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Reviewed: 07/08/04

The Surfer wiped out on this one...

Every wave rider's favorite character makes his debut in the video game world in...unfortunately, less then stellar style. While Marvel comics was pumping out games left and right in a binge style, this happened to be one of the less successful games.

Story - 4/10
The opening cut scene fills us in on what the deal is. It appears that the universe is in mortal danger. So Galactus (a planet eating madman) has summoned the Silver Surfer (his former servant, who betrayed him) to go find the "Cosmic Device". And that's all we are told in the opening cut scene. They neglect to tell us what exactly this "Cosmic Device" is, what it does, and why Galactus even gives a damn. (He's supposed to be a bad guy, after all.) Nor do they explain to us why we have to go to 6 different places in the universe and beat a boss, just to get a "Cosmic Device" that isn't in either of those places. Obviously not a very well thought out plot.

Graphics - 7/10
The stages all look relatively nice. All stages are side-scrolling stages (or up to bottom scrolling) And each stage was well done. You will fight multiple enemies. From little green blobs that fly at you to arms that shoot out of the ground. One rather comical graphic, (By the way, get hit just once and your dead.) Is after the Surfer gets hit (and you die) He is shown kneeling on his board, holding his chest. I for one find it quite funny that a character as strong as the Silver Surfer could be in such pain and die from simply touching a wall, or an enemy. But other than that frustrating note, the graphics are generally nice looking.

Sound - 5/10
I don't really have any complaints, but there's not really that many sounds to actually rate. There's some dull music playing in the background, and the sound of an enemy attacking, or the Surfer shooting. That's about it.

Gameplay - 6/10
Playing the game itself could have been so much better, if you didn't die from stupid things. If you touch on enemy, run into the edge of a stage, or get hit once by anything, you die. Dead. Swimming with the fishies. An energy meter would have been PERFECT for this kind of game. The developers of this game really screwed that one up. Most people who play this game get so damn frustrated after dying so many times, they just give up. I actually tried playing this diligently, and I got farther then most people, but not even I could overcome this gruesome game.Well this is an area that could have made this game so much more, but is victim to foolish developing.

Replay Value - 1/10
Should you be lucky to beat this game only once, then kudos to you. But there are no codes or any unlockables or any reason whatsoever to go and play this game again. If you do feel like playing this again, then you are a true pioneer to video gaming.

Buy or Rent
You probably won't be able to find this game anywhere on Earth these days. If you find one in a used game shop or a pawn shop then it is a lucky find. This game didn't sell too well so they didn't make too many copies of it. But, if you did find it, most NES games are pretty damn cheap, so even though the game isn't all that good, it would be nice to add to your collection. But don't buy it for an entertaining time.

Final Thoughts
This game could have been so much more if the developers had at least half a brain. The absence of a life bar was the biggest mistake of all. That could have helped significantly reduce the frustration that 90% of the people who played this game felt when they died every 2 seconds. This game is a game that could have been, nothing more.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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