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Reviewed: 02/23/07

One of the most special Simpson games.

When you walk in and turn your televisions to channel eight, and watch an episode of "The Simpsons", you are going too see the whole Simpsons family in the show. Why wouldn't you? The show is about them, the name of the show is them. For a video game, you are going to expect the same thing, and lucky you, they are in the video game "Bart vs Space mutants", they cannot be left out. Maybe in the past, you have heard opinions about this game, and you have probably heard things like 'this game is terrible, the company Acclaim failed this time', and I am not agreeing and disagreeing, nor am I pointing any fingers, but it's time to give this cartoon classic turned into a video game, a review rating.

"The Simpsons: Bart vs Space Mutants" is one of the most special games dedicated to the FOX comedy TV show, "The Simpsons" for. The game is different from all the other Simpsons games, as it is the first Simpsons game ever released for a video game system. The game is about a 10 year old boy which you may already know, it's Bart, overhears Space Mutants from another planet planning to make the people of the town of Springfield, or how the Mutants worded it: the pathetic town of Springfield, into slaves that work for them. They have the ability to turn themselves into regular human beings to they don't get looked in the eye by other Springfielders. They build a machine that makes this all happen, but it involves an ingredient, and the Mutants choose what they need to take over Springfield, and it's up to Bart to collect those items before the Mutants get there filthy hands on it. What's that game? Going throughout levels collecting the objects that they need. For an example: in the first level, the Space Mutants get this idea of collecting purple objects for their Machine, what Bart has to do in the first level is spray paint, hide, or collect purple objects in the first level, thirty to be exact, in order for them to give up and move on to their next attempt. There are also people that look like regular human beings, but are aliens. That is what you use the x-ray for, to determine if it is real or not. If it is real, you can jump in his head, and you will get a letter that will spell one of the Simpson characters name, and if you get all the latter's, that character helps you out at the end of the stage when you verse the boss.

Reviewing the introduction

The object of the game, which is collect all objects that the Space Mutants want, is very unrealistic. I'll use the first level for an example: there's these Mutants who want all the purple objects, and you must collect every single existing object in Springfield. There is probably millions out there, and Bart has to collect thirty to advance to the next level. There is two solutions to this: either the Mutants are too stubborn to stick to one plan, or the company couldn't think of a better way for a protagonist to complete a level, instead of bouncing there heads on bricks hoping money will spill out, and walking to the right. Still though, I find the game pretty well made, and the introduction, or the story, pretty funny. After all, that is the Simpsons! For the characters helping you out at the end of every level is you collected all the letters, it isn't very helpful and is not worth doing. For an example, level one is Maggy, and after you collect every letter of her name, she appears at the boss stage throwing bolling balls at you, and you got to knock them over to the opponent. Unfortunately, the intro was definitely not thought out well at all, but it did seem humorous, so I will be fair and give it half credit (a five out of ten), and here is why, 1: There was an intro, 2:The intro was very unrealistic, but it did make sense, so under my ratings, it deserves something, and 3: some of the objects in the next few levels are realistic.

Let me ask you a question, what song plays the minute you crack on the beginning of the Simpsons? Indeed, the theme song. After a few months, the theme song became famous. What better, then to hear the Music on the first level of the game, and for the beginning of the game. It's classic, and you expect it. Once you hit level two, a new song arrives. While the song has no relation, and has never been played on the Simpsons, but it's a song, and indeed is catchy. Song are all over video games, an the Simpsons are one of these games. Then there is no song or sound effect, I'm not thinking anything, nothing at all. The music in the video games give me something to think about. Bart vs Space Mutants succeeded in this!

Reviewing the Music

I find the Simpsons theme song, well, alright. It is not great, and don't get me wrong, it's not bad. There are a few spots in the song that are support to be a soothing drop in the tune, but the tune drops without a deceleration for Bart vs Space Mutants. For the other song, in which I mentioned how it had no relation to The Simpsons, is alright too. I do have to say, it was better then the theme song, but still not great, as I said for the theme song.Yes, it should be in the game, because without it, there would only be one song in the game. Yes, those are the only two songs in the game, thats one of the bad things. There are other songs, like for each one of the bosses like the Babysitter bandit, and Sideshow Bob, but you can tell that the tunes were taken from parts of the Simpsons theme song, and I do admit, they do sound good (except the sound effect of bart's death over and over again), but Acclaim didn't try very hard on writing a different song for the bad guys. As I said, the Music was alright, but not terrific, and some of the songs are stolen from the Theme song, not to mention that there are only two actual songs. Overall, I would have to give that a six out of ten for the reasons I had already provided previously in this paragraph.

When new video games came out, some of them were very difficult. Legend of Zelda has stumped people for years. Sometimes the difficulty can play a funner time on at your home on the couch, but others can be very frustrating. What would Bart vs Space Mutants categorize as? Let's give a look-see.

Reviewing the difficulty

Bart vs Space Mutants is very hard. When I say hard, I don't mean there tons of bad guys, and you can't avoid them, and platforms that are hard to jump to, or even a mixture of both at once. For this game, you simply have no idea what you are really supposed to do with the objects. They didn't make it that simple, where you can think 'There's a purple object, let's slide that in my pocket!'. There is only one way to give rid of each object, and some are different. You can either spray paint, hide, or collect every object. For collecting an object, that's easy. Just walk towards it and you have just collected the item. hiding is a little complicated. It's not like your going to think 'Oh no, a space Mutant! Let's hide this object up in that tree!', it is usually an obstacle. For an example, in the first level, there are three purple objects sitting in the grass, with a trying above them. There are three cloths hanging right above them. What you have to do is jump on the rope, and knock over the cloths, so they land on the objects to keep them hidden. That is the only case where you are hiding an object. Other objects involve items that you have to buy from multiple stores. The fireworks give rid of purple objects way up in the air that you can't reach, and such. Many of the goals are very hard to complete. As I said earlier, you have to collect thirty objects. Now don't get me wrong, there is not thirty objects in the level, there are a little more then that. That is your lifesaver. Now for the difficulty, I will give the ratings a nine out of ten, because there are solutions, but the answers are only found by guessing and common sense.

If you have a NES, you see the control pad, where you can move up, down, left, and right, with a select button, a start button, and an "A" and "B key. They are always used differently in every game, and some have been the same in the past. The controls for Bart vs Space Mutants Will be reviewed.

Reviewing the Controls

The controls for Bart vs Space Mutants are very hard to use. The same button to jump is the same button to run. So if you wanted to run, you would have to jump first, and if you want to increase your speed in the air, you would have to press the opposite button, but only if you are airborne. It can be a real pain to make steep jumps with these Need to press pause? Hitting "start" won't do anything. Before you do that, you must first scroll through this menu using the select button, until you get to pause, then you can hit pause. I think the controls have a great impact on your Game play, a very great impact. The reason there is a menu is because there is so many buttons, they can't all fit as a function on the paddle, unless you have combo pressing, or pressing multiple buttons, like pressing A twice to run. For the rating, it is easy to rate, a three out of ten is at best, and hear is why: the controls are indeed possible to deal with and get used to, but they choose a terrible way to set it up. Plus, they all have a function that you need to complete the game.

If you make a video game, and you want to let the viewer know what you are making, you have to make it good so that they can tell what it is. If it isn't good, the viewer could wonder what they are seeing, that, or they will not like the way it looks, and not want to play the game.

Reviewing the Graphics

The graphics for this game are not good at all. Bart is one thing. Before judging him, you got to think, there isn't enough pixels to make him look crystal clear, unless you want Bart to look like a giant in the game. Acclaim surely did the best making Bart with the 16 colors they had. For everything else, the characters mainly, are done very sloppy. Some characters like Nelson, the first bad guy (it looks like Nelson, it could be that guy with the one Arm), and Sideshow Bob have a blue outline, and are hard to tell who they even are. Although, the other things like the buildings and such, are done al right. When you look at the show, you don't see much detail color-wise, and Acclaim did a good job mimicking that, but there isn't enough to see in the background at all. Level one is simple green with blue on top of it, supposed to be being grass, and the blue sky. That's why I give the graphics a five out of ten, it was just done way too poorly.

I think that if you were to beat the game, it would take you quite a while, because you have to memorize every new difficulty. If you know exactly what you are doing, it is not going to take you long at all to beat, the game is extremely short. I do think that you are going to play again. It is indeed fun to play, and I did show you what you do in the game, so you can decide if it is worth getting or not. Personally, I do think you should give the game a try, you might like it.

The Simpsons: Bart vs Space Mutants (NES)
Overall score: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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