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Reviewed: 05/11/00 | Updated: 02/14/03

Like Rainbow Six. Just short

Unfortunately, this Rainbow Six game engine inspiration both rules and fails. Why? Well, just read below.

Graphics: 4/10
Sidescrolling and sniping look good, but the lack of color and how enemies seem to disappear when they move in FPS mode just add confusion to the gameplay. But, there's no slowdown or clipping.

Sound: 4/10
Bullets sound kind of goofy, the same music plays over and over again. You know, like that. Nothing ever changes. At least it's not as annoying as Ape Escape's music.

Gameplay: 9/10
Brilliant with a fatal flaw. First, you start out in a side scrolling stealth mode, where you have to reach the sniping positions with three characters. Guide each one to their positions without being shot by the searchlights. When that's done, you snipe people in the windows on each side of the building. It's optional, and I hardly use this. Only on higher difficulties. Then, you grapple down to a window and break through operative style. Yeeeeaaah. And in the embassy, you go into a first-person mode where you shoot all of the enemies on all three floors. Make sure you use the radar! That's it. No replay value, not even for higher difficulties. It'll take you from 5-15 minutes to beat this game, depending on difficulty. That's it. Original, fun, and short.

Control: 8/10
Great, responsive control. The only problems are that you can't jump in side-view mode and you can't zoom in on sniper mode.

Story: ?/10
I don't know. Save hostages from embassy? I just rented this game man, without instuctions or cover.

Overall: 7/10
Don't buy it. You'll beat it, put it away and never play it again. But DO play it. Rent it, check it out at a friend's house, because it definitely IS fun. Just too short, that's all. And, if you DO love this game, still don't buy it. Instead get Rainbow Six (for PC, not PSX. Ugh).

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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