Review by dead_assassin

Reviewed: 06/19/12

Seriously, what is this? Cosmic powered being killed with one hit?

Sorry, people. I think Silver Surfer is a pretty awesome character. I never really followed his comics but this guy can beat up on Galactus. And for those of you that know of Galactus, you know you gotta be a bad mofo to be chosen by Galactus and also have the power to combat him without instant death. Now with that being said, did the game designers ever read a Silver Surfer comic? Why does Silver Surfer die after ONE HIT? The difficulty of this game is legendary. Everything kills you with a single hit, and you are swarmed with enemies. To make matters worse, your board is ridiculously long and if it touches anything, it counts as getting hit as well, and you die. The whole screen on a regular basis is filled with enemies, bullets, just things that kill you after just touching it. Things that should not kill ANYONE, let alone a cosmic being. This is the aspect that made this game terrible and virtually unplayable. I can't even picture anybody beating this game. I am a very seasoned veteran to gaming, I been playing 25 years now and this game is horrendous. I can't even beat a single level. You know a game is bad when you can't pass a single level. The only virtual way to beat this game is to play it through and emulator and use a save state every few feet. And seriously, what fun is that?

The graphics in the game are okay. They are what you'd expect from an NES game. The level design is quite good as with the character designs. Probably ranks up there with another super hero game, Wolverine (also for NES.) The sound is pretty decent, the music is good and everything works as far as what is appealing to the ears. But what good is a game if you can't beat it? Imagine a game where you have to jump across a 20 foot gap and your character can only jump 10 feet. You die, over and over and its literally impossible to beat. Or picture Legend Of Zelda with only a half a heart of life, more enemies, the enemies are harder to kill and you're dead with one hit. To make matters worse, this is an NES game and there really is no reward for actually beating it, if you do. The level of frustration it would cause could in no way balance out to the feeling of accomplishment you'd get from completing it. There are no trophies to get. There is no platinum trophy to show off. This was back when you beat a game just to beat it and felt that nice sense of accomplishment for doing so. But when the difficulty is on the verge of being impossible, what is really the point of pressing on and torturing yourself trying to get through it? There is no rewards for beating it and if so, the ending of the game is probably boring as well. There's no pot of gold sitting on top of your television that you are given upon completing the game. Games are supposed to be fun and challenge should be stimulating but not impossible. And this is where this game really dropped the ball. Cosmic powers translated through NES standards make you the biggest wimp of all and a vision of a pathetic Silver Surfer, cowering in defeat, will be burned into your head the longer you play this. If you are serious NES collector, get it cheap and put it on your shelf. But under no circumstances should you play it as a "must complete" game. You surely will not, you will only frustrate yourself, throw/smash your controller and end up breaking something valuable that you will later regret. Just avoid playing this game all together.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Silver Surfer (US, 11/30/90)

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