Review by Walker Boh Ohmsford

Reviewed: 01/18/02 | Updated: 03/01/03

Not my favorite by any means, but still OK.

We've all heard of RC Pro AM Racing, right? Of course you have, if you've played the NES! This is one of those racing games where you can drive wrecklessly around a little track and not worry about getting a parking ticket...oops, I think I meant a speeding ticket...whatever.
Control 10-10. On the whole, fairly easy to learn. Just speed up with B and slow down by releasing it. The A button fires whatever weapons you happen to be carrying (yes you can blow up stuff including cars with missiles in this game). Move with the D-pad (duh). It's all here.
Audio 6-10. The intro theme is kinda cool, but the other music got kinda annoying after a while. My only really big problem was the car sounds. It sounded a bit too much like a really bad Atari racing game in my opinion, and I've never heard a car's engine make any kind of a noise when you slid on an oil patch, save maybe the squealing tires, but that's another story. In this game, when you skid on something, your car makes a kind of spinnout sound which is on the whole rather annoying. The most annoying sound apart from that is the sound of your tires squeaking when you turn, good god that's hard on the ears! The music, what little there is, isn't the best I've heard in a video game, not by any means. There's not even a background race music to get you pumped up. If there's one thing I loved about Rad Racer, it was the option of changing the BGM at any time during a race. RC Pro AM, alas, lacks even that little bit of coolness.
Gameplay 8-10. Ok, this is a unique feature, I'll admit. In this game you race Radio-controled cars (that's where the RC comes from), but you have the option of getting better cars if you want. In each race, a letter will appear at certain points. There are eight letters, which will spell Nintendo if you can collect them all...This of course means you have to perform well in eight races. If you succeed, you'll get a new car, and so-on and further. The problem is that some of the tracks can be a bitch! You have to contend with such things as water or oil on the tracks, very narrow roads and all kinds of other obstacles. Basically, it won't be easy!
Overall 6-10. If you're really a racing fan then you'd probably give this game a higher score, but I've never been much of a racing freak. A game's got to have good music for me. I like BGM when I drive wrecklessly around a track. It makes it worthwhile.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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