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Reviewed: 03/15/17

And you thought Battletoads was hard

Silver Surfer on the NES was published by Arcadia and released in the US on November of 1990. The game was mostly notable for being the hardest game ever made and heavily panned for it.

The game starts up with a hillariously stupid picture of Silver Surfer reaching out to the player and looks so derpy when doing it. Pressing start will lead to the story stating that this would be Silver Surfer's biggest mission yet. Pressing start again will lead to a Mega Man style stage select showing 5 stages to choose from.

Graphics are pretty good and very smooth upon starting the console. The sprites and characters look just like the characters in the comics and there are never issues with it. While some sprites look kinda weird I'm still not complaining. The design on Silver Surfer though is very impressive as he actually looks like him.

Sound quality was okay. Some of it is perfect while some of it sounds just awful. The level music is flawless as I never heard anything like it on the NES and the guitar was rendered perfectly. It's not as good as the Daytona USA soundtrack but I still love it!

The difficulty was the biggest complaint of Silver Surfer on the NES. All of the enemies floors, ceilings, and projectiles kill you with one hit! Even going too far to the right or left will instantly kill you. People mostly complained about this due to the fact that Silver Surfer is supposed to be strong and take on anything. Instead he gets killed in one hit and when you die a pathetic picture of him crying appears just to mock you. Other than that the gameplay is great and responsive.

The controls are the worst part. Like the stairwell in Ghostbusters, you have to rapidly tap B to shoot meaning that it's one of those games that are recommended to be played with a turbo controller like the NES max or NES advantage. When you have one, hold B for dear life.

There are way more flaws besides the difficulty. Like I said the controls suck and that Silver Surfer is a wimp. The hit detection is off, and let's not mention that enemies take 5 hits to kill. Your hit detection box is hoarded up by the dang board that is the main reason you die

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Silver Surfer (US, 11/30/90)

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