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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 04/23/2009

Secret Scout(NES) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.0.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net(anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.

This FAQ is part of the NES Completion project. Visit boards.gamefaqs.com or 
faqs.retronintendo.com for more information. Especially if you know Japanese. 
Thanks to all who contributed to it, gave me games to try, gave general 
encouragement, etc.





    2-1. YOU

    2-2. ITEMS








    4-3. FLOOR 1

      4-3-1. URBAN AREA

      4-3-2. LADDER AREA

      4-3-3. THE KEY BOSS FIGHT

    4-4. PAST THE GATE

    4-5. LEVEL 2

      4-5-1. MAIN PART


    4-6. LEVEL 3







Secret Scout is an unquestionably bad game for the NES. But it's possible, if 
you're patient. You control a boy scout who frolicks through eighty different 
screens on the way to defeating the totally evil Dr Demise...and getting a 
really, really lame ending for your efforts. This side scroller follows a 
basic pattern for the most part: beat your enemies, then access another part 
of the level that opens up, and go to the next room and do the same. You 
collect special items throughout the game, and you have to use some to 
collect others. This can be confusing, especially with some items strewn far 
and wide, though there are some amusing puzzles.

You also get infinite continues, which you really need, and though they 
render health useless, they open up a new level of strategy. Relatively 
simple button-mashing can win out in the end, and in fact in the early 
stages, you can just let monsters kill you and move on, and that's that. The 
really important things to save are the items. You have torches, shields, 
TNT, a wall climber and a map. Use them wisely, and you will be able to get 
past Dr. Demise. Well, you can do so without them, but it is very hard.

The one mantra to remember throughout the game: The controls are really 
stupid, but the enemies are, too. Patience is necessary. If you remember 
that, you'll do okay. You also have to jump a lot. Enemies can't figure you 
out when you jump. They also do not reappear once you have beaten them, which 
is handy, but I can't blame most people for not having the patience to stick 
it out.

It's not so bad once you know how to get around the monsters. But it is 
certainly not very good! Oh, the controls are horrendously counterintuitive, 
too. So let's get them out of the way first.


    2-1. YOU

left/right moves left and right. Momentum plays a factor here. You can jump 
with the A key. You can move fast by holding the B key, which generally kicks 
short term, and then running. You jump farther this way.

up/down goes up/down a ladder. If you are on the left side of a ladder, you 
may wish to push right to go to the center so you can fall left onto the 
level you want. Otherwise you may fall all the way down. There's no damage 
for this other than basic annoyance. You can grab a ladder while jumping with 
up/down, and you can move diagonally to facilitate this.

Start pauses the game. Select selects an item, but that is annoying.

Hold select to tinker with the items.

Select-up uses an item.

Select-[left/right] moves between items. It goes through all slots even if 
you have no item for that slot. 

If you are going into a room where you know you'll be using a certain item, 
shift to that item beforehand.

Select can be combined with moving just when you don't want to. If you are in 
the dark and need to use a torch, select all the way to the right then go 
back 1 left, then select-up.

    2-2. ITEMS

TNT: you usually need 2 of this to blow up a door. Doors you can blow up with 
TNT have a black-and-(white or orange) covering. You need them to be on the 
edge of the screen when you throw the dynamite, and it should not be a 
problem if the dynamite blows up a bit below them. TNT can also take out 
enemies, but they jump around too much for it to be useful.

Map: This shows you where you are. Blue rooms are dark and require torches. A 
good way to see if you've missed anything, or where a passage leads.

Wall grips: Select them and you can climb up walls. You will fall if hit. 
This helps you to get to secluded ledges which often have important items. 
Push (select) to release them. You will fall.

Shield: protects you some of the time for a short time. Overhead bombs still 
seem to get you. I say don't bother.

Boomerang: nails an enemy on the way and then goes above and back. Not worth 
the effort to get.

Key: Stand to the side of a door, face it and use the key. A locked door will 
have a lattice work of iron bars with clear gaps in it. You cannot blow up a 
locked door. One type key fits all.



There are no points per se but rather you have health. You start off with 20 
health and have no upper limit. Hearts give you 4 health points. Monsters 
take 1 health point away if they hit you, not counting the annoying chain 
reactions. If you fall to the bottom, you lose a life. When you lose a life, 
you start on the very left.

If you don't care about perfection, you can kill yourself in order to move to 
the left of a room, if you start in the right. That is lots of fun. It can 
save a lot of annoying jumping and running.

Most rooms have 2 exits, but ones with 3 exits go to the room down/up in the 
map in the middle.

If you have TNT and a heart appears where you can't reach it, you can run 
into the wall(if you're at the edge) to dynamite yourself and thus get the 
heart. Hearts aren't really valuable with infinite continues, while TNT is 
finite, so this is not practical. But it's amusing.

For big fights near the end, you may be better just killing yourself off 
quickly to get the 4 lives to start with, then trying again. At the very end, 
monsters regain their hit points, but they do not early on. So if you are 
near to death, don't use any valuable items. Conversely, falling off a ledge 
is one of the worst things you can do in a late fight, as it can allow 
monsters to regenerate, but it's nice in early fights, as you can often skip 
past those monsters.


First, remember that for every guy you beat, you get 4 hearts. So doing 7 
damage and taking 3 is a definite win, and even if you lose a bit, you can 
still continue. No need for even close to perfection.

The red guys, first, seem impossible. But you can practice on them. There are 
two ways to beat them. They take 7 hits.

1. Jump up/down and when they do the same, run at them and kick them. Then 
get on a different level and repeat. The idols are great places to stand to 
start out.
2. Jump when they run at you, then tap the controller ahead of them, since 
you can move in midair. Strike from behind.

This strategy works for many monsters. Determine if they are jumpers, and run 
under them. If they don't jump, you can also jump down on them and surprise 
them. If they jump up to you, stay away from them. You can switch between 
ledges to really mess with their minds. Suddenly your short range attack is 
lethal when they jump right into it. Also, if you pin monsters against the 
wall, you can brutalize them.

The white bosses with knives can be tricky, but you can watch to see if they 
jump or run. Do the opposite, sneak behind them, and kill them.

The city thugs are pretty stupid, too. Just get on the first stair and 
clobber them.

Falcons are tough. They only take one hit but you need to kick them when they 
are almost at ground level. If you need to, pause the game, make a 45 degree 
angle, and picture where to turn around and kick. You may wish to fake them 
out by jumping up so that they come down at you. When they attack from below, 
they bob up and down, which can be very confusing. I haven't found as good or 
exact a way to do things with them from below as from above.

Archers shoot diagonally in the city. Just jump on a window to squash them. 
Jump continually to confuse them inside the buildings. You can jump down from 
the ledge where you enter, remember, and this will buy time as you come close 
to them. Then jump behind them and BAM.

Mini-ninjas come in threes and are annoying. They seem to be lumped together 
at first. Your best bet is to jump over them and kick at them--landing in the 
center can split them and make them much harder in the future. Once you kill 
one, the fight becomes a lot easier, thankfully. But you may get burned by 
chance. If they split apart, try to kick them back together and make them 
easier to track.

Platform fighting is difficult as if you take a hit, you fall to your doom. 
However, with care you can knock an enemy 1/4 across the screen and down. 
That is as good as beating him to death.

Skeletons take 7 hits and can't jump particularly well, so just drop on them 
if you have the time, or jump behind them and clobber them if you don't.

Gunners take 7 hits and are a bit tougher than Skeletons, but you should be 
able to long jump past them, turn them around, and beat them up. They take 
two shots at once.

Ninjas/samurai take 7 damage but there's nothing special about them. Jump 
over them and hit them from behind. They just look tough, is all.

Mad bombers are particularly annoying. 7 hits again. You can't tell if they 
drop bombs(delayed explosion) or firecrackers(kill you right away.) While 
it'd be useful to use TNT on them without infinite continues, here just 
eventually jump onto them and kick. With fire rings they're even worse. Avoid 
the fire rings at all cost, as the paralysis they put on you loses you more 
than one hit.

Helicopter men take 16 hits and appear in the underground. It's not clear 
when they are clobbered, and their gunfire can blow you off a ledge. So find 
a big one and fire away. Since you're not in the dark any more, you can even 
retreat to the edge for a bunker.

Dr. Demise is a glorified helicopter man but he gets stuck in patterns some 
time. There is a ledge on the far right you can use as an anchor to beat him 
so you can just button mash, and you do not fall off. Use all your stuff on 
him. After all, he's the last fight.

When facing two enemies, I go for the weaker first, actually. Getting hit 
from both sides causes the nasty chain reactions where you take several 
damage points at once. No invincibility mulligan here for when you just got 


You can chuck TNT at your enemy in the last fight. You may need to jump to do 
so, as it has limited range and drops quickly. TNT can be used in a pinch to 
see where you are in the dark, if you want to save torches.

Win fights quickly with torches. Be at full health if possible before going 
through dark rooms with fights. Without exception, detours are not worth it. 
If you emulate, you may wish to run through a level with a torch, then 
without one. I wound up with 5 to spare, but then, I had to figure out how to 
do things right to get to this FAQ. You can conserve a torch in the boss 
fight above the streets if you want.

I advise using a save state before any torches. It must have been very hard 
to get through the game on an original console, as in a lot of cases, you 
have to go on tangents to explore and see what treasure is in which room. In 
general you can clear a room in 20 seconds with practice(you'll get better as 
you go through the game,) so if it has a torch, that is a good trade-off. But 
then rooms without torches are not worth using a torch to go through, unless 
they have keys. Light is simply too valuable as a buffer against mistakes.



This is an introduction to the wonder that is Secret Scout. You may wish to 
play through it a couple of times to master the various idiotic deaths that 
occur. The first guys take 7 hits to kill but are really not terribly clever. 
You can beat them by jumping up and waiting for them to jump up. Then you 
kick them. Be sure to be facing at them.

A very quick way to win is to jump up onto a dais and almost walk off the 
edge. Stand on the left edge and kick. The enemy will run into your kick. You 
will replicate this tactic later. Get a bit above him, kick when he runs into 
you, and repeat. Hand-to-hand combat is nearly impossible, so don't bother. 
You can pirouette around the enemy, if you want practice for later, timing 
and angling your jump to land by him.

For the second dais, daggers may hit you, and that's that. If you want some 
fun, run left and watch the daggers embed into the side of the screen. But 
you can attack this guy the same as previous. Lure him left and jump right 
over him so you can kick him to death as before.

Now walk right and you will see a pagoda embedded in the side of the cliff. 
You couldn't go here before, as you hadn't killed all the enemies. Enter it 
and you will be in the upper left of a screen with a ladder.


You can tempt this guy into the left corner, jump over him and then kick him 
into the left corner repeatedly til he goes down. Then go to the right and 
get the map. Jump back onto the stairs and hold up. Then re-enter the jungle, 
jump across the waterfall, and climb up the vine. Be prepared to take 
immediate action in the next bit.

    4-3. FLOOR 1

      4-3-1. URBAN AREA

What the heck? You're in an urban area. Be prepared to run right til you're 
just right of the guy with the bat. Then face left and you should be able to 
kick the bird. Birds are the toughest enemies here. Then jump on top and kick 
the bird. You may need to jump and kick it while in the air--it needs to be 
at waist height, or it will get you.

The thugs with bats are really pretty dumb. They take 7 hits, too, but they 
can't jump worth a you-know-what, so just get a bit above them and kick their 
heads in. In this case, the platform at the top is very nice. You can also 
use the stairs.

Now do you see those windows? Stand at the 2nd-top step(jump to get there--
running is unreliable) and push B then run right and jump. You may over-jump 
the archer, but that's no big deal. It will make him disappear. You can jump 
again to enter the window area. Push up and you're somewhere else!

There are a bunch of archers in the windows, as you noticed, and you need to 
kill them by entering the windows. There are also treasures in these areas, 
and you can't get some of them yet. Don't worry. I'll show you how later. 
Right now, you need to jump constantly to sock the archer from behind. If 
they get one hit in, they may get several in a row. Jump even before they 
land, and if you get behind them, get a kick in. If they go to the left edge, 
jump to the left edge and nail them there.

The first window, you need to be on the right side to enter it. Nothing is in 
there. The second has a shield.

Now from the second window, take a running jump right, then jump up the 
stairs and back right. Enter the solitary window(room #5) and you will go to 
room 5. Room 5 has 2 archers. Don't go all the way right, or you'll have to 
take them both on at once. Room 5 has a shield.

You can go back now to defeat the bird and the enemy. Be sure to get them 
both, or they will reappear when you return to the streets.

left to the top. Try and knock off the bird from there. Then go left and 
knock off the archers. You may wish to skip room 3, which has 2 archers and 
is nasty. But room 4 has some TNT, and you'll need that for later. You can 
just walk right and avoid room 3. It has nothing, and the enemies won't be 
able to attack you.

Take a running jump from the 5th window to get to the 6th, then beat the 
archer and take a jump from the 6th to get to the 7th. 10 more TNT.

In room 8 there is one enemy, then two more beyond that. There's also a 
blocked door which you can't reach--you don't have what you need to make 
sense of what's there yet. Take your lumps beating these guys, then get out. 
Or, if you care to do some button-bashing, you can win the fight ahead by 
following the button bashing described in 4-3-3.

Now return and enter the cave below.

2 shield
5 shield
8 blocked door

**archers have 5 hits

      4-3-2. LADDER AREA

For the most part, it's safe to run, then jump over the ladders. If you miss 
a jump, you fall to your death. Three jumps and you reach the boss fight you 
must win before you go further right. Go near the right edge, then run right, 
drop down, turn left and kick. The enemy will walk into your kick and fall 
off the screen. If he doesn't, hold your ground and jump when he gets near, 
kicking him some more. Jump across the gap, then jump onto the ladder(hold up 
while jumping.) That gets you past the first room.

Now if you want to be obnoxious you can just run left a few times and avoid 
the enemies. I'd say this is a bug. It's quicker this way, actually, since 
you have infinite continues.

For the next bit, if you want to play honestly, walk left until you're just 
past the enemy. Then kick the eagle as it comes flying down. Then run back 
right, jumping over the ladder, and the stupid guy will follow you and jump 
off to his doom. If not, fall left down the ladder, turn around and kick him, 
and that'll make sure of things. If you want a heart, you can drop left of 
him, kick him right and then jump and kick when he comes back. But that's 
slower and less funny. Jump over three ladders to the left and you're in the 
next room.

Again you want to kick when just past the enemy below--he's past the second 
ladder. There may be two birds here, which is annoying, so you may want to 
tap left after the first. You get another heart for it. Double back right to 
drop the stupid thug again. Just keep tapping right til he falls, if you can. 
If you're stuck on the main fight field and can't scroll, run all the way 
left, then run right and drop down on the right edge of the middle beam. Jump 
up and kick him when he runs at you, and he'll fall in.

** 7 hits for thugs, 7 hits for ninjas

Past another ladder you have three ninjas. These guys are really annoying. 
Try and keep them together, but again, you need to jump immediately. So stay 
at one corner and just kick away.

Enter the door and there are three more ninjas past the next part. Now you 
can enter the middle door and head to a new area.

Drop to the bottom and jump to attract the red guy, then kick him from behind 
as necessary. The stupid daggers will hit you at random no matter what, so 
don't worry about that. Go to the top and get the heart. Go left and drop 
down and go right, up the stairs and left to get the heart and exit.

Another similar room. Except the enemy is at the top. Kill him off. Now you 
have two places you can go. The middle exit leads to somewhere currently 
useless, so let's go to the left exit(another red monster to beat) and see 
what's there.

A shield! Jump onto the ladder to get it, then jump left and when you are 
past the middle door, jump left and edge to the left side of each platform. 
Kick when you see the eagle, then jump and kick to defeat the thug. You may 
lose here, but if not, it's a bonus. Exit out the left door.

Jump off the edge of a platform to reach the next one, unless the next 
platform is lower. Then when you see the two enemies, jump past them, then 
turn and kick left from the edge. Jump if they come near. You should be able 
to kill everyone. The birds may flip you into the gap, but if it happens, you 
won't have to fight these guys again. Keep jumping right, and when you see 
the torch, jump when you are at the edge. It's weird--you can't jump over it 
to get it, just where your outstretched hand would be. Jump right several 
times. A door.

Again jump right and when a guy appears, go to the right edge and kick left. 
A few more jups and you get TNT. Then enter the door next to you.

Jump onto the ladder then go right and jump right. You can jump right some 
more and enter the door here. Now run right and you'll have a boss fight. Run 
against the edge and judge the falcon's flight up. Kick it and drop down--you 
know what to do. But then the jumps and runs back left are tricky. Entering 
the door now leads you to the bottom area where you've been before.

      4-3-3. THE KEY BOSS FIGHT

What you have to do, which sort of sucks, is to go back to the 8th window in 
the city street area. But there is a cool part. Go to the door and face it. 
Throw the TNT. When you're blown up, you go to the top row! Now move to the 
right, and go all the way right so the door is visible. Jump back, stand on 
the right edge of the next platform, and let the dynamite go. Boom!

The next area is like the second room, where you found the map. However, you 
need to have readied a torch to see it. The torch lasts for one minute, which 
should be more than enough. If you can get by without using the torch, it'll 
be useful later. If you're well healed, you can actually bash around in the 
dark for a while til you kill the enemy. Just stand near the edge and wait 
for the relevant sound effects. It takes 7 hits and I generally take about 
16, so if you have more than one life, you can randomly thrash around. You 
need sound available for the cheaty method.

Once you win the fight, you can jump onto the right ladder. It's there even 
in the dark, so keep trying. It's a bit away from the edge, though, so if you 
overshot it, run backwards. Drop right and enter the door and you'll find 
yourself just left of an iron gate. Ready the key, face the door and use the 
key. You can be a step away from the door--that way you avoid the water. 
Enter the door.

    4-4. PAST THE GATE

Now run and jump across the bottom, making a fast run for a big jump. The 
bottom is quicker and safer(no water drops) and you will eventually face 
three ninjas. After beating them, jump right and get the Secret Scout extra 
life above. To the right, there's a door to the next area.

The next room is a repeat of the last. So no need to bore you with the 
details. But the next one has two exits. The near one leads down on the big 
map. It is at the third ladder to the right. You will want to go there. The 
far one leads right--it's at the fifth room, but you don't have what you need 
to get through it, so you will want to wait.

Three ninjas greet you in this room to the right. Tackle them. Now you can go 
right or left. I suggest going left. Stand under the stone step and kick the 
two falcons as they come down. Then jump on the lower step and kick the thug 
to death.

Now go left and you have another tough room. Two thugs here. The fight is 
tough to win, but it is not bad to get the torch. Wait for them to go under 
you, fall off the ladder and run left, jump and climb up. Reverse this to 
come back. Fall off to the left and here you are--stairs up to level 2. You 
could go down, but that leaves the underground, which you'll want to avoid at 

If you want to win the fight, drop down and start kicking around. You can run 
away from them, then when they jump at you, go under them and backstab. Don't 
jump, as they can jump and knife you. You can also use some TNT if you want 

    4-5. LEVEL 2

Up two rooms from level 1 is--you guessed it--level 2. It's not huge, and it 
has a detour, but you will definitely take more damage here, so watch it.

      4-5-1. MAIN PART

(0e) If you want, you can just go right and meet the bomber and the fire 
ring. Jump over the fire ring whenever possible. You can running-jump to the 
top so you can drop down to get the bomber. He will jump up for you and be 
easier to pick off. You have to run back and forth so the fire ring chases 

(22) There's a guy with a sword here. You can just walking-jump above(don't 
hit your head on the platform above,) then drop down and kick him, and 
repeat. Or you can jump behind him.

(33) There's a guy with a sword, then a bomber with a ring of fire. I may 
have messed up here by going across the top or not going far enough to the 
right. But I was able to avoid the ring of fire. You can kick this guy into 
the corner if you are lucky, and you can again jump back and forth between 
the platforms.

(43) A mad bomber and ninja are together here. Kick the ninja then the 
bomber. Then there is a Ninja. Then a door east.

(10) The soccer balls here are difficult to deal with. You'll want to get the 
torch and if you can avoid the soccer balls, great, but be prepared to take 
damage. I just went straight for the Ninja and it took some damage with the 
soccer balls running around. Try to jump up and down platforms a bit, then 
just outrun the soccer ball to the door to the right.

(24) to the right you have a keyed-up door, so you'll want to go to the left. 
You have a ring and mad bomber and it's nearly impossible to duck. But if you 
win, you get a stick of TNT. Woohoo. There's a door in the upper left.

(35) Run very fast left and into a messy fight with three soccer balls and a 
mad bomber. Expect to lose a life or two here.

(45) Run fast left and jump up when the soccer ball comes down. It's worth 
picking up the shield here. It'll be on top. Then come back down and run 
left. A ninja is here but he shouldn't be too bad.

(07) Another mad bomber to the right. Drop down on him to get rid of him. The 
stairs take a while but are useful. He really jumps around. Go across the 
top. Get the torch, then there's another mad bomber, then you have the exit 
in the bottom right.

(1b) Just one mad bomber here.

(2d) ?? One mad bomber here. You have a keyed gate in the middle, across the 
top. You can't go there yet, but it goes the same place the other gate you 
saw previously went. Then at the right edge, kill the mad bomber and fire 
some TNT right from the 3rd hole where bombs drop.

(3e) The mad bomber is rather easy here if you go along the top, then drop 
down one. He keeps jumping to the top and then trying to dive-bomb you. 
There's an extra life past him, if you want to drop down for it. Then keep 
going right. There's another bomber. Past him, the stairs to level 3.


There's a door to your right here. You can open it by running fast left from 
it, then getting onto the next ledge up with a big jump. Then you turn around 
and throw a bomb, if you can see the door. It may take a couple tries. You 
need to be at the edge of the platform. The orange will disappear, though.

    4-6. LEVEL 3

(0c) Run right and there will be a gunner. You can jump over him like you did 
ninjas and kick him in the back. There are two exits here, right(leads down 
on the map) and far right.

(20) Run right past the door. Another gunner you can kill as before and wind 
up with a passage to the right.

(31) This room has 4 exits. The first door to the right leads to an extra man 
if you running jump onto the platforms above(room 41, trivial to run 
quickly.) The second leads down, and the third door leads to the right. That 
last one is the one you should take.

(09) For the smashers, jump up platforms to jump over them. This should not 
be hard, though you'll want a running jump for a smasher that touches the 
edge. To time running past the smashers, get ready to go and on the second 
bash, run right.

(1d) You'll have to run under the first smasher. Jump over the second. Then 
jump over the third, drop down and run fast(up-right) into the door to the 
next area. Though if you want to take a detour for an extra Scout, run right 
all the way, jumping over the top, then enter the door to (2f) and run all 
the way right(jump up if/when you want) and then back. You need to jump up 
eventually for your extra Secret Scout, but I found I was able to run across 
with no real damage done.

(48) Go to the right. Ugh, slowdown in the boss fight here. Just stand on the 
lower right platform and kick right when he gets near. Maybe some bees will 
hit you, but probably not. Jump left from that platform, then running jump 
right. A couple more jumps and you're at the next place.

You may wish to go to the left as well. There's another bad guy there. Kill 
him. The same principle. Even if it doesn't look like you're hitting him, you 
are, and the bees will miss you. He requires 10 hits. Jump to the left.

(38) Same sort of boss, but now just run up to him and kick him a ton. It's 
that easy. Really. His stomping is impressive, but the platforms protect you 
from any stuff that's falling.

(30) The gunner here is pretty dumb. Jump up on a low platform and start 
whaling away. He will go down. Watch out for the bundle here that can kill 
you. Exit the first door you see.

(1f) Jump up to the stairs and jump along the top. You get a torch this way. 
Even better, keep going, and you'll get a key! Exit left.

(1e) Use the lower platforms to defeat the gunner, then jump up for the 
torch. Watch out for the bundle. Now you have a problem because the skeletons 
will attack you, too. I just gave up and died. That put me at the left, where 
I entered a new room.

(0b) You just have 1 skeleton to beat here, and he is easy. Jump on a small 
block and wait for him. Bang, bang, bang. Take the left door.

(0a)One gunner, then another as you go left. You need to avoid the bundle 
here but it is not too bad. If you lead it far enough right and make the big 
long loop back left, you will be okay. It will vanish. Then the next gunner 
is easy.

On the left hand side, stand above the rightmost platform below(3rd moss from 
the right) and chuck a couple of bombs at the door. Highlight the torch 
before entering.

(13) Use the torch, move quickly and be sure to get the TNT across the top. 
Smash the loincloth dude and work your way left.

(27) jump across the top and get the torch and drop down. Then jump back up 
and don't worry about the enemy--just jump over him and make it to the right. 
I was able to get through here without using a torch but you might need one.

(0f) Jump quickly up the side. Even in the dark, you can still find the basic 
plan--run right and then enter the door. You can run fast, and if you fall, 
no big deal. Just jump again. You may have to go a bit left of the right edge 
to get in the door. But the screen will flash, and you'll reappear on the 
left. Just saving resources...

(0b) Use a torch for this one. Run all the way right, get the torch, drop 
down for the key, and run along the bottom.

Or do you need to? Run across the top until you fall. Then move three body 
lengths left and fall. Be sure to listen for sound effects here that will 
tell you you got the key. Now if you run into the wall, that is when to use 
the torch. Run right and then go up the stairs and jump onto the platform 
depending on which way the flying shuriken is going. Then jump to the top and 
run left. Run all the way left and jump back down.

Now on the way back you can proceed quickly to retreat as before. You'll have 
to take time to kill the big guy and use another torch, but oh well.

Now you can also go back to (44) and get a few more torches and a key. The 
extra torches are critical in your quest, because if you lose them, you're 
done for. Everything else can be replaced, except maybe the shields. And you 
have a few more shields you can get.

(44) Switch to the key. Run all the way right. Drop down for the boomerang. 
You should have enough time to jump back up and continue right. Then open the 
gate with the key.

(34) Four torches and a key here. Jump across the top for the one torch, then 
pick stuff up on the way back. Don't mind the shuriken. Drop down when you 
see something to pick up and jump back. You can run right, then run left to 
outwit the flying shuriken

Now the last thing you need to do is to get the wall hooks. Those are found 
back on level 2, by the gate you couldn't open before. Open it, and you don't 
even have to win the boss fight. You can just retreat. I had a key left over-
-not sure how--and so I was able to take the other door out. It's a nice 
shortcut to avoid those stupid soccer balls. Head right, then head left.

You'll want to retreat all the way back to the stair on level 1. You may have 
to win the boss fight(2 jumpers) this time, but it should not be too bad. 
This time, go down. It's time to go underground. I hope you saved your 
torches. If you want, you can perform reconaissance on the parts of level 1 
you didn't clear at first. But it is time consuming, uses torches, and 
doesn't really help you get on with things. Be sure to have torches selected 
before you go down.


(Later, not relevant but just in case)


(0d) You can go all the way to the right before turning the lights on. Once 
you've hit the wall, use a torch and then whale on the skeleton and you will 
take him down pretty easily. Don't worry about the heart here.

(21) Speed to the right and defeat the gunner. Then drop down all the way and 
go into the hole in the bottom right. Again, no treasure.

(32) Speed right to beat the gunner(you may need to use a torch here) and 
then the skeleton. Don't worry about the door on the top yet. Go to the 
bottom right door.

(42) Jump up, run right, get the torch and run back. You probably don't want 
to take a detour to the next area, which is, for posterity...

(56) Beat the jumping knife boss and get TNT(10) which you probably don't 
need and an extra Secret Scout.

Go back to (32) and at the top, throw two sticks of TNT at the door and jump 

(12) run very fast to the right, jumping over holes. Let the bomber come at 
you a bit and he may fall in the gap.

(1c) run to the right, dropping down the first vine for a shield. Keep 
running to the exit.

(3f) run across the top, jumping over the vines. After getting the first 
torch, fall off to get the second. Run right. You'll get the torch on the top 
on the way back.

(37) Go to the right and beat the ninja. Get the torch on the right edge and 
retreat. Do NOT go further right. You face a mad bomber and get a boomerang 
for your troubles. That is a bad exchange.

In (12) if you were able to get the bomber to fall off as you went right, 
then you can plow left. If not, try to either lure the bomber there or kick 
him into the gap(about 1/4 screen left of it, kick him from the left.)

(2e) You should go along the bottom, and an old buddy, a red guy, will 
appear. Get rid of him, go back up the vine to the right, and go left.

(08) Take the first door on the left on the bottom(fall down through the 
vines.) The far one gives you a shield that won't last after a boss-jumper 

(26) Run right to a pisser of a fight with a mad bomber and a ninja. Take 
care of the ninja first and use TNT on the bomber if you have to. Leave 25 
for the next 2 fights.

(47) Beat the Ninja and make very long running jumps. Then there will be one 
more fight to win with 2 mad bombers. Once you win this there will be a jump 
and a very long jump, though you are probably better off using the wall 
climbers. Go all the way right. When you hit the edge, push [select] to fall 
to the door. Push up.

(16) The last one. There are some tough fights here. Just be sure not to fall 
off and you will defeat the jetpack guy. The first one gets you 10 TNT. It's 
hard to anticipate when he goes up, and it's hard to see when he's hit, so 
keep poking away and jump when he is about to come up. Stay on the left when 
you can. You're going to get hit a lot, but it's okay. You have infinite 
continues. If you fall off, that's the big problem--the enemy heals.

Go along the top green platform and face another guy. Again, if you kick 
them, you generally score a point, and you have 20 hit points to their 12, 
not counting your extra lives. The next platform has two enemies. This is a 
good place to suicide and continue, so you have the benefit of all four 
lives. Ready the TNT before approaching them. This is a good place to use the 
TNT since you already got some from previous fights. Wherever you throw it, 
it can have an effect. Keep centralized.

The final guy is not too bad. You need to make a couple long jumps, then 
you'll be on an inverted V. Your best bet is to jump to the sides. Flee to 
the right edge and you should be able to sock him enough, because there is a 
wall on the right side. Use TNT liberally and also use a shield if he is in 
close. You just need to hit him enough times to make him go down--1 for every 
4 he hits you. Jump-kicks work pretty well to get rid of him. He is not very 
mobile, and while he takes 25 hits, he is not as obnoxius as the grenade 

Congratulations, you win! And if you won, you deserve better than the stupid 
joke of a final screen.


Secret Scout is a game worth cheating on, even with its infinite continues. 
Here are values I found useful to edit. The torches and torch time are 
probably the most relevant. You shouldn't need TNT, but it could be useful.

0x46  = # of lives
0x164 = # of torches
0x165 = # of boomerangs
0x166 = # of shields
0x167 = # of grips(note grips are reusable)
0x168 = # of keys
0x169 = # of hacksaws(never used AFAIK)
0x16a = current item selected
0x16c = time left for torch (0x71 mimics this but is overwritten)
0x170 = # of TNT
0x500 = # of your hit points
0x511 = # of 1 enemy's hit points



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs/Honestgamers 4/23/2009, complete, though I should 
flesh out the room numbers in the walkthrough and maybe rework level 3.

Thanks to the usual GameFAQs/honestgamers gang, current and emeritus. They 
know who they are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS 
writing done. Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, 
Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog 
and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned 
message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be 
part of mine.
Thanks to the NES Completion Project for keeping it going.
Thanks to SBAllen for all his administrative work and for offering the $10 
bounty for this game. It was nice motivation. Given I started the completion 
project, I may be more flattered that I should be that he is contributing to 
it. You may say it's only $10, but he put bounties on a lot of games. Which 
is very cool.
All you people at honestgamers, YELL AT ME if I forgot you and you deserve to 
be in there. I mean, it's partially because of HGWars I wrote this FAQ, and I 
want to add to this in the future.

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