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Reviewed: 09/08/17

Topnotch NES Infiltration Game

Bottom Line

Should you play Rescue: The Embassy Mission? Let's keep it simple, folks: if you love NES stealth games or NES games with stealth mechanics, play this game! I gave this a 4.5/5 (9/10) because of what it brings to the stealth (sub)genre for the NES, not because everyone will love it.

In other words, if you hate infiltration, military, secrecy, and other similar concepts/activities, steer clear of this game! Otherwise, as long as you're aware it's quiet a short game, get to your sniping positions!

Stealth and the NES

Everyone has heard of Metal Gear and probably Snake's Revenge as well. A few others know that titles like Infiltrator, Rolling Thunder, and Code Name: Viper include their own take on stealth. Sweet.

This game isn't necessarily objectively better than those. (Feel free to agree or disagree.) Instead, think of Rescue as its own thing, but realize that it's at least a great new angle on infiltration. That may not sound like much, but two things: a) there aren't a lot of stealth-oriented games on the NES b) once I explain how the game works, you might see why I enjoy it so much.


These are pretty solid. I've seen some criticism, but large sprites coupled with a lack of ambiguity really does the trick for me. Also, you'll feel immersed throughout the entire game as you try to sneak, kill, and rescue.


The soundtrack, like the game, is...short. In my mind, however, the music really sets the mood well. Again, immersion is the goal, and I feel good about what I hear. The sound effects could be better in some areas, but I really like how the music gets quieter as you duck into buildings to avoid enemy spotlights. Little elements like that really add something to the experience.


Okay, yes, it's short, but there are three difficulty settings and five mission types. Personally, I played through the game 15-20 times so far! So how does it work?

Sneaking to Sniping

Well, you start off dodging spotlights as you try to position your snipers. You have three men who can snipe, but even if two die, you can still push forward. Once in position, you can spend time sniping enemies through windows. The more you kill, the easier the next part is. That said, the top floor is where you want to focus most of your fire.

Rappelling to Firefights

Around this time, you have three men helicopter onto the roof of the target building. Each of them can rappel down the building and smash through a window. Once inside the building, they must eliminate terrorists and rescue hostages. Although rappelling can be frustrating, the firefights inside the building give us quite possibly the best first-person shooter (FPS) experience on the NES. Arguable, I'm sure, but it's both quite intense and surprisingly fair.


Despite a few shortcomings, Rescue is a cool game designed with stealth enthusiasts in mind. It was exactly what I was hoping to find at the time, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Rescue: The Embassy Mission (US, 01/31/90)

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