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FAQ by FlowingMindspin

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 03/04/02

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|  |_______/    / |  |__________/  / |    |    B   A   S   E   B   A   L   L
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|  |       \   |  |  |          |   ||    |  |________________________________|
|  |       |   |  |  |__________/   /|    |  FAQ Version 0.2 by FlowingMindspin
|  |       |   |  |                / |    |  Last Revision on 3/04/02
|__|       |___|O |_______________/O |____|O (Please pardon my bad ASCII art)


1.  Versions
2.  About The Author
3.  About R.B.I. Baseball
4.  Controls
5.  Modes of Play and Notes On Gameplay
6.  Team Rosters and Ratings
7.  Frequently Asked Questions
8.  Contact Information/Credits
9.  Copyright Notice


Version 0.2 (3/04/02)-  Thanks goes out to Adaml for spotting an error in the
                        roster for the Boston Red Sox.  Tim Burks should be
                        Ellis Burks.  This was a misprint in the manual, not an
                        error on my part.  Also, added two questions to the FAQ

Version 0.1 (2/28/02)-  First version of the FAQ.  The only thing I'm waiting
                        for is some questions to answer.  I've proofread the
                        file and found it to be error-free.  If you beg to
                        differ, email me and let me know so I can fix it. :o)


Hi!  I'm a 17-year-old male from Pennsylvania, the state of insanity.  This is
my first FAQ, so I hope you all enjoy it and find it helpful.  I'm a stickler
when it comes to grammar, but I do make a few mistakes here and there.  If you
do find a mistake, let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.  I'll try
to keep the layout neat as well, but don't look for spectacular ASCII art or
anything like that.  I'm no artist, I just love to write.  Thanks for checking
out my guide, and here's to many more!  :o)


R.B.I. Baseball was released in 1987 by Tengen, and was the first baseball game
to feature real MLB players, teams, and statistics.  Rather than try to explain
everything about the game myself, I'll just give you an excerpt from inside the

"You are both the manager and the team as you define your strategy and refine
your skills in the most realistic baseball game available.  Play against the
computer opponent in a nine-game season or challenge a friend for nine innings
and a best-of-seven series.  You pick your team, line-up, pitchers, and control
all the pitches, throws, swings, steals, substitutions and fielding.  Teams are
actual line-ups used in big-league ball.  Each player has individual skills and
statistics that make him unique from every other player on the field.  And
R.B.I. Baseball is authorized by the Major League Baseball Players Association.
Remember to play your best because the outcome of the game is printed on the
front of the daily sports page."


Controller 1 is used for a one-player game against the computer.
Controller 2 is used for a competitive two-player game with a friend.


Control Pad:  Controls the batter's position in the batter's box.
Up - Moves toward the pitcher.
Down - Moves toward the catcher.
Left - Moves to the left.
Right - Moves to the right.

A Button:  Swings the bat.
Pressing and Holding A - Makes a complete swing.
Pressing and Releasing A Quickly - Makes the player bunt.

B Button:  Causes base runner(s) to steal.
Pressing Up and B - Makes the runner on first steal second base.
Pressing Left and B - Makes the runner on second steal third base.
Pressing Down and B - Makes the runner on third steal home plate.

Start Button:  Calls "time," where you can substitute a pinch hitter in for the
batter currently at the plate.  Once a player is pulled from the game, he can't
be put back in, so be careful!


A Button:  Returns runner to previous base.
Pressing Right and A - Returns runner to first base.
Pressing Up and A - Returns runner to second base.
Pressing Left and A - Returns runner to third base.

B Button:  Advances runner to next base.
Pressing Up and B - Advances runner to second base.
Pressing Right and B - Advances runner to third base.
Pressing Down and B - Advances runner to home plate.

Note:  Once a runner has advanced to the next base, he cannot be called back to


Control Pad:  Moves the pitcher and controls the direction & speed of the pitch.
Pressing Left before the pitch - Moves pitcher to the left on the mound.
Pressing Right before the pitch - Moves pitcher to the right on the mound.

A Button:  Press to throw a pitch.  Use with the control pad to select the type
of pitch.  Once the pitch leaves the pitcher's hand, the speed cannot be
changed; only direction.  There are 3 pitch speeds:  slow, normal, and fast.
Pressing Up and A - Throws a knuckleball/sinkerball (slow pitch).
Pressing Left and A - Throws a screwball/curves the ball to the left (normal
Pressing Right and A - Throws a curveball/curves the ball to the right (normal
Pressing Down and A - Throws a fastball (fast pitch).

B Button:  Press this to stop the pitcher and get him ready to pick off a base
runner.  After you've stopped, use the Control Pad and the A Button to throw to
the appropriate base (see "fielding" below).

Start Button:  Calls "time," where you can substitute in a pitcher for the one
currently on the mound.  Once a pitcher is pulled from the game he can't be put
back in, so be careful!


Control Pad:  Used to navigate your fielders toward a ball in an attempt to
catch it or stop it.
Pressing and holding Up - Moves the fielder toward centerfield.
Pressing and holding Left - Moves the fielder to the left.
Pressing and holding Right - Moves the fielder to the right.
Pressing and holding Down - Moves the fielder toward home plate.

Note:  You can hold two directions down at once to go in a diagonal direction
(i.e. pressing and holding Up and Right will cause your fielder to move
diagonally up and right).

Once you have the ball, you can then either run with it or throw it to a base.

Pressing Right and A - Throws the ball to first base.
Pressing Up and A - Throws the ball to second base.
Pressing Left and A - Throws the ball to third base.
Pressing Down and A - Throws the ball to home plate.

Pressing Right and B - Runs with the ball to first base.
Pressing Up and B - Runs with the ball to second base.
Pressing Left and B - Runs with the ball to third base.
Pressing Down and B - Runs with the ball to home plate.

Note:  When no base is selected with the control pad, the ball will be thrown to
first base automatically.


There are three modes of play available to you on the title screen.

1P Play:  Play against the computer in a nine-game season.
2P Play:  Play against a human in a best-of-seven series.
Watch:  Watch selected teams play as if they're on TV.


This is the ultimate test against the computer opponent.  You will play each
of the nine opponents listed in the Tengen League.  Pick your team and your
first rival.  Your next rival will always be the next team to the right.  At
the conclusion of each game, the daily sports page displays the box score and
your win/loss record for the season.  You can continue playing and challenging
new teams even if you lose games in the process.  The season is over after all
nine teams have been challenged.

This kind of sucks since you can't save the game or get a password, but it can
be done with an extreme amount of patience (and time, if you're a slow,
methodical player like I am).  Good luck to you :o)


This is the ultimate challenge in a two-player game.  Players will test the
skill and strategy of their opponent in a best-of-seven series.  Starting
pitchers are not capable of back-to-back appearances and need one game of rest
in between.  Relief pitchers, however, are able to play in consecutive games
because they have limited work per game.  The daily sports page announces the
outcome of each game and the win/loss record of the home team.  The season ends
when one team has four victories and the best-of-seven winner is decided.

I've never lasted the whole seven games with a friend, we usually just stick
to one.  I guess it'd be cool if you had a lot of time on your hands.


I don't really see the point of this.  It's supposed to be like watching two
teams play on TV, but it's really boring.  Even more boring than watching two
real teams duke it out on TV.  That, my friends, is very, very sad.  :oP


These are just a few notes on the mechanics of R.B.I. Baseball, not the sport
of baseball in general.

-There is a ten run rule.

-Fielders lack the ability to jump or dive.

-Pitchers seem to tire all too quickly.

-Fielders who run with the ball are always faster than even the fastest

-Average and Homerun statistics don't have a bearing on how strong or accurate
 a batter is.

-Errors seem to be random.


These are the actual player statistics from the instruction manual.  They are
"based" on the 1986 and 1987 seasons, and Tengen assumes no responsibility for
their accuracy.


Player:  How the player's name appears in the game.

Pos.:  The player's position in the field.

L/R:  Tells whether the player is left-handed or right-handed.

Avg.:  Player's batting average.

HR:  How many homeruns the player has.

CT:  (Contact) The ability to make good contact with the ball.  Rated on a
     scale from A-E, with A being the best and E being the worst.

SP:  (Speed) Base running speed.  Rated on a scale from A-E, with A being the
     best and E being the worst.

E.R.A.:  Player's earned run average.

Speed:  Pitcher's maximum velocity when fresh (at full stamina).  Measured in
        miles per hour (mph).

Curve:  Pitcher's ability to throw a curve to the right or left.  Rated on a
        scale from A-E, with A being the best and E being the worst.

Full Name:  The player's full name.

(SP):  Indicates that the player is a starting pitcher.

(RP):  Indicates that the player is a relief pitcher.



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Pettis     CF     L    .258    5    C    A   Gary Pettis
DCincs     3B     R    .256   26    D    D   Doug DeCinces
Joyner     1B     L    .290   22    C    B   Wally Joyner
Jacksn     RF     L    .275   39    D    C   Reggie Jackson
Dwning     LF     R    .267   20    D    D   Brian Downing
Grich      2B     R    .268    9    D    D   Bobby Grich
Schfld     SS     R    .249   13    E    B   Dick Schofield
Boone       C     R    .251    7    D    E   Bob Boone

Burlsn     PH     R    .284    5    C    B   Rick Burleson
Hendrk     PH     R    .272   14    C    D   George Hendrick
Wilfng     PH     L    .249    3    E    B   Rob Wilfong
Jones      PH     L    .250   17    E    C   Ruppert Jones


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Witt(SP)    R      2.84      87       D   Mike Witt
Sutton(SP)  R      1.18      83       C   Don Sutton
Corbet(RP)  R      1.10      81       C   Doug Corbett
Moore(RP)   R      2.97      89       E   Donnie Moore



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Barret     2B     R    .286    4    C    B   Marty Barrett
Bucknr     1B     L    .292   18    C    E   Bill Buckner
Boggs      3B     L    .357    8    A    C   Wade Boggs
J Rice     LF     R    .324   20    B    C   Jim Rice
Baylor     RF     R    .263   31    E    A   Don Baylor
DwEvns     CF     R    .259   26    E    D   Dwight Evans
Gedman      C     R    .274   16    D    E   Rich Gedman
S Owen     SS     L    .231    1    E    B   Spike Owen

Hndrsn     PH     R    .265   15    D    D   Dave Henderson
Burks      PH     R    .272   20    E    A   Ellis Burks
Armas      PH     R    .264   43    D    E   Tony Armas
Sullvn     PH     R    .193    1    E    E   Marc Sullivan


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Clemns(SP)  R      2.48      94       C   Roger Clemens
Hurst(SP)   L      2.99      90       D   Bruce Hurst
Schrld(RP)  R      1.41      92       D   Calvin Schiraldi
Stanly(RP)  R      1.81      86       B   Bob Stanley



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Tramml     SS     R    .343   28    A    A   Alan Trammel
Gibson     LF     L    .277   24    D    A   Kirk Gibson
DaEvns     1B     L    .257   34    E    E   Darrell Evans
Nokes      C      L    .289   32    C    E   Matt Nokes
Herndn     RF     R    .324    9    B    D   Larry Herndon
Lemon      CF     R    .277   20    D    D   Chet Lemon
Whitkr     2B     L    .281   16    D    B   Lou Whitaker
Brookn     3B     R    .241   13    E    C   Tom Brookens

Shrdan     PH     L    .259    6    E    B   Pat Sheridan
Heath      PH     R    .281    8    C    E   Mike Heath
Madlck     PH     R    .307   14    C    C   Bill Madlock
Bergmn     PH     L    .273    6    D    E   Dave Bergman


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Alxndr(SP)  R      1.53      88       A   Doyle Alexander
Morris(SP)  R      3.38      91       B   Jack Morris
Hrndez(RP)  L      1.11      91       C   Willie Hernandez
King(RP)    R      2.33      87       C   Eric King



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Gladdn     LF     R    .281    8    D    A   Dan Gladden
Gaetti     3B     R    .257   31    D    B   Gary Gaetti
Pucket     CF     R    .332   28    A    B   Kirby Puckett
Hrbek      1B     L    .285   34    C    E   Kent Hrbek
Brnsky     RF     R    .259   32    D    B   Tom Brunansky
Gagne      SS     R    .265   10    C    D   Greg Gagne
Laudnr      C     R    .225   16    E    E   Tim Laudner
Lmbrdz     2B     R    .238    8    E    D   Steve Lombardozzi

Smally     PH     L    .275    8    C    E   Roy Smalley
Davdsn     PH     R    .267    1    D    B   Mark Davidson
Bush       PH     L    .253   11    D    B   Randy Bush
Larkin     PH     L    .266    4    D    D   Gene Larkin


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Viola(SP)   L      2.90      91       B   Frank Viola
Blylvn(SP)  R      1.45      86       A   Bert Blyleven
Brnger(RP)  R      1.38      94       E   Juan Berenguer
Reardn(RP)  R      1.92      92       C   Jeff Reardon



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Hatchr     RF     R    .258    6    E    A   Billy Hatcher
J Cruz     LF     L    .287   10    C    A   Jose Cruz
Wallng     3B     L    .312   13    B    C   Denny Walling
GDavis     1B     R    .265   31    D    D   Glenn Davis
K Bass     CF     L    .311   20    C    A   Kevin Bass
Doran      2B     L    .276    6    C    A   Bill Doran
Rynlds     SS     L    .249    6    E    D   Craig Reynolds
Ashby       C     L    .257    7    E    D   Alan Ashby

Lopes      PH     R    .275    7    D    A   Davey Lopes
Garner     PH     R    .265    9    D    B   Phil Garner
D Thon     PH     R    .248    3    E    B   Dickie Thon
Puhl       PH     L    .281    3    D    A   Terry Puhl


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
N Ryan(SP)  R      3.34     100       B   Nolan Ryan
MScott(SP)  R      2.22      86       C   Mike Scott
Kerfld(RP)  R      2.59      85       B   Charlie Kerfeld
DSmith(RP)  R      2.73      94       E   Dave Smith



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Dykstr     LF     L    .295    8    C    A   Lenny Dykstra
Wilson     CF     L    .289    9    C    A   Mookie Wilson
Herndz     1B     L    .310   13    B    D   Keith Hernandez
Carter      C     R    .271   24    C    E   Gary Carter
Strwby     RF     L    .259   27    D    A   Daryl Strawberry
Backmn     2B     L    .320    1    B    D   Wally Backman
Knight     3B     R    .298   11    C    D   Ray Knight
Sntana     SS     R    .245    1    E    D   Rafael Santana

Heep       PH     R    .282    5    C    D   Daniel Heep
Teufel     PH     R    .261   10    E    D   Tim Teufel
Johnsn     PH     L    .245   10    E    B   Howard Johnson
Mazzli     PH     L    .247    3    E    D   Lee Mazilli


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Gooden(SP)  R      2.84      88       B   Dwight Gooden
Ojeda(SP)   L      2.57      85       B   Bob Ojeda
Orosco(RP)  L      2.33      86       B   Jesse Orosco
McDowl(RP)  R      3.02      90       C   Roger McDowell



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Colman     LF     L    .298    3    C    A   Vince Coleman
OSmith     SS     L    .303    0    C    A   Ozzie Smith
T Herr     2B     L    .282    2    D    A   Tom Herr
JClark     1B     R    .286   35    D    D   Jack Clark
McGee      CF     L    .285   11    C    A   Willie McGee
Pndltn     3B     L    .296   12    C    B   Terry Pendleton
Ford       RF     L    .285    3    D    B   Curt Ford
T Pena      C     R    .286   10    D    D   Tony Pena

Oqundo     PH     L    .286    1    D    C   Jose Oquendo
Morris     PH     L    .261    3    E    C   John Morris
Lndman     PH     R    .208    8    E    D   Jim Lindeman
Lake       PH     R    .251    2    E    D   Steve Lake


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Tudor(SP)   L      1.28      89       A   John Tudor
Cox(SP)     R      1.32      88       B   Danny Cox
Dayley(RP)  L      2.66      93       C   Ken Dayley
Worrel(RP)  R      2.66      96       D   Todd Worrell



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
JUribe     SS     L    .291    5    C    C   Jose Uribe
Mitchl     3B     R    .280   22    C    C   Kevin Mitchell
Leonrd     LF     R    .280   19    C    B   Jeff Leonard
Mldndo     RF     R    .292   20    C    C   Candy Maldonado
WClark     1B     L    .308   35    B    D   Will Clark
Brenly      C     R    .267   18    D    C   Bob Brenly
CDavis     CF     L    .250   24    D    A   Chili Davis
Thmpsn     2B     R    .262   10    D    D   Robbie Thompson

Spilmn     PH     L    .267    1    D    D   Harry Spilman
Speier     PH     R    .249   11    E    B   Chris Speier
Aldrte     PH     L    .325    9    B    D   Mike Aldrete
Yngbld     PH     R    .268    3    D    D   Joel Youngblood


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Krukow(SP)  R      2.24      85       A   Mike Krukow
Reushl(SP)  R      3.09      86       A   Rick Reuschel
Garlts(RP)  R      3.22      97       D   Scott Garrelts
Robnsn(RP)  R      3.42      94       B   Don Robinson



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Rndlph     2B     R    .305    7    C    C   Willie Randolph, New York
Mtngly     1B     L    .327   30    B    C   Don Mattingly, New York
Bell       CF     R    .308   47    C    D   George Bell, Toronto
Cansco     LF     R    .257   31    E    B   Jose Canseco, Oakland
Ripken     SS     R    .289   27    C    D   Cal Ripken Jr., Baltimore
Baines     RF     L    .293   20    C    D   Harold Baines, Chicago
Brett      3B     R    .316   22    B    D   George Brett, Kansas City
Schrdr      C     R    .332   14    B    E   Bill Schroeder, Milwaukee

McGwir     PH     R    .289   49    C    C   Mark McGwire, Oakland
Seitzr     PH     R    .323   15    C    B   Kevin Seitzer, Kansas City
Moltor     PH     R    .353   16    A    A   Paul Molitor, Milwaukee
Franco     PH     R    .319    9    C    A   Julio Franco, Cleveland


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
J Key(SP)   L      2.76      88       A   Jimmy Key, Toronto
Sbrhgn(SP)  R      3.36      87       A   Brett Saberhagen, Kansas City
Righti(RP)  L      3.51      93       E   Dave Righetti, New York
Henke(RP)   R      2.49      96       E   Tom Henke, Toronto



Player    Pos.   L/R   Avg.   HR   CT   SP   Full Name
------    ----   ---   ----   --   --   --   ---------
Raines     LF     L    .330   20    B    A   Tim Raines, Montreal
Sndbrg     2B     R    .294   16    C    B   Ryne Sandberg, Chicago
Sntago      C     R    .300   18    C    B   Benito Santiago, San Diego
Dawson     RF     R    .287   49    D    B   Andre Dawson, Chicago
EDavis     CF     R    .293   37    C    A   Eric Davis, Cincinnati
Schmdt     3B     R    .293   35    C    D   Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia
Gllrga     1B     R    .305   13    C    C   Andres Galarraga, Montreal
Pedriq     SS     R    .294    1    C    B   Al Pedrique, Pittsburg

Guerro     PH     R    .338   27    B    C   Pedro Guerrero, Los Angeles
Murphy     PH     R    .295   44    C    B   Dale Murphy, Atlanta
Gwynn      PH     L    .370    7    B    A   Tony Gwynn, San Diego
Kruk       PH     L    .313   20    C    B   John Kruk, San Diego


Player     L/R   E.R.A.   Speed   Curve   Full Name
------     ---   ------   -----   -----   ---------
Vlnzla(SP)  L      1.42      84       A   Fernando Valenzuela, Los Angeles
Sutclf(SP)  R      1.12      89       B   Rick Sutcliffe, Chicago
Franco(RP)  L      2.52      95       E   John Franco, Cincinnati
Bedrsn(RP)  R      2.83      92       B   Steve Bedrosian, Philadelphia


Q:  Is there any way to save my progress in the 1 player game?

A:  Nope.  You have to play all 9 games straight through in one sitting.
It sucks, I know.

Q:  Are there any passwords?

A:  See the previous question and answer.

Email any questions to me at spookyapparition@hotmail.com if you have, and be 
sure to put something about R.B.I. Baseball in the subject line soI know it 
isn't spam.  Sorry that I have to do this, but I get nearly 100 junk messages 
a day, and it's tedious having to read everything closely.  I'd hate to have 
accidentally deleted something, so be sure to put R.B.I. Baseball in the 
subject somewhere.  Thanks!  :o)


E-Mail:  spookyapparition@hotmail.com
ICQ:  34735745
AIM:  BadassBassist311

Feel free to add me and chat it up about anything.  I'm a huge fan of gaming
from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, so if you are too, message me!  I love talking
to fellow old-school junkies.  :o)

You can also find me on the following sites in some way shape or form...

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Feel free to visit and post at the boards at Game Frenzy :o)

I'd just like to thank a few people here:

Jason Vincion:  For serving as a constant reminder of why I keep on pressing
                onward in this cruel world, and for motivating me to do things
                like this.  I'm still your #1 fan!

RoyalRanger:  For giving me the opportunity to work on your site back in the
              day.  I learned more from you than you probably even know, and
              you continue to inspire me even today.  Kudos, man, and good luck
              with everything.

Adaml:  For spotting an error in the roster I would've otherwise overlooked,
        and for giving me positive feedback about my guide.  Thanks for the
        motivation, man.  You'll definitely be seeing more NES FAQs from me :o)

Thank you.  I couldn't have done this without you guys :o)


This FAQ is Copyright FlowingMindspin 2002.  It may be used only on GameFAQs,
unless you get my prior approval.  I'm not hard to get along with, just don't
steal my guide, okay?  If you want to use it, just ask me.  Find me using the
contact information above... I'm usually on ICQ and I check my mail many times
a day, so it won't be a daunting task.  Thanks!

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