• Explore inacessable areas and strange places in Garloz

    When you reach Garloz (the overhead view level), you can get on top of the grassy areas that normally aren't accessible. From the first starting point, walk up and take a left, then walk up and take the right path when you come to the fork in the road. When you reach a dead end to where you can only move to the right which takes you to the next screen, hold up and get next to the dirt wall. Move to the right and press up on the next screen, Rygar should walk up a little bit. Walk back to the left and you'll be on the wall, so hold up again and Rygar should walk up even more. Walk back to the right and hold up. Rygar should be on the grass now. If you walk to the left again you'll be on top of the wall. From here, you can explore areas of Garloz that you're not supposed to be in. The map gets pretty glitchy over here and you can end up dying if you to another screen, so always be sure you are jumping in mid-air should you choose to enter another area. For you might not be standing on solid ground when the screen scrolls over.

    Contributed By: Velheim.

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  • Flying

    To do his you need a NES Advantage controller(others may work). Set the turbo to max and hold A and B at the same time. Fall off a cliff. If done right you should appear on top of the screen. Hold down A and B to float slowly to the ground. NOTE: you can go through the floor like this

    Contributed By: omegaweopon.

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  • Scrambled Final Castle

    When you reach the final area (Ligar's floating castle), run all the way to the left from the starting point. Jump from the edge of the ground to the left edge of the screen. Normally, you would fall to your death if you jumped out into the sky like this, but if you manage to hit the left edge of the screen, it will scroll and you'll end up in a glitched version of the final castle.

    Contributed By: Velheim.

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  • Warp to Ligar

    While fighting Belzar at the end of Lapis, stand to the left of the door and face left. Now let Belzar throw a beam at you. If you did it correctly, you will fall back out the door, into a scrambled area and die. Press start and you'll start at Ligar.

    Contributed By: DDCecil.

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