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FAQ/Walkthrough by Admiral

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/24/08

|                                 ROBODEMONS                                 |
|                               Platform: NES                                |
|                                                                            |
|                              FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                               |
|                        Version 1.0 (July 24, 2008)                         |
|                                                                            |
|                               By The Admiral                               |
|                        Email: Admiral1018@yahoo.com                        |

Robodemons is a hybrid shooter/side-scrolling platformer that pits you as the 
nameless hero who has to descend into the seven levels of hell to defeat the 
demon king.  And the feeling of descending into hell is exactly what you will 
experience as you play this game.  Robodemons is another fine title from Color 
Dreams, creators of numerous other unlicensed NES games that never received 
the vaunted "Nintendo Seal of Quality."  Well, it's no mystery why once you 
spend a minute playing the game.

Unlike most of Color Dreams' other games, Robodemons actually has a fairly 
involved back story.  The Demon King Kull has developed a machine that can 
capture souls.  He uses this machine to transplant the souls of demons into 
war machines that then take over the earth and enslave humanity.  
Unfortunately, the thought and creativity end here.  The game's graphics 
contain about 8 colors at most, the sound is better off being muted, the 
controls are horrible, and the fun is really never there.  I do give this game 
some props for the unintentionally humorous attempt at voice-acting, including 
the "Wobodemons" introduction and memorable "AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" scream when 
you die.  Those are a guaranteed chuckle every time.

If you get past the game's lack of quality and actually decide to play it, 
that's where this guide comes in.  Whether you're just looking for the basics 
because the manual is terribly written or you're seeking some advanced 
strategies for beating a boss, this guide should save you some time and 
frustration.  At the very least it can help you save some time.  Time that can 
better spent playing an enjoyable game...

D I S C L A I M E R                                                       RD00

This FAQ is meant for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for 
commercial use under any circumstances.  No portions of this guide may be 
reproduced, in part or in entirety, without the written consent of the author. 
If you would like to use any part of this guide in your FAQ or website, I will 
probably give you permission if you ask, but you must ask first (Email: 
Admiral1018@yahoo.com). The Robodemons title, as well as all contents within, 
is copyright of Color Dreams, 1990.

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                         RD01

To jump to any section of this guide quickly, click the Edit option on the 
toolbar, then go to Find and type in the index number listed in the right 
column.  You can also press Ctrl+F to bring up the search box in most browsers 
and text editors.

TABLE OF CONTENTS.........................................................RD01

STORY AND OBJECTIVE.......................................................RD10
THE BASICS................................................................RD12
MENU SCREEN...............................................................RD13
TIPS AND STRATEGIES.......................................................RD14

1. LEVEL OF BONE..........................................................RD21
2. LEVEL OF FLESH.........................................................RD22
3. LEVEL OF FIRE..........................................................RD23
4. LEVEL OF CONDEMNED SOULS...............................................RD24
5. LEVEL OF DEMONS........................................................RD25
6. THE DEMON FACTORY......................................................RD26
7. KING KULL'S CHAMBER....................................................RD27


CONTACT INFORMATION.......................................................RD02
REVISION HISTORY..........................................................RD03

S T O R Y   A N D   O B J E C T I V E                                     RD10

The demon king Kull has crafted a machine that transplants the souls of demons 
into machines.  With his army of Robodemons, Kull has risen to become the 
unchallenged ruler of the earth.  Kull controls these Robodemons from the 
seventh level of Hades.  One day, a hero known only as "A Most Great Warrior" 
emerges to challenge Kull.  Armed with his magical boomerang, rocket boosters, 
and quick reflexes, this unnamed hero is the last hope to save earth from the 
clutches of darkness.

You play as the nameless hero and must descend into the seven levels of Hades 
to fight Kull.  Each level of Hades is separated by a long tunnel, and the 
hero will fly using his booster rockets in these areas.  The main portions of 
each level must be traversed on foot, and you gain the ability to jump in 
these sections.  Each level has a magical door at the end that is opened 
either by collecting a hidden key or completing some other stage requirement.

C O N T R O L S                                                          RD11

The controls in this game are fairly straight-forward.  They do differ 
slightly between flying portion (in the tunnels) and ground portions (in the 
main levels).  These differences are listed below.

|                                     |
|    _                     Nintendo   |
|  _| |_                              |
| |  O  |  SELECT  START              |
|  ¯|_|¯    (¯¯)   (¯¯)    ( )  ( )   |
|            ¯¯     ¯¯      B    A    |
|                                     |

- Used to enter locked doors if you have the key
- Walks upward (main level only, 3D layout)
- Flies upward (tunnels only)

- Flies downward (tunnels only)
- Walks downward (main level only, 3D layout)

- Moves left or right

- Brings up the menu screen

- Pauses the game
- Starts the game from the title screen

- Used to jump (main level only)

- Throws the boomerang
- Hold the A button and press Start from the title screen to continue at the
  last stage after a Game Over

T H E   B A S I C S                                                       RD12

This section covers the basics of the game.  It should be read if you are 
playing for the first time, especially if you don't have the instruction 

It is important to understand the following items when playing the game.

HEALTH          Health (or Hit Points/HP) are represented by the row of hearts
                on the top right side of the screen.  Each heart represents
                four HP, and no more than five hearts will ever appear at one
                time.  You begin with 5 hearts (20 Hp) but can raise your HP
                above what is displayed on screen by collecting heart items
                left by some enemies.  Any additional HP are carried between
                stages.  The maximum HP are 255.

LIVES           The number of remaining lives are displayed on the menu
                screen.  You lose a life once your HP reach zero or you come
                in contact with a fatal obstacle.  You begin with 3 lives.

CONTINUING      After losing all your lives, you can continue from the
                beginning of the current stage.  When back at the title
                screen, hold the A button and press Start.

SCORE           The score is displayed after "Score" on the menu screen.
                Points are obtained by defeating various enemies.  Points
                have no significance in the game.


There are only three collectable items in this game.

HEARTS          Certain enemies will drops hearts when killed.  These drops
                are not random; they always occur when that specific enemy is
                defeated.  Hearts add four HP to your health or one visible
                heart to the top right corner of the screen.  Your health
                still increases when you collect hearts after five are visible
                on the screen, so collect as many as you can.

1-UPS           1-Ups look like small, white smiley faces.  They add one
                additional life to your reserve when collected.  They are only
                found in the tunnels before each level.

KEYS            Several levels have locked doors at the end.  These require
                you to find a key before you can proceed.  The keys are
                always found somewhere in the same level.


Robodemons has seven levels, and the current level can be found by looking on 
the menu screen.  Each level has two parts: a tunnel and the main level 
itself.  In the tunnels that connect the levels, you use booster rockets and 
can fly around in any direction.  In the main portion of the level, the 
rockets are turned off and you walk along the ground.  You can jump during 
this phase.


Your primary weapon in this game is the boomerang.  The boomerang is thrown in 
front of you at chest level, then curls upward and returns back in your 
direction after traveling about half a screen.  If you are too close to the 
screen's edge, the boomerang will fly off and not curl back.  You can only 
throw one boomerang at a time.  This weapon takes some getting used to and is 
not ideal for hitting many enemies.  You also cannot hit any enemies below 
your chest in the main portions of the levels.  This guide has some useful 
tips for effective use of this weapon.


Each level requires you to do "something" before you can leave.  In most 
stages, this "something" involves finding the key that unlocks the door at the 
end.  Assume this is the case unless you are told otherwise when the level 
begins.  Level 4 requires you to free all the condemned souls before leaving, 
and Level 6 entails destroying all the enemy structures.

M E N U   S C R E E N                                                     RD13

Below is an illustration of the menu screen.  A description of its contents is 
found below.

|                       |                 |   ___
|    SCORE 00000000     |      LEVEL      |      |------- Score Display
|                       |                 |   ___|
|                       |                 |   ___
|    LIVES 02           |> /\/\/\/\/\/\/  |      |------- Lives Remaining
|                       |                 |   ___|
|-----------------------|  &*&*&*&*&*&*&  |
| @ |---------------| @ |                 |   ___
|---o               o---|  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^  |      |
||                     ||                 |      |
||    DEMON  KULL      ||  %#%#%#%#%%#%#  |      |
||                     ||                 |      |
||    IS  WAITING      ||  @|-|-|-|-|-|@  |      |------- Current Level
||                     ||                 |      |
||    FOR  YOU ON      ||  @===========@  |      |
||                     ||                 |      |
||    LEVEL  7 ...     ||  ##^^^^^^^^^##  |   ___|
||                     ||                 |
|---o               o---|                 |
| @ |---------------| @ |                 |

SCORE DISPLAY       This shows the number of points to have received during
                    the game.

LIVES REMAINING     This shows the number of remaining lives.

CURRENT LEVEL       This section shows graphics for each of the seven levels.
                    A red heart is placed to the left of the current level.

T I P S   A N D   S T R A T E G I E S                                     RD14

Despite the difficulty caused by poor controls and a horrid weapon range, it 
is possible to beat Robodemons without continuing or even dying.  The tricks 
below can help make this game much more manageable.

   The single most useful trick in this game is to collect as many hearts as
   you can.  While this may seem intuitive, the common reaction is to stop
   collecting them aggressively once the heart display on the screen is maxed.
   However, your health will continue to increase long after five hearts are
   displayed.  This health also carries over between levels, so it is very
   helpful to stock up in the earlier stages.  If you see a certain type of
   enemy drop a heart, this type will always drop hearts when defeated.
   Target these foes for the maximum health boost.

   The unique characteristic of the boomerang is its return path.  After
   fired, the boomerang will curl up and head back to you once it's traveled
   about half the screen.  You can often use this return flight to hit enemies
   higher than you if planned right.  In addition, you can position yourself
   far enough from the enemy so that your boomerang just starts to curve up as
   it nears the foe.  This is very useful for killing enemies that jump up and

   Don't have any shame about continuing if you lose all your lives in this
   game.  To do so, simply hold A and press Start when you return to the title

   You can find 1-Ups in the tunnel portions of a few stages.  They are
   usually found right near the middle of the screen and are hard to miss.
   Make sure you go after them as soon as they appear.  These 1-Ups are the
   only source for extra lives in the game.

   One of the unique things about this game is that dead enemies stay dead,
   even after you die.  This lack of re-spawning adds a strategic element to
   the game, especially in near-death situations.  If you are surrounded and
   about to die, focus on killing as many foes as you can first.  These
   enemies will not appear once you restart the level.

   The biggest threat you have in this game is contact with enemies.  This is
   because there is no "invincibility" frame after you are hit; you simply
   keep receiving damage in a continuous stream with each frame.  This can
   result in death within a couple of seconds if you do not move.  In general,
   stay as far away from enemies as you can to avoid damage, even if this
   means being hit by projectiles.  This is especially important against
   bosses or foes in the later stages.


                             W A L K T H R O U G H

The following section includes a full walkthrough for all seven stages of the 
game.  Before each stage, there is a description of the objectives, enemies, 
and enemy stats.

1.  L E V E L   O F   B O N E                                             RD21

OBJECTIVE: Collect the key and defeat the Bone Dragon.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Skull Hive                2                4,1             1000
Rolling Skull             1                 4                 0
Baby Bone Dragon          2                 1             Heart
Death                     5                1,1             5000
Skeleton Warrior          4                 1              1000
Magma Crack              N/A              Fatal             N/A
Floating Teeth           N/A              Fatal             N/A
Bone Dragon              10                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

"Defeat Death to Enter Hades."  So begins the nameless hero's descent through 
the seven levels of hell.  As with all stages, the first one begins with a 
tunnel that leads up to the actual stage.  The nameless hero has the ability 
to fly in the tunnel, and you can control his vertical movement.  Once the 
tunnel is cleared, you enter the main ground portion of the stage and the real 
action begins.

You begin the game by floating in what appears to be space, although it is 
really an underground passage.  The floor and ceiling are lined with skulls 
and tombstones (they do not hurt you), and Skull Hives are littered above and 
below.  Your goal in this portion is to survive and defeat the bone creature 
named Death.

First off, use this time to get used to your character's movement.  You move 
up and down slowly and forward and backward slightly faster.  Your weapon is 
an awkward-moving boomerang.  It will move forward and then curve back, 
returning over your head.  It is small, relatively slow moving, and can only 
be fired one at a time.  Controlling the boomerang well enough to attack 
enemies effectively is the hardest part of the game, so make sure to get some 
practice now.  Note how far the boomerang travels before returning and how 
high above you the return trajectory will travel.  This becomes an important 
part of strategy later on.

Once the stage starts, you should either ignore the Skull Hives entirely or 
move to the bottom and only destroy the ones along the floor.  After a few 
seconds, a Rolling Skull enters the middle of the screen and can be destroyed.  
Just after this, a similar looking smiley face appears.  This is a 1-UP.  Do 
not confuse this for an enemy or background object and be sure to collect it.  
1-Ups are very rare, and a small chime will signal when you pick it up.  The 
other enemy you will encounter is a Small Bone Dragon.  These foes drop hearts 
whenever killed, so make sure to take them out.

On the subject of hearts, it is very important to understand how they work.  
The game only displays 5 hearts at the top of the screen, but it keeps track 
of your life out to 64 hearts.  Furthermore, your life carries over between 
stages, so you are strongly encouraged to collect as many hearts as you can 
and build up a nice reserve of health.

After about 15 seconds, you will come to a large, flying bone dragon.  This is 
Death.  Death moves slowly and fires red fireballs at you.  The best tactic is 
to move to the right side of Death and attack him while facing left.  Death 
will remain stationary in the middle of the screen and shoot fireballs, which 
can be destroyed by your boomerang.  Fire as rapidly as you can.  Death has 5 
HP, meaning you must hit him five times.  Once Death is defeated, the stage 
automatically ends and you are taken to the main level.

The Level of Bone is a giant graveyard occupied by Skull Hives, Skeleton 
Warriors, and Flying Baby Dragons.  You walk along the ground during this 
portion of the stage, so your rocket boosters are replaced with a jumping 
ability.  The stage is multi-leveled, and you begin at the top, unable to 
target the enemies below for now (though they can still target you).  Before 
advancing, look directly below your character.  Blended against the background 
is a white KEY, which is hard to spot since it looks like a bone.  The key has 
a slight red outline on the top, so it stands out only slightly.  Most players 
overlook this item and become frustrated, but this is what you must collect 
before leaving the stage.

Proceed to the right and tackle the slow-moving Skeleton Warriors from afar.  
They take 4 hits to kill but should not be too difficult.  The real annoyance 
will be the bullets shot from the Skull Hives below you.  These are fired at 
regular intervals, so observe the pattern and time your movement to pass by 
them.  You will also encounter small, Rolling Skulls along the ground.  These 
cannot be destroyed, so just jump over them.

You will soon come to red magma cracks in the ground.  As you might guess, 
these should be avoided; they are fatal if touched.  Shortly after, you will 
come across a set of what looks like floating teeth.  These are also fatal if 
touched (you cannot jump on top of them safely).  Pass under the first one as 
it ascends.  The second and third floating teeth are staggered slightly, 
making for a dangerous encounter.  While you can't destroy them, your shots 
will temporarily pause their movement.  You should shoot the teeth a few times 
until both are aligned and moving at the same interval.  Then, it should be 
easy to pass underneath them.  When you arrive at the door just after this 
point, press the up button to enter.

The door takes you out in the middle portion of the lower level.  Head left 
first.  You can now take out the pesky Skull Hives, and the best way to do it 
is to stand far enough away that your boomerang hits them just as it curves 
upward.  You will need to backtrack slightly to get into this position.  
Trying to jump and shoot in this game is much too difficult and inconsistent.

Continue heading left and pick up the KEY, then turn around and proceed right.  
You will pass by several Rolling Skulls and eventually come to an area with a 
series of magma cracks in a row.  At the end of this section, you will stumble 
upon the boss.

After jumping across the magma cracks, the Bone Dragon emerges and begins 
firing.  Immediately turn around and proceed jumping back across the magma 
cracks.  After two cracks, you should notice that the Bone Dragon has stopped 
pursuing you.  It should be against the far right side of the screen.  Inch to 
the right until your boomerangs can make contact, then fire away.  Your 
boomerangs will destroy any fireballs, so you are relatively safe from the 
Bone Dragon.  The main annoyance will be any residual Rolling Skulls.  If you 
have a few hearts, just ignore them and take the damage.  Moving around 
increases the risk of death from the magma pits and additional damage from the 
Bone Dragon's fireballs.  After 10 hits, the Bone Dragon will be defeated.  

Move forward and press the up button at the locked door.  If the door does not 
open, you may not have collected the key.  You will need to head to the far 
left side of the screen and pick it up before returning.  None of the defeated 
enemies (including the boss) will re-spawn, so that trip should be pretty easy 
if it's required.

2.  L E V E L   O F   F L E S H                                           RD22

OBJECTIVE: Collect the key and defeat the Green Dragon.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Green Eye                 1                 1             Heart
Small Flame Dragon        2                1,1             2000
Yellow Gel                1                 1               500
Green Dragon             10                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

The second stage passes closer to the netherworld, taking you from the 
desecrated graveyards to the semi-living halls made of pure flesh.  As in all 
stages, a short tunnel separates these levels.

The second level tunnel is much easier than the first.  It is occupied by 
Green Eyes, Yellow Gels, and Small Flame Dragons.  The real prize here is the 
Green Eyes.  They take only 1 hit and drop hearts when killed.  If you target 
them exclusively, you can easily accumulate a dozen or so extra hearts.  These 
hearts will make the next stage or two a lot easier.  The tunnel eventually 
ends once you have traveled far enough.

As soon as you enter this portion of the stage, do not move.  Your eyes may 
hurt from the colors, and it is extremely hard to tell what is in the 
background and what is in the foreground.  Take a look at the yellow, brainy 
platform you are standing on.  These are the only solid structures in the 
stage.  The ground is acid bile that kills you instantly, and everything else 
is background decorations.  It will take some time to get comfortable here.  
The other thing to notice is the egg-like pods.  There is one just to the 
right of the starting position and another on the far right side.  These are 
doors that lead to other parts of the stage.  Unfortunately, most of these 
doors just dump you into the bile and waste your time (and lives).  Avoid 
taking these doors until you come to dead-ends (or keep reading below).

The enemies themselves are the same as the ones in the tunnel and are fairly 
easy.  It's best to kill whatever is on screen before advancing to a new 
platform.  The Yellow Gels can be somewhat annoying given their random 
movement, so just be patient.  Head to the right and jump from platform to 
platform.  Ignore every door you see.  It can be easy to over-jump the 
platforms, especially when jumping onto ones that are lower down.  Tap the B 
button and move slowly.  Keep progressing until you spot the KEY on a low 
platform just above the bile.  Be careful when moving to collect the key; 
simply tap the right button until you fall off the platform above, as it is 
easy to end up in the bile.

Collect the key and head back left.  Enter the first door you come to (should 
be visible on the screen when you collect the key).  The door will take you 
out at a section to the right.  Jump over a few more platforms and enter 
another door (only place you can go from there).  This is a one-way passage 
that should dump you out right on top of another platform.  Enter the door 
just to the right of this.  It will take you out right in front of the boss, a 
giant green dragon.

After entering the door in front of the Green Dragon, immediately walk to the 
left and fall onto the lower platform.  Move left until the screen starts to 
cut off the Green Dragon's body, then edge back right.  Position yourself on 
the lower platform so that your boomerang just starts to hit the Green Dragon 
as it curves upward.  The dragon is very nimble and will dodge most of the 
straight on shots, but this method is assured.  There is some danger from its 
projectiles, but hopefully you have enough of a heart reserve to survive 1-2 
shots.  After 10 hits, the Green Dragon is defeated.

Move back to the left and enter the door again.  This time, jump to the right 
and press the up button to enter the locked door.  If you don't have the key, 
you're screwed.  You will need to die and restart the stage.

3.  L E V E L   O F   F I R E                                             RD23

OBJECTIVE: Collect the key and proceed to the stage exit.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Small Flame Dragon 2      1                1,1              500
Flying Green Lizard       2                1,1            Heart
Fire Man                  3                1,1             1000
Small Dragon Platform    N/A                1               N/A
Red Demon                10                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

Things get a little toastier now.  Your journey takes you from the putrid 
flesh caverns into the burning fire and brimstone dungeons.

The third tunnel houses only two enemies: Small Flame Dragons and Flying Green 
Lizards.  The Flame Dragons take a single hit and are relatively easy to 
defeat.  Keep in mind that you can destroy their green projectiles with your 
boomerang.  The Flying Lizards take two hits are a bit trickier.  While they 
do leave hearts, you cannot kill them reliably.  The best strategy may be to 
ignore them or to fly to the right of them and take them out after passing by.  
This tunnel contains a 1-UP near the middle, so be sure to collect it.  You 
advance to the main stage once you have flown far enough.

You enter the stage in what appears to be a dungeon with lava pits on the 
floor.  Overall, not much fire here, but things heat up quickly.  You are 
immediately attacked by two Fire Men and a Small Flame Dragon.  Immediately 
begin firing and you should take out one Fire Man.  The second, who comes down 
from the platforms above you, will be much more difficult.  You can avoid 
damage with some fast button pressing, but you will need three hits to defeat 
the foe.  It may be easier to jump to the first platform and attempt to kill 
it from there.

Once the first attack wave is finished and you have a second to think, you 
should notice a large, Red Demon directly above the starting location (next to 
a KEY).  This foe is very tough, but you are invincible to it from your 
location now and can use this time to safely defeat it.  Move forward to the 
third platform from the start.  Stand on the left-side edge, turn around, and 
begin firing.  Most of your shots will hit the Red Demon as it curves upward.  
The demon will jump around a bit, but be patient and wait for its demise.  It 
will take 10 hits to kill.  You will be able to collect the key a bit later.

For the duration of the stage, move right and try to remain on the top level 
with the platforms.  If you fall down, you will need to return all the way 
left (to the starting point) and try again.  In case you do fall, try to take 
out as many enemies as you can.  Remember, even if you die, enemies do not 
revive.  At least this will make future trips through the stage a bit easier.

As you progress, you will be attacked by more Fire Men, Small Flame Dragons, 
and Flying Lizards.  Given the vertical height at which some of these foes 
appear, you may need to backtrack or move between platforms to get off a clear 
shot, especially if the enemy spawns below you.  You will also encounter 
Floating Dragon Platforms.  While these small dragons are enemies (who will 
damage you if touched in the front), you can jump on top of them safely to 
cross the gaps.  When you dismount them, jump straight up first, then press 
the directional pad right.  Trying to jump off at an angle will cause damage.

When you come to the far right end of the stage, you will see a door and 
Flying Dragon Platform.  Board the platform and take it to the top portion of 
the stage.  From here, walk all the way back left until you return near the 
starting point and can collect the KEY.  After picking it up, head all the way 
back right again and pass through the door.  Unless you count the Red Demons, 
this stage has no boss.

4.  L E V E L   O F   C O N D E M N E D   S O U L S                       RD24

OBJECTIVE: Release the 13 condemned souls.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Albatross                 1                 1             Heart
Flying Red Devil          2                 1              1000
Executioner               2                1,1             1000
Hades Knight              8                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

The fourth stage is an eternal prison level where the souls of humanity's 
ancestors are tortured.  Before advancing, you must free all the trapped souls 
and allow them to rest in peace.

The fourth stage tunnel is the easiest in the game.  The sole occupants are 
slow moving Albatrosses that drop hearts when killed.  Try to kill them all 
and use this as an opportunity to stockpile as many hearts as you can.  There 
is also another 1-UP near the middle of the stage.  Before leaving, you should 
have picked up at least 5-6 hearts and be in good shape for the next portion.

The stage looks like a large demon castle.  The souls you must free are the 
brownish, humanlike creatures with blue hair.  They do blend in with the 
background, so make sure you learn how to spot them.  To free a soul, simply 
touch it (you will also collect 5000 points).

At the start of the stage, there is a door directly above you.  This leads to 
the top portion of the stage, which you should clear first to save time.  The 
first soul you free will be one burning in a caldron of fire (although it just 
look like he's taking a bath).  Proceed to the right and enter each door as 
you come to it, as it takes you to the next room over.  When appearing in a 
new room, you will often be faced with an enemy immediately.  The two foes in 
this stage are Flying Red Devils and Executioners.  Flying Red Devil can fly 
around the stage and are very annoying if not killed right away.  It's best to 
kill these foes as soon as they appear.  Executioners are slower moving thugs 
that fire fast projectiles as you.  It is wise to create some distance before 
attacking them, but you can just as easily kill them by attacking rapidly as 
soon as they appear.  Keep in mind that you can destroy both enemies' 
projectiles with your boomerang.

At the end of the stage's top portion, you come to a door that leads to 
another dungeon cell.  The cell contains two souls at the bottom guarded by a 
Hades Knight and Executioner.  In addition, this room will spawn an infinite 
number of Red Demons.  The goal is to get out quickly.  First, kill the Flying 
Red Devil that approaches you from the right corner.  Next, drop down next the 
Executioner (be careful not to land on top of him), and dispatch him as 
quickly as possible.  Try to stay near the left side of the screen and attack 
the Hades Knight.  The Hades Knight is a giant, lumbering foe with a powerful 
projectile and 8 hit points.  The optimal strategy is to hit The Hades Knight 
with your boomerang just as it curves upward, as the Hades Knight will often 
jump to dodge it.  Once defeated, quickly free the two souls on the bottom of 
the screen.  Before beginning the climb back up, make sure to defeat the 
Flying Red Devil.  Stop to defeat any other Flying Red Devils that spawn, as 
they can knock you down and waste considerable time and health.

When back in the main portion of the stage, head over to the left and travel 
back down to the bottom area.  Now, head right and collect all the remaining 
souls, defeating any Flying Red Devils and Executioners on the way.  The 
locked door at the end of the stage can be opened only if you collected all 13 
souls.  If you cannot enter when pressing up, that means you missed a soul 
somewhere and will need to backtrack.  There is no boss in this stage.

5.  L E V E L   O F   D E M O N S                                         RD25

OBJECTIVE: Collect the key and proceed to the stage exit.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Flying Red Devil          2                 1              1000
Flying Executioner        2                1,1            Heart
Executioner               2                1,1             1000
Red Devil                 3                1,1             2000
Hades Knight              8                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

The fifth stage is supposedly a demon paradise of sorts.  This is the place 
where they all seem to dwell when not engaging in acts of evil.  Filled with 
burning cauldrons and demonic idols, the level has attracted difficult demons 
of all varieties.

The stage 5 tunnel is inhabited by Flying Red Devils and Flying Executioners.  
The stage scrolls very slowly, so there is ample time to kill the enemies.  
The Flying Executioners leave hearts when killed, so be sure to target them.  
There is another 1-UP about midway through the stage.  You should be able to 
pass through without too much difficulty.

As soon as the stage begins you are attacked by a Flying Red Devil, Flying 
Executioner, and Executioner (regular type).  Start firing as soon as you can 
and take out the Red Devil.  Move forward and jump to avoid the Flying 
Executioner when it drops near the ground, then focus quickly on the 
Executioner.  Finally, turn around and take out the Flying Executioner.

With some quiet time, a look around the stage reveals a KEY on the floor 
directly above you.  You will need to return to that point, but simply start 
heading to the right at this point.  You will soon come across a Red Devil 
(walking type) who immediately begins heading towards you and firing long 
blades.  The Red Devils are difficult because they jump whenever you fire your 
boomerang, often causing your shots to miss.  You can either stand far enough 
back that your boomerang hits them as it turns upward, or jump and fire as you 
fall.  The jump method is more effective in this case.  Later on, when the Red 
Devil remains at the far end of the screen, the first method is preferred.

Continue heading right, but do so slowly.  This will usually limit the number 
of enemies and make things a lot easier.  If you see an enemy appear on the 
level above you, you can kill it by jumping and firing the boomerang when at 
the peak of your jump.  Although it may take some time, this is completely 
safe and can save you some frustration later.

After many Red Devils and Executioners, you will come to the far right end of 
the stage.  At the top corner is the exit door, but you will need to collect 
the key before leaving.  Climb the platforms up to the top level and begin 
heading back left.

Almost as soon as you begin moving left, a Hades Knight will appear.  Quickly 
move back to the right until you are out of its firing range.  The Hades 
Knight has a bad habit of jumping when you fire, making shots difficult to 
land.  Inch forward and wait until you are close enough so that your boomerang 
hits the Hades Knight on its upward motion.  Use the same tactic on the Red 
Devils and other Hades Knight you will encounter near the key.

Once you have the key, head all the way back to the right side of the stage 
and exit through the door.  Your return trip should be enemy-free, except for 
an Executioner or two and a Red Devil right at the end below the door.  Once 
again, this stage has no special boss.

6.  T H E   D E M O N   F A C T O R Y                                     RD26

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the five pylons that power the factory as well as the
           four Orange Robots.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Hell Bat                  2                 1               500
Red Dragon                6                4,1             5000
Orange Robot              3                1,1             1000
Samurai Warrior           3                 1             Heart
Sensor                    3                 1              5000
Pylon                     3                 1              5000
Red Dragon 2             10                4,1             5000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

The Demon Factory is where the Robodemons are manufactured.  By destroying 
this facility, Kull will be unable to transplant the souls of his demons into 
machines, which will strike a crushing blow to his domination of earth.

The Stage 6 tunnel, which leads to Kull's prized Demon Factory, is guarded by 
the powerful Red Dragon.  The Red Dragon appears shortly after the stage 
begins and is accompanied by Hell Bats.  If you kill this foe, the stage will 
end immediately.  However, you may wish to drag the fight on for a bit.  After 
about 20 seconds, the stage will scroll far enough that you should see a 1-UP 
near the top.  If you have enough health to survive this long, it's worth the 
risk to pick up the extra life.  After this, you can either kill the Red 
Dragon or continue avoiding it for a while longer; eventually, the stage will 
stop scrolling and you will enter the factory whether the Red Dragon is 
defeated or not.

The Red Dragon hovers up and down and shoots projectiles at rapid speeds.  A 
good strategy is to fly past it and attack while facing left, preferably near 
the bottom of the screen.  This foe requires six hits to kill.

Upon entering the factory, you are immediately assaulted by Orange Robots, 
Katana Warriors, and a Hell Bat.  The enemies in this stage will kill you 
extremely quickly if you make physical contact.  Unless you have at least four 
hearts, immediately head to the top of the screen and jump over the enemies, 
then head right to give yourself some breathing room.  You may hit the Hell 
Bat, but that damage is miniscule compared to the robot or warrior.  Once you 
have some distance, move to the bottom of the screen and dispatch the foes.  
The Orange Robots are the harder of the two, requiring three hits to kill and 
also featuring a projectile attack.  The Katana Warriors also take three hits, 
but they drop hearts.

After the initial onslaught, it's time to begin dismantling the factory.  Your 
goal is to destroy all of the orange pylons near the top of the screen that 
power the factory.  These pylons have small electrical currents on top of 
them.  You will eventually come to a door that leads you to the upper level 
where the pylons are planted, but you can save a lot of time by destroying 
them from the bottom level.  To do this, you will need to throw the boomerang 
from the highest part of your jump and position yourself so that the boomerang 
makes contact after it curves upward.  It will take a little time to get the 
alignment right.  Usually you want the pylon to be on the far right side of 
the screen with your character positioned just left of center screen.

Near the middle of the stage is a small green object on top of a computer 
terminal.  This is a Sensor.  It will cause damage if you touch it but is 
harmless otherwise.  Destroy it for 5000 points.  There is nothing else 
special about this enemy.

In total, there are five orange pylons and four Orange Robots that must be 
destroyed.  Once you have eliminated them all, head all the way to the right 
to exit the stage.

The factory boss is another Red Dragon.  This one now has jumping abilities 
and requires 10 hits to kill.  As with most jumping foes, this boss is 
programmed to jump when you press the A button.  Stay near the bottom of the 
screen and position yourself just far enough away that your boomerang hits the 
Red Dragon as it starts to curve up.

Once the Dragon is killed, you can pass through the exit door.  If you have 
destroyed all five pylons and killed all the robots, you will advance to the 
next stage.  If you haven't, you are sent back to the beginning (don't worry, 
any defeated enemies remain defeated) and will need to take them all down 
before moving on.

7. K I N G   K U L L ' S   C H A M B E R                                  RD27

OBJECTIVE: Destroy King Kull.

                      HIT POINTS          DAMAGE*         POINTS
                      ----------          ------          ------
Ghost                     1                 1                 0
Red Devil                 3                1,1             2000
Gold Gargoyle            10                 1              5000
Hell Rod                  1                1,1              100
Kull Bats                 1                 4              2000
King Kull              10(x3)              4,1            15000

* Damage is 1/4 of a heart.  If two values are listed, the first is projectile
  damage and the second is contact damage.

At long last, you approach the chamber of King Kull.  The tunnel adjoining 
Kull's lair is filled with ghosts of fallen humans that still haunt the lower 
reaches of Hades.  Once inside his chamber, you will see that Kull guards 
himself with the toughest foes in the game.  Be ready for some difficult 
fights ahead, and take solace in knowing that the end is near.

The final tunnel before King Kull's chamber is rather uneventful, occupied 
solely by Ghosts.  Avoid moving and the Ghosts can be taken down quite easily.  
Try to save as much life as you can for the final stretch.

Lord Kull's palace consists of four rooms.  The rooms themselves are only a 
single screen, but the enemies are brutal.  The Gold Gargoyle is the toughest 
enemy in the entire game, and the real danger comes from the Hell Rods it 
unleashes.  If you can take this foe down in a single life, consider that a 
victory.  The walkthrough below has more specific tips.

In addition, maps for a couple of the more difficult rooms are shown below.

Room 1

| O      __  O |
|      __      |
|__  X         |
|___         A |

The first room is occupied by a Gold Gargoyle and Red Devil, both of whom 
begin attacking as soon as you enter.  Immediately start heading to the spot 
denoted with an A in the picture above (this is also as high up on the screen 
as you can walk).  Once you reach A, the Gold Gargoyle will almost always be 
caught at location X.  Take this time to fire three quick shots at the Red 
Devil to kill it, then focus entirely on the Gold Gargoyle.  From location A, 
your boomerang shots should hit the Gargoyle just as they turn upward.  At 
this time, the Gargoyle will begin unleashing a trio or quartet of Hell Rods.  
From your position, you should be able to destroy these rods as they near, 
though you may take some damage.  However, this should minimize the greatest 
source of damage, which is physical contact with the Hell Rods.  Being 
overwhelmed by those foes will kill you faster than anything else in this 
game.  If you can clear the first room without dying, consider it a victory.  
Keep in mind that all killed enemies will remain dead until you have a Game 

The second room is much easier.  It consists only of a Red Devil and Ghosts.  
The Red Devil begins on the far side of the room from the entrance and can be 
killed before it ever nears you.  The Ghosts will spawn infinitely from the 
pipes on the top left and right sides of the screen.  Just kill one and 
advance to the door in between spawns.  You should be relatively safe if you 
use a bit of caution.

Room 3

| O    __    O |
|     X __    A|
|            __|
|           ___|

The third is the most difficult.  It houses a Gold Gargoyle, Red Devil, and 
Ghosts.  Unlike the first room, there is no place in which you can safely pin 
the Gold Gargoyle.  This makes it much more dangerous and much harder to hit.

The best strategy is to try to get to location A as quickly as possible.  This 
entails jumping over the Red Devil on the way, which will cause 1-2 HP in 
damage.  However, from location A, you will have a clear shot of the Gold 
Gargoyle, who will hover around location X.  Also, the Hell Rods will 
typically be fired at the same level on which you shoot your boomerang, making 
them much easier to kill.  If you get stuck and are taking contact damage from 
a Hell Rod or Ghost, jump and move slightly to spring free.  Once the Gold 
Gargoyle is defeated, you can safely take out the Red Devil below.  Exit the 
room only when it is clear of enemies.

The fourth and final room offers a reprieve.  It is occupied by a Red Devil 
and a pair of Ghosts.  Quickly take out the Red Devil as soon as you enter the 
room.  Try to stay still as the Ghosts circle and take them both out.  These 
Ghosts do re-spawn, but you should be able to make it to the door if you jump 
quickly.  Make your way there and prepare for the final battle with Kull.

At long last, you come face to face with Kull, the Demon King.  Kull sits upon 
a throne and spews Kull Bats at you to do his bidding.  Kull's weak spots are 
hit two serpent hands and his head.  His chamber is laid out as in the diagram 

|                                  __|
|         \/\/\/              _____  |
|         | `` |           _____     |
|         |#  #|         B       A   |

As soon as you enter the room, walk to the far bottom of the screen, ignoring 
Kull entirely, and move up and into location A above.  This is the spot below 
the three platforms.  This spot is extremely advantageous because it prevents 
Kull from firing projectiles from his head or hands.  He will only attack with 
Kull Bats at that spot.

At this point, Kull will begin unleashing up to two Kull Bats at a time.  From 
location A, you should be in position to kill the bats without much trouble.  
If one gets by you and stays along the right edge of the screen, just ignore 
it.  Due to a bug, it will just remain their ignoring you so long as you stand 
still.  In fact, all of Kull's bats may pause and cease pursuing you in a 
similar way if you're lucky.  From location A, you have a clear shot of Kull's 
right hand.  Fire away until it's destroyed, which will take 10 hits.

Once the right hand is defeated, move to location B.  At this point, any idle 
bats along the right side of the screen may begin pursuing you.  Take a moment 
to kill them along with any new bats that Kull releases.  From location B, you 
will have a clear shot at Kull's left hand.  You should also be able to kill 
any bats without too much trouble.  Fire quickly and the left hand will be 
destroyed, again after 10 hits.

The final target is Kull's head.  You should be able to hit it without moving 
from location B.  With two arms missing, Kull will now unleash up to 4 bats at 
once.  However, you should still be in a good position to destroy them.  Just 
keep firing and Kull will fall soon enough, once again after 10 hits.  Using 
this strategy, you should be able to defeat Kull with just 2-3 hearts, if not 

Congratulations!  You have defeated the Demon King and saved humanity.  And 
for that you receive... the title screen?  Yep, that's it.  There is no ending 
sequence or credits to this game, so you shouldn't think you did something 
wrong just because the title appears right away.  That's Color Dreams' 
quality, and you should be content knowing you had the patience to make it 
this far.

E N E M I E S                                                             RD28

The following section contains a detailed list of all enemies with strategies 
for defeating each one.  These enemies are listed in order of appearance in 
the game.  The categories mentioned below include the following:

NAME:   Name given to the enemy.  Almost all of these names are unofficial.

STAGES: The stage or stages in which this enemy appears.

HP:     The enemy's hit points (HP).  One attack from your boomerang takes
        away one HP from the enemy.

DAMAGE: Amount of damage the enemy's attack will do to you.  Keep in mind
        that each heart on screen represents four HP.  An enemy doing two
        damage will take away half a heart, four damage will take away one
        heart, etc.

POINTS: The number of points you receive for killing the enemy.  This line
        will also mention if the enemy drops a heart when killed.


NAME:   Skull Hive

HP:     2
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 1000

Skull Hives are stationary turrets that fire electric projectiles at you at 
fixed intervals.  They are probably the most dangerous foe in the first stage, 
as they require two hits to kill and inflict a lot of damage with each hit.  
During the tunnel portion of stage 1, you should avoid these hives as best you 
can.  During the ground portion, you will need to dodge the shots while you 
are on the upper platform and wait until you are on the lower one to take 
these foes out.  Since they are usually elevated, stand far enough back that 
your boomerang hits them just as it starts to curve up.

NAME:   Rolling Skull

HP:     1

The Rolling Skull is an odd foe.  You will encounter one of them in the stage 
1 tunnel, and it can be defeated with a single shot or by making contact with 
it (one of the only enemies defeated this way).  It is simple enough to kill 
or avoid.  During the ground portion of the stage, this foe because impossible 
to kill, as your boomerang cannot travel low enough to reach it.  In these 
cases, you will need to jump over them (but watch for the magma cracks).

NAME:   Baby Bone Dragon

HP:     2
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: Drops Heart

Baby Bone Dragons fly around slowly and pursue you.  They can fire quick-
moving projectiles, but these do not do much damage.  Overall, these enemies 
are incredibly useful since they drop hearts.  Go out of your way to kill them 
and stock up on hearts.

NAME:   Death

HP:     5
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

Death is the giant bone dragon that guards the level 1 tunnel.  He moves 
relatively slowly and shoots flaming projectiles at you.  The best method for 
dealing with this foe is to pass by it until Death is against the left side of 
the screen.  The real danger from Death comes in making contact.  While it 
technically only deals one HP of damage from contact, it deals this damage in 
a rapid, continuous stream, meaning a slight touch will probably cost you 3-4 
HP at a minimum.  Once against the left side of the screen, fire your 
boomerang as fast as you can.  Don't worry about Death's projectiles, but make 
sure you dodge the ones from the Skull Hives.  Death takes 10 hits to kill 
before it goes down.  You can actually advance without killing Death, but this 
involves letting the stage scroll for another minute of so while you try to 
stay alive.  It's much easier to just destroy this enemy and be done with it.

NAME:   Skeleton Warrior

HP:     4
POINTS: 1000

Skeleton Warriors lumber around in almost a dance-like pattern.  They can take 
quite a wallop before they go down, but are relatively harmless.  As you fight 
them, just make sure you continue to evade any shots from Skull Hives.

NAME:   Magma Crack

HP:     Indestructible

Magma Cracks are small, glowing fissures in the ground of the stage 1 
cemetery.  They are fatal if touched, so jump over them.  Try to edge the 
screen forward as much as possible before making a jump to be sure you aren't 
landing on other enemies.

NAME:   Floating Teeth

HP:     Indestructible

Floating Teeth hover up and down on the top platform of the first stage.  They 
are indestructible and will kill you immediately upon contact, so your only 
strategy is to pass underneath them when they are at their apex.  One useful 
thing to keep in mind is that you can temporarily stop them by hitting them 
boomerang.  Use this to buy time so you can move past safely.

NAME:   Bone Dragon (Boss)

HP:     10
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

The Bone Dragon literally appears out of nowhere as you near the bottom 
platform of level 1.  Once you get to the part with numerous magma cracks, get 
ready for the dragon.  Inch to the right as slowly as you can in hopes to 
trigger the dragon a little earlier.  Once the Bone Dragon does appear, 
immediately turn around and jump back over the magma cracks.  The Bone Dragon 
will not move past the second crack.  Jump over a few more to create some 
space, then turn around and begin firing.  Ideally, you'd like to be just far 
enough away so your boomerang starts to hit the dragon as it curves upward.  
This will allow you to hit the dragon when it jumps.  The Bone Dragon's 
projectiles take away a full heart, but they can be destroyed.  If you stay on 
the ground and fire as quickly as you can, the dragon should be killed quite 

NAME:   Green Eye

HP:     1
POINTS: Drops Heart

Green Eyes are swift-moving green blobs that have a giant eye and rapid moving 
teeth.  These enemies appear on the screen and move straight forward, almost 
ignoring you completely unless you are in their path.  You should go out of 
your way to defeat them, as they are once of the best sources of hearts in the 
game.  Target them during the tunnel portion of level 2 to accumulate as much 
extra health as you can.

NAME:   Small Flame Dragon 

HP:     2
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 2000

Small Flame Dragons can fly around the screen and shoot small, green 
projectiles at you.  They are not overly aggressive and will typically fly off 
the screen after passing.  It is usually easier to avoid them and let them be 
on their way.

NAME:   Yellow Gel

HP:     1

Yellow Gels are fast moving blobs that zip around the screen in a circular 
manner.  They will usually attempt to fly in an orbital pattern around you, 
which is typically safe if you remain still.  Just time your shot well and 
kill them as they pass.  During the ground portion of level 2, these foes are 
a bit more annoying as they can lift you up and carry you around the screen if 
you are hit from below.  Be mindful of their position and jump off quickly if 
this happens to you.

NAME:   Green Dragon

HP:     10
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

The Green Dragon is the level 2 boss.  Much like the first boss, this one also 
appears almost out of nowhere after passing through a door.  As soon as this 
happens, quickly jump down to your left and off the platform.  The Green 
Dragon will continue to hover up and down, firing projectiles at you 
occasionally.  Try to move as far away as you can so your shots just barely 
reach the dragon.  From here, simply fire as fast as you can.  You are 
relatively safe from everything except a stray projectile.  If you are the 
adventurous type, you can initially trigger the dragon without passing through 
the final door by edging forward enough.  This involves jumping out over the 
acid floor and then jumping back to safety, so it is only recommended for the 

NAME:   Small Flame Dragon 2

HP:     1
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (damage)

While identical in appearance to the flame dragons in level 2, this variety is 
easier to kill (only one HP), gives fewer points, and is less aggressive.  
During the tunnel portion, it appears on the screen and moves from right, 
sometimes disappearing when it reaches the edge of the screen.  It fires 
projectiles occasionally but can be avoided for the most part.  If it decides 
to loop back around and target you, take it out with a single shot.

NAME:   Flying Green Lizard

HP:     2
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: Drops heart

Flying Green Lizards occupy the tunnel section of level 3.  They move slowly 
and shoot fireballs at you when you are within range.  They tend to appear in 
large numbers and try to swarm you, so you will need to be fast to avoid being 
overwhelmed.  Fortunately, these foes drop hearts, so they are definitely 
worth taking out when you can.

NAME:   Fire Man

HP:     3
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 1000

Fire Men are slow-moving beings consumed with flame.  They fire fast, green 
projectiles and take a decent amount of damage before being defeated.  They 
are akin to a slightly more dangerous version of the Skeleton Warrior from the 
first stage.  Simply take these foes out by firing quickly, before they can 
reach you.  Your boomerang will destroy their projectiles as well.

NAME:   Small Dragon Platform

HP:     Indestructible

The Small Dragon Platform flies back around between short, fixed intervals.  
They make no effort to attack you and are actually quite helpful, as you can 
ride atop them to cross pits.  Avoid touching them in any place other than on 
top and you should be fine.

NAME:   Red Demon

HP:     10
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

The Red Demon is a mid-sized creature with a dragon's body and sharp, bird's 
beak.  The demon serves as a mini-boss of sorts in level 3, requiring 10 hits 
to defeat.  Its fiery projectiles are quite deadly, inflicting a full heart of 
damage.  The Red Demon is also very nimble, jumping every time you shoot in an 
attempt to avoid your boomerang.  Fortunately, your terrain gives you an 
advantage.  The first red Demon you encounter resides on a platform above you 
and can be killed without any risk of damage to you.  The second one appears 
between two lava pits, allowing you ample room to hang back and fire 
boomerangs in relative safety.  This second Red Demon can also be skipped.

NAME:   Albatross

HP:     1
POINTS: Drops heart

Albatrosses are probably the easiest foes in the game. They fly in a slow, 
circular motion and do not actively target you.  Their only method of attack 
is contact.  These enemies take only one hit to defeat and drop hearts, making 
it worth your while to defeat them whenever you can.

NAME:   Flying Red Devil

STAGES: 4, 5
HP:     2
POINTS: 1000

Flying Red Devils are eerily familiar to the foes of the same name from Ghosts 
and Goblins.  These demons swoop down and attempt to hit you.  Fortunately, 
they are considerably easily than their counterparts from the other game.  
When the Flying Red Devils make contact, they will freeze and attempt to land 
as many hits as possible.  Immediately move away to safe firing distance and 
you can avoid considerable damage.  If the Flying Red Devil attacks from 
below, try jumping a few times to bring it back to your level so your 
boomerang can strike it.

NAME:   Executioner

STAGES: 4, 5
HP:     2
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 1000

The Executioner is a hooded foe who skulks around looking to end your life.  
Executioners throw stones that inflict 1 damage from afar, but switch to melee 
combat when nearby.  Melee combat is brutal.  While it technically only causes 
1 damage per frame, you will almost certainly be hit 3-4 times with each pass.  
If you get corned, this spells easy death.  Try to keep the Executioners as 
far away as possible at all times.

NAME:   Hades Knight

STAGES: 4, 5
HP:     8
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

The Hades Knight is another mini-boss type enemy that is meant to halt your 
progress in its tracks.  This foe sports a horned helmet and massive sword, 
which can used to fire phantom projectiles at you.  These projectiles inflict 
an entire heart's worth of damage but can be destroyed with a shot from the 
boomerang.  The Hades Knights feature the annoying AI characteristic of 
jumping whenever you fire your boomerang.  For this reason, the optimal 
strategy is to move just far enough away that your boomerang hits the knight 
just as it starts to curve upward.  In many cases, the Hades Knight will 
freeze in place if you stop moving as soon as it appears on the screen.  Use 
this to your advantage by quickly retreating and setting an attack position.

NAME:   Flying Executioner

HP:     2
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: Drops heart

The Flying Executioners hover around in clay pot and throw spark-like 
projectiles at you.  Overall, these foes are not too difficult.  Their shots 
only inflict one point of damage, they are relatively slow-moving, and they 
drop a heart when defeated.  Take the time to kill these foes when they 
NAME:    Red Devil

STAGES: 5, 7
HP:     3
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 2000

The Red Devils are large, demonic foes that look much tougher than they are.  
The Red Devil's main form of attack is a giant, knife-like projectile.  This 
knife inflicts only one point of damage and can be destroyed with a well-timed 
boomerang shot.  The Red Devil has the same annoying AI pattern as the Hades 
Knight and other large foes: it jumps every time you fire a boomerang shot.  
As with all enemies using this tactic, retreat far enough away so that your 
boomerang shots hit the Red Devil as they start to curve upward.  Also, it is 
a good idea to stop moving as soon as Red Devils appear on the screen.  This 
will often freeze them in place, making your attacks much easier than if they 
are mobile.

NAME:   Hell Bat

HP:     2

Hell Bats occupy the level 6 tunnel and serve largely as an annoyance and 
distraction.  They are not very dangerous, but they do move very quickly and 
are hard to kill.  They also take your attention away from the red Dragon 
mini-boss, which is a deadly mistake.  In general, ignore these foes in he 
tunnel unless you have a very easy shot.  Inside the factory, these enemies 
should be your lowest priority does after the robots.

NAME:   Red Dragon

HP:     6
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

The Red Dragon is the massive, likely mechanized guardian of the demon 
factory.  This foe occupies the level 6 tunnel and tries hard to end your 
adventure.  As soon as this foe appears, try to fly past him so that you are 
to the right of it.  As the screen scrolls, the Red Dragon will eventually 
stay against the far left side of the screen.  When in this position, move to 
the very bottom of the screen.  Move far enough away so that your boomerangs 
curve upward and hit the dragon right at the end of the screen.  This tactic 
causes the Red Dragon to seemingly "hop" and makes you relatively safe from 
its projectiles.  As an alternative, if you simply survive long enough and 
allow the screen to scroll for 30 seconds or so, you can bypass this foe 
without defeating it.  That tactic is not recommended, however.

NAME:   Orange Robot

HP:     3
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 1000

The Orange Robot is one of the deadliest type of enemy in the game.  They move 
around relatively slowly, but inflict massive and sustained damage when they 
make contact.  This robot also sports a projectile attack, but it is only a 
minor nuisance.  The key strategy is to stay as far away from this foe as you 
can when attacking.  The most difficult encounter is right when you enter the 
demon factory.  Try to jump over this foe and head right as quickly as 

NAME:   Samurai Warrior

HP:     3
POINTS: Drops heart

These are cyborg warriors that help protect the demon factory.  Like the 
Orange Robots, the Samurai Warriors are equally vicious when they make 
contact.  Once again, move away as quickly as you can.  These foes are the 
easier than the robot opponents since they do not have a projectile attack and 
leave hearts when killed.

NAME:   Sensor

HP:     3
POINTS: 5000

The Sensor is one of the oddest foes in the game.  It appears as a tiny, green 
instrument on one of the computers in the demon factory and blends into the 
background.  It does not target you, but can be killed for 5000 points.  This 
enemy can also be ignored with no penalty, so it is very strange.  Simply 
destroy if when you have the chance.

NAME:   Pylon

HP:     3
POINTS: 5000

The demon factory is powered by five orange pylons that must be destroyed.  
These pylons are inanimate and have no direct attack, so simply target them 
once the screen is cleared of other foes.  It is best to do this from the 
bottom level of the stage by jumping and striking them with a well-positioned 
boomerang attack.  This saves you the time and health involved with traveling 
to the top level and activating a new group of enemies.

NAME:     Red Dragon 2

HP:     10
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000

Another Red Dragon guards the interior of the demon factory.  This dragon 
looks the same as its tunnel counterpart, but it sports 10 HP instead of 6.  
Otherwise, its tactics and your strategy remain the same.  Stay near the 
bottom of the screen and position yourself just far enough away that your 
boomerangs hit the dragon as they curve upward.  This will cause the dragon to 
"hop," so it will rarely ever fire projectiles at you.  Alternatively, you can 
simply walk past this foes and exit the stage (as you can with most bosses), 
but this is probably more dangerous than a smart fight.

NAME:   Ghost

HP:     1

Ghosts guard the final tunnel before King Kull's chamber.  These phantasms fly 
around in circular pattern, usually orbiting you.  They only take a single hit 
to defeat and are relatively simply once you recognize their pattern.  Avoid 
moving to give yourself a better shot.

NAME:   Gold Gargoyle

HP:     10
POINTS: 5000

The Gold Gargoyle is arguably the hardest enemy in the game, bosses included.  
The Gargoyle itself does little, but it unleashes 3-4 Hell Rods that make your 
life miserable.  The best way to defeat the Gargoyle is to find a position 
where you can hit this foe consistently, without needing to worry about its 
movement.  There are only two Gold gargoyles in the game, and detailed tips 
for defeated them are found in the walkthrough.

NAME:   Hell Rod

HP:     1
DAMAGE: 1 (projectile); 1 (contact)

Hell Rods are the projectiles fired by the Gold Gargoyles.  Unlike typical 
projectiles, Hell Rods are a separate enemy and even fire projectiles of their 
own.  These Rods move quickly, are very tough to target, and have a nasty 
habit of swarming you.  This swarming is what makes them so dangerous.  Try to 
find location where the Hell Rods can only approach from one angle, as this 
greatly minimizes their danger.  Some useful diagrams for accomplishing this 
are found in the walkthrough.

NAME:   Kull Bats

HP:     1
POINTS: 2000

Kull Bats are unleashed by Kull.  These foes move similar to Ghosts, and will 
often circle you for a while without hitting you.  They also have a bad (but 
useful) habit of freezing in place instead of pursuing you.  Try to position 
yourself so that these bats can be taken down without needing to move.  Also, 
Kull Bats are one of the rare enemies that are destroyed when you make 

NAME:   Lord Kull

HP:     10 (each part)
DAMAGE: 4 (projectile); 1 (contact)
POINTS: 5000 (each part)

Lord Kull is the final boss of the game.  He is composed of three parts: two 
serpent hands and a head.  See the walkthrough for a complete strategy on 
defeating him.  Note that only the head needs to be killed to defeat this 
boss, but this is much more difficult to do than taking the hands out first.

C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N                                    RD03

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide.  I hope you found it 
informative and useful in your adventures through Robodemons.  If you have any 
comments on the guide, whether they be corrections, suggestions for future 
revisions, spelling/grammar mistakes, formatting problems, additional 
strategies, or any other type of feedback, please let me know.  Anything 
contributed will be credited in detail to the sender.

I can be reached regularly at the following email address:
Admiral1018@yahoo.com.  Please include "Robodemons" or something along those 
lines in the email subject heading if you can, so I don't accidentally delete 
the email.

R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                          RD04

Version 0.99 – July 23, 2008
  - Preview Version

Version 1.0 – July 24, 2008
  - Initial Release

C R E D I T S                                                            RD05

This FAQ/Walkthrough was completed as part of the NES Completion Project, an 
ongoing effort to make sure every Nintendo game ever created has a useful 
guide.  Big thanks to everyone at the FAQ General Board at GameFAQs.com for 
starting this initiative, without which this guide would not exist.  
Particular thanks to the following:

- The Robodemons manual: For providing the background story and some
  other useful pieces of information about this game.

- http://www.nintendoage.com: For hosting the manual for this game.

- Everyone else who has taken an interest in this project or sent me any
  comments or feedback.  Your help is always appreciated

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