I guess that's just part of a curse, though. I mean, it just seems like most Simpsons 8-bit games are cursed with headache-provoking crap as far as audio display goes. Maybe they needed an option to shut music off. Thankfully, the power button included with NES gives you the option to shut the game off.

Yet Another Qualm
The game is quite tedious. While it had some original ideas, it just didn't go over very well with me. You have to do most things in each level in a certain order or by a certain time or you're screwed. This meant you had to keep trying and guessing over and over on each level until you finally go it right. Then, you went to the next level and started the process of guess work over and over again. What this game really could've used to soften the blow of the tedium was passwords. Unfortunately, there are no passwords in this game.

Graphics: Eh... 6/10
Sounds: Blech! 4/10
Controls: Slight stiffness, but okay otherwise 7/10
Plot/Storyline: Stick to the show 3/10
Gameplay: Tedious 3/10
All Together: 4/10

*Original gameplay ideas
*The first Simpsons NES game...

*...To spawn a huge, crappy franchise
*Dull and tedious gameplay
*Painful sounds
*Where's the fun?

Hardcore Simpsons game fans (what little there are) only. I honestly was disappointed with this game, as many were when it came out.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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