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FAQ/Walkthrough by DFreitag

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/03

Complete Players Guide
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Version 1.0 - 5/27/03
Guide by David Freitag (DFreitag)
Email: david_freitag@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

I.)    Legal
II.)   Version History
III.)  Story
IV.)   Controls/Moves
V.)    Characters
VI.)   Powerups and items
VII.)  Walkthrough
VIII.) Pass-Codes
IX.)   Closing notes, credits and about me

I. - Legal
This guide Copyright 2003 David Freitag (Dfreitag). This guide may only be 
posted on GameFaqs. If this file is found anywhere else, please notify me 
promply via e-mail. You will be commened. Please do not ask to have permission
to post this guide on your site. I hope you understand, I am just going to say
no. I would like to keep this file in one place because that cuts down on 
plagarism- sure is an awful lot out there these days.

II. - Version history
-Version 1.0
Started 5/27/03
Finished 5/27/03

III. - Story
This is taken directly from the instruction manual- unabriged- and with the 
same spacing...


     You're surrounded by gangs of blood-thirsty thugs. You werent't
looking for trouble but you're not going to run from it either.
     Only you can put these punks in their place-face down in the
gutter. Your flying fists and killer kicks will have to do the job. It's
you or them!

Basically- you're at the subway at 2 A.M. and some thugs attack you. Of course
you being the hero, put the criminals in their place and defend yourself.

This game was an arcade game way back in the day- and they (Taito- the company
that made this game) ported (copied) it to the NES- a video game system that 
reigned from 85' to 94'.

IV. - Controls/Moves
The manual portrays this very well so again- from the instruction manual- as 
it is there...

      Insert the game pak and select one of the three levels (level =
difficulty) of play by pushing either the A or B button. Each level of 
play has four stages.

Stage 1: Square off against street punks on a subway platform.
Stage 2: Go toe-to-toe with outlaw bikers at the wharf.
Stage 3: A fight against killer Kung Fu females in an alley.
Stage 4: A mind-blowing maze laced with blood hungry hoods.

Player loses a life:
When the power meter in the upper left corner of the screen runs
out or the time clock runs out.
The game is over when all the players are lost.

**next page in the manual**


                    |       +                          |   
                    |     + + +  select start      B A |       
                    |       +        __ __        O O  |       
**my drawing of a nintendo controller- Select is on
the left middle- Start is on the right middle. The
control pad is made of + signs**

Use the A and B buttons to fight your enemies as follows:
When the Renegade is facing to the right, use the A button to punch
and the B button to kick backwards. When the renegade is facing to the
left, use the B button to punch and the A button to kick.
To jumpkick, push buttons A and B at the same time.

**next page in instruction manual**

              UP                          LIFT THE BODY UP
               +                                         +
        LEFT + + + RIGHT            Kick with A button + + + ACCELERATE
               +                    Grab "S"and          +
              DOWN                  Speed up with      LEAN THE BODY DOWN
                                    B button           DECELERATE
To run, push the control pad either to the right or to the left twice,
depending upon which direction the Renegade is facing.
Select Button--Choose 1 or 2 player(s) game.
Start Button--Push START to begin play after player selection.
Pause Function--Push the START button once diring the
game to pause. Push START again to resume play.

**And now the "fighting moves"**
**next page in manual**
**note-in this section there will be some of the manuals text, 
and some of my own**


Running Punch
While running to the right, push
the A button; while running to the
left, use the B button.

This works well, however it doesn't do much damage if any.

Running Kick
Push the A and B buttons at the
same time while Renegade is running.

This will help you win the game. Its basically the only move you need.

Attack The Enemy When
He Is Down (Sit-On Punch)

If the Renegade has knocked the
enemy to the ground, he can still
attack him (And pick up some 
special powers too! Look in the
"Special Powers" section for
details.) When the enemy is
laying on the ground, (you can
only do this if he is not flashing),
stand over him, push the control
pad down to make the Renegade
sit on him and then start punching.
(Hint-you have to move the
Renegade to sit on top of the
enemy immediately!! The enemy
won't stay down for very long.)

This is useful although in the later stages other people will help their 
partners in crime and kick you while you are doing this. Bosses will 
push you off if you sit on them.

Shoulder Throw
If the Renegade is standing
face-to-face with the enemy
and holding his collar, you
can execute a shoulder
throw. If the Renegade is
facing right, push the
control pad to the left. Do the opposite if the Renegade is
facing left. (This is a very tricky maneuver and not easily
mastered. Do not be disappointed if you do not get the
hang of it right away. Keep practicing!!!)

This works good also because you can throw people into other people 
which knocks other people down.

Kneeing Your Enemy
When Renegade is standing
face-to-face with the enemy
and the enemy is crouching,
knee him by pushing the A
button if the Renegade is
facing right and the B
button if he is facing left. (Hint--do not confuse crouching
with kneeling. Crouching is when the enemy's knees are
slightly bent and he is bending over just a little. It is
difficult to detect--you will need a good eye!)

This is not a good move to try because it is easy reversed and people come 
up and hit you when you are doing it to someone. Stay with the shoulder throw.

V. - Characters
Renegade- a.k.a. Mr. K. You will only find out he is Mr. K after you 
beat the first level.

Street Punks- These guys are easy to beat and the resemble people from the 
movie Grease.

Jack (boss)- He is a step up from the Street punks and wants to punch you 
in the face.

Outlaw Bikers- They look kinda mexican with those red headbands. They are 
wearing purple jumpsuits and are about as easy as the Street Punks. Some ride 

Joel (boss)- He wears jeans and a headband. He is about the same as Jack only 
a little easier.

Killer Kung Fu Females- They wear pink dresses, have black hair, carry purses 
and chains. They want nothing more than to beat you with their purses and 
chains. They work as a team well so watch out for them.

Kim- She is about 8 feet tall and wears a red dress. She is practically 
invincible so avoid her if you can.

Mabu (boss)- This guy is the last boss of the game. He wears a green suit. 
He carries a gun which will kill you in 1 hit so don't let him shoot you.

VI. - Powerups and items
I'm not going to quote the instruction manual here so just bear with me...

Hamburger - What the???? Anyway, eating this will restory 100% of your life. 
To get it, running kick the wall in each stage when the last to digits of the 
timer are as follows...
Stage 1: 17
Stage 2: 43
Stage 3: 59

Heart - A second Renegade will appear. Pretty nice ^_^.
Hint-- Use a sit punch on the Renegade's third victim when the last digit of 
the timer is an even number.

Power Up - Shaped like a P, this will let Renegade's attacks make the enemy's 
fly acrost the stage.
Hint--Jumpkick the enemy when the last two digits of the timer are as follows:
Stage 1: 32
Stage 2: 25
Stage 3: 11

Speed - This appears only in the motorcycle scene. Renegade will be able to 
crash into other bikers and wipe them out with maximum speed power.

VII. - Walkthrough
Yes friends its that time again. Here we go...

***Mission 1-
Subway Parking lot-
There are a bunch of Street Punks here and this scene is the one that is 
portrayed on the box.
Use the jumpkick primarily to beat them. There are 7 in all. Collect the 
powerups using tips above if needed, but remember, there is a 2:00 time limit. 
One guy has a stick and if you kill him another guy with a stick comes in. 
Throw some guys in the pit to the right- just don't get thrown in yourself 
or you are done for.
When they are done, proceed onto the subway train.

On the Subway-
There are the same type of guys here, so use whatever you want to beat them. 
There are 6 in all. When you are done, you can leave either way, left or 
right- they both go the same place.

Behind the Subway-Boss fight-Jack

Jack's Attacks-
Super Punch
Anti Sit Punch

This guy is tough if you're a first timer.
Use a jumpkick, and then back off. Use another jumpkick and then back off 
again. Do this until he is gone. If he gets a hold of you, you will get 
knocked in the face a couple times taking out 3 life bars. If you sit on him 
he will push you off, keep that in mind.

***Mission 2-
Biker Parking lot-
There are those outlaw bikers who have chains and hit you. This screen is 
wider and scrolls, so take advantage of it. If you can throw some guys in the 
water. When you beat them there is a new arrival.

Biker Parking lot *part 2*- 
Now the remaining outlaw bikers will jump on their cycles and hit you. 
Jumpkick them off of their motorcycles and after you beat a couple of them, 
you get a cycle of your own, then its time to hit the highway.

Route 66-
Here you get to hit other bikers off their bikes by pressing A and left. 
Just don't fall into the pit below you. Kick all the bikers off the road and 
proceed to Joel, the next boss.

In another parking lot-Boss fight-Joel

Joel's Attacks
Super Punch
Anti Sit Punch

This guy is essentially the same guy as Jack, just with a different sprite 
(unit picture). Use the same strategy as beating Jack and you will be fine.

***Mission 3-
Kung Fu Females territory-
There will be those Kung Fu females here. They hit you with purses and 
chains. Don't even think about kneeing, throwing or sitting on one of these 
people. Their friends are right their to help them out and you will have a 
very hard time winning if you do that. Use a jumpkick or a running punch to 
knock them out.
Proceed to the left enterance when they are defeated. The right enterance 
houses an invincible Kim who you don't want to face.

Kung Fu Females bar-
Now you are inside a bar. The attendent behind you just watches in awe as 
you beat up on kung fu criminal women. The same strategy used above should 
be repeated here, because it is basically the same thing as before. Finish 
them off and get ready for mission 4.

***Mission 4-
The big huge confusing maze-
First off you will be faced against some more street punks. These ones are 
smarter, and are about as hard as the kung fu females. Use the jumpkick to 
beat them. After they are done, take the right exit.

The right exit-
3 more street punks. You know what to do. Take the left exit.

The left exit-
Now you must face Jack times 2. There are 2 Jack's in this room. Take them on 
individually using the jumpkick backoff strategy if you want to see whats up 
ahead. Take the left exit.

The left exit (again)-
Now there are those motorcycle guys on bikes. Knock them off with the 
jumpkick and pat yourself on the back for winning the easiest battle in the 
Take the middle exit.

The middle exit- Same as before-more outlaw bikers. Of course you know what
to do. Exit to the right.

The right exit-Final Boss Battle- Mabu

Mabu's Attacks
9mm pistol (1 hit kill)
Super punch
Anti Sit Punch

Stay real close to this guy if you want to live. If he pulls out his gun you 
better move because he will kill you if you get hit. Hit him with a jumpkick, 
but don't back off, instead keep hitting him with a fury of jumpkicks until 
you have him beat.

Congrats- you just beat the game. The credits roll and you have to wait till 
its over.

VIII. - Pass-Codes
                                 First off, game genie codes...

Game Genie Codes...
SXUIOTVG = Unlimited lives 
AEOSLYZA = Both players start with 1 life 
IEOSLYZA = Both players start with 6 lives 
AEOSLYZE = Both players start with 9 lives 
AIUOZUAZ = Start with a energy boost 
PEXSYYAA = Start on level 2 
ZEXSYYAA = Start on level 3 
LEXSYYAA = Start on level 4 
TOSVOXTU = Timer is faster than usual
EXSVOXTL = Timer is slower than usual

If you don't have a game genie, here's some more help...

**from the instruction manual**

Advance to Stages 2 and 3:
At the title screen, do the following...
Stage 2: Push...
on the control pad of controller 1 while at the exact same time on controller 
2 holding left.

Stage 3: Push...
on the control pad of controller 1 while at the exact same time on controller 
2 holding down.

NOTE: For a 2-Player game, push the select button on controller 1 before 
beginning either of the above procedures.

IX. - Closing notes, credits, and about me
Closing notes- I beat this game yesterday for the first time, (as of the time
 I am writing this)
which was memorial day. Today I am writing it. Tomorrow I am turning it in 
for a reading assignment. Thats the story behind this guide.

-My family for being supportive of me spending a buncha' hours on this guide
-Taito, and Nintendo (people who made the game) for making this possible
-Everyone else who supports me and everyone who writes quality guides for 
GameFaqs. Its not an easy or glamorous job, but it sure helps people and will 
bring a little light to their day.

About me-
Im 14, I live 25 minutes out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I play video games alot 
when I'm not skateboarding or doing homework, I write guides for GameFaqs, I 
design webpages and do lots of Flash animation as well as Javascript, C++ and 
working with computer hardware. I hope to get a job. Soon.

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