Review by BocaSE

Reviewed: 12/11/06

The first in a long line of Simpsons Games

To put it simply, the Simpsons games on the early consoles are not really worth anyone’s time unless you’re either extremely good at video games or have a cheat device. Nothing has evoked as much frustration and anger quite like this game and most other Simpsons Acclaim games as well. Most people will be challenged, on the first couple of levels, to the point that they’ll give up after a while. Only the criminally insane (Or someone with game genie cheats) will take the time to beat the entire game.

Like much of this game, the graphics are lacking on many levels. The citizens, for the most part, are just clones of each other. Some of the Simpsons’ characters look somewhat like their show counterparts, while others are hard to distinguish. Many of the sprites are reused with next to no variety at all.

Not much going for this game in this department. There are very few sound effects in this game. The sound test has about 39 sounds if I remember correctly. The Simpsons’ theme song is apart of the game. Though nothing is more irritating then hearing the Simpsons’ theme song playing for the umpteenth time while running around the first level (Trust me, if you’re an average player you’ll be on the first level for a while).

The basic story behind this game is that the space aliens have landed on earth and are trying to build the ultimate weapon. Your task, as Bart, is to run around collecting the items or hiding them from the aliens. For some reason the aliens are able to keep switching the types of items that the “ultimate” weapon can use.

This is the section of the game makes it so that this game is, at it’s very, very best, average/sub-par. The game takes a literal nosedive here with an extreme amount of difficulty. To start off you can only get hit twice before you die, and only have three lives to start. If you do die, most of the time you start at the beginning of the level/section of level.

Not only do you have to deal with an almost Contra-esque feel about your life, but you also have to put up with some pretty crappy controls too. Most of the platforming is a chore to deal with. If you don’t time your jumps just right you miss your mark at most places. Bart also has a tendency to slide around, thus putting his life in peril all the time after jumps or running around. If you can collect enough letters to get your family members’ names then they will help out at the end of the level with the boss, though getting to the bosses in this game is pretty much three-fourths the battle.

Replay Value
None, zilch, nada, nothing. Why would you subject yourself to replay this game again? If you’re even considering it after playing this game, then you might want to think about checking yourself into your local Psych Ward, and let them know that you’re not sane enough to make any rational decisions.

If you really want to play this game at this point, and even after reading some of the other reviews I would beg of you not to spend more than a buck for this game, and even then you’re probably wasting your money. At times I think I wouldn't even wish this game on my worst enemy. Stay away from this game unless you can borrow it from someone or get it for dirt cheap

Overall Score: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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