Review by benzito75

Reviewed: 07/29/04

The gaming equivelant of being lashed repeatedly with a particularly sharp and vivacious whip

ah... Silver Surfer, a long forgotten game that has left a permenant scar on a few unfortunate gamers such as myself. Where do i start when discussing a very unique gaming experience such as this. I vaguely remember playing this game as a kid but the awful memories just recently returned when i decided to load up the ROM on my computer. My first impression of this game after playing for 10 minutes was one of utter disgust. A number of questions raced through my mind at lightning speed as i played this monster of a game... these included the following:

Why would a group of game developers bother making a game with so much potential and so many good qualities yet practically ruin it with a nearly impossible difficulty?

Could the game developers themselves even finish this game?

Wow, this game has five or more levels and i cant even get through a single one of them?

Why is my weapon so weak?

Why couldn't they include a health bar?

Hmmm... why am i still playing this!

Yes, i hate to say it... silver surfer has a strange addictive quality. You die and die and die... then die again.. and die one more time... and the dying continues. Yet you keep playing. You want to conquer this game... you want to defeat it... it cant be impossible to defeat. Well... your attempts are futile. Yes, i suppose this game is possible to beat. However, your sanity and a waste of hundreds of hours may be the price you pay. I suggest you never play this game for the sake of your own health.

I speculate as to why this game was actually allowed to flood the consumer market as it did in its permanent form. Assuming the developers were able to conquer this game, how about the play-testers... did they think this game was fun? Maybe there was a health bar at one point... maybe it was taken out of the game on a dare or as someone's sick and perverted joke. Maybe the developers were just plain twisted and evil.

Graphics (9): Very good graphics for an 8-bit Nes game. Large animated character sprites, nice smoothly scrolling levels, nice use of colors

Sound (9): Very well done music and nice sound

Control (8): The control is responsive, although it would have been nice to be able to hold down the fire button to shoot rapidly

Gameplay (2): If your reading this review and haven't played this game i know what your thinking... this game cant possibly be as hard as your making it sound. Well... my jaded game player, i give you a task: beat TWO levels of this difficult game. If you cant picture how difficult this game actually is, let me put it into perspective for you. Imagine playing the original castlevania game except with one-hit deaths and it STILL would be alot easier than this game. I could get through the first two levels of castlevania without getting hit once. Did you think that battletoads was a tough game? Yes... i did to until playing this game. Imagine playing battletoads without that health bar and enemies that took twice as much damage and it will be along the lines of the difficulty in this game. Battletoads was very difficult but infinetely more beatable than this game and i actually know some people who have beaten it. I have yet to hear of someone who has beaten this game. A faq will never be written for this game because i doubt anybody will ever beat it unless they have godly and unhuman powers.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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