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Reviewed: 11/26/01 | Updated: 11/26/01

First shot at a first person tactical shooter...looks like modern day Rainbox Six!

The first attempt at a first person shooter with strategy thrown in as an afterthought, RESCUE is a game that needs to be taken for what it is and what it tried to accomplish. Placing you in control of a Special Forces team member, you have to go through an embassy and stop terrorists from holding hostages in various rooms throughout! This is really the first case of adding first person shooting and Rainbow Six style game play that doesn’t really require plenty of strategy but more a precise handling of the controls to complete. You have one weapon and several different rooms to look through and find terrorists, but in the end, it amounts to a game that is good for one time through and the locations of the terrorists never really change location! The visuals aren’t all that great and the audio of the game is limited to the standard NES MIDI sound with a couple of sound effects thrown in for good measure. Most NES gamers will recognize this as the beginning of several first person shooting games that include Operation Wolf and Terminator 2: The Arcade Game.

Game play is pretty simple when you roll it into a single look. All you have to do is go from room to room and find terrorists that are waiting for you behind the doors or in the hallways and shoot them. The game really isn’t all that hard to play, and you’ll be dealing more with cases of boredom in trying to find the action that the game is supposed to have! The terrorists aren’t particularly bright and firing on them only takes a little bit of practice with the controller, so anyone can just pick this game up and go with it, without having to learn a ton of special features and advanced moves first. Once you’ve made it through the game though and it is short, you’ll find that the terrorists are in the same place as they were the first time you went through. Don’t worry about getting yourself killed, because the computer accuracy in the game is about as bad as yours is, and you have a health bar that seems to take several hits before you’re killed in action! With no two-player option available, you’ll find that the solo mission through the game becomes repetitive with the main mission being to seek and destroy whatever is in your way, so be prepared.

The control of the game is geared so that anyone can just pick up the game and start playing. You have a firing button and an action button that allows you to open the doors to the various rooms throughout the embassy. Once the door is open, if you see a terrorist, you can use the small crosshair to target on your enemy and ultimately take them out! What comes as a surprise is that the game targeting works in the way that you don’t have to be accurate to make a kill, you simply have to be on the targets body and fire to eliminate them. This will help out gamers who have never played the game and gamers in general will find the lack of precision somewhat disturbing.

Visually, the game suffers greatly from first generation pixels and several instances of animation break down. In some of the rooms, you’ll find that the terrorists look more or less like stick figures but never really have any life or movement to them other than when you shoot them down! This is a beginners version of Rainbow Six, so you won’t have all of the intricacy that you may find in more modern games with special effects and overly done visuals. Different rooms only have slight variations to them that come in the way of items in the room, but overall, they are limited to what the game is programmed with. Nothing shatters, no bullet holes appear and the enemies disappear once you’ve killed them! There really is plenty of room for improvement here, even though it is a NES game and one of the early ones at that.

The audio in the game is nearly non-existent with the sound effects taking most of the precidence over whatever else can be heard in the game. From room to room, you’ll only hear the sound effect of a gun being fired, and really there is nothing else to it! What most gamers will find is that the lack of audio in the game is a detractor from the overall experience, and the formula of NES games this old to have little audio and plenty of game play is just something that kills most ratings on the NES game library. Games like this come along every so often in which you’re dependant on pretty much your own imagination to get you through with nothing else as your guide. Pop in a music CD and turn up the volume with something that will really give you the feel of a tactical game!

Overall, RESCUE is an originator that has plenty to offer with originality but little else with the rest of the game. Being one of the first to allow you to go room to room to hunt down different terrorists and ultimately eliminate them is something that shouldn’t be kept in the dark. However, with the lack of audio, the extremely boring game play and the fact that there isn’t much audio to keep your interests, RESCUE is little more than a shelf filler to play when you’re extremely bored! NES owners who are looking to collect games that in all honesty started the genre of first person shooters should probably find this title and pick it up just for the sake of saying that they actually have it. With the price being about a buck in most places, it is just another cart that you can throw on the shelf to extend your collection. However, if you’re looking for a game that features plenty of tactical action in this day and age, you’ll be better off with the Rainbow Six games in all of their splendor and tactical glory!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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