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Reviewed: 09/25/01 | Updated: 09/25/01

A horrible mess with a supposed anti-drug message

Raid 2020 is a ''futuristic'' drug war game produced by Color Dreams, one of myriad companies that Nintendo never gave licenses to, thankfully. Therefore, the cartridge is misshapen and teal-colored, which makes it a nice paperweight or doorstop. Like most Color Dreams games, this game is a mess. Here is the breakdown, as I see it:

Graphics: Wretched. Even the ColecoVision puts this game to shame in the graphics department. The main character who you control, a spy of some sort, is poorly drawn and animated. When he runs and jumps, he keeps the same position, which gives the game an Atari 2600 kind of feel to it. You seriously can not tell who or what is attacking you most of the time. The background scenes are boring and repetitive. SCORE: 1.

Sound: Not as bad as the graphics, but still very poor. The background music is repetitive like most games of its era, but the sound effects are awful, just awful. The sound of your gun, the squawking of the birds overhead and the jump noise are excellent examples of this ineptitude. SCORE: 2.

Playability: None. I can't see anyone playing this game for more than half an hour. The controls are pathetic, and you fight the same two or three enemies constantly. Sometimes when you press the control pad to the right, your character will move UP and to the LEFT. I thought this was a defective controller, but that was not the case. Extra modes of transportation such as the jet pack only makes things worse. The jet pack is supposed to be a reward, not a hindrance. This game is simply not fun, not even to make fun of it. SCORE: 1.

Challenge: High, very high. If anyone can actually remain interested in the game to actually beat it, I will be very impressed. SCORE: 5.

Overall: This game is a mess, and not a fun mess either. I am all for anti-drug games, but there is really no mention of drugs except on the title screen. You end up trying to kill ''drug dealers'' who better resemble pirates. Why are the birds attacking you? Are they really attacking you by going to the bathroom on your head? How come a hit taken by a ladybug hurts just as much as a bullet to the gut? Why are you able to stand up straight on your opponent's head? Awful.


Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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