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Reviewed: 04/09/00 | Updated: 04/09/00

Great idea, not that bad of a game. Rainbow 6 for the NES.

Rescue: the Embassy Mission. It's not that bad of a game actually. It is kind of like Rainbow Six for the NES (with NES graphics, sounds, and control), except there is only one mission.

Gameplay - Good ideas here, but the controls are hard to use and understand. From sniping to landing on the roof, this game does very well for an NES. However, it appeals to a particular audience (people who love Rainbow 6 more for the missions and stories and objectives rather than killing people).

Story - The embassy was taken over by terrorists, and has been surrounded and locked down. The terrorists have fortified their location with machine guns and spotlights to deter and entry to the building. You start on the ground and you can hide in doorway and duck and crawl and roll past the spotlights until you reach a building suitable for sniping. You then can take your chances sniping the bad guys through the windows (which is damn cool). After that, you are dropped off on the roof via helicopter and break in to the building. Then you search the building killing terrorists and saving hostages (or killing hostages; your preference). After you complete the mission, you are ranked. There are various levels of difficulty to choose from, which add replay to the game.

Sound - Not bad for Nintendo, but some of the gunshots could be better. No real music, but the intro scene is kind of cool.

Graphics - So-so graphics, but nothing much to brag about.

Replayability - I still play this one on occasion. It is pretty cool (and was damn cool when it first came out), but will lose its effect and is easily overshadowed by better games.

Overall - I really liked this game. I wasn't expecting much, and I was suprised. This isn't a must have, but like I said before, it appeals to a very finite crowd.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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