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Reviewed: 10/29/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

And you know how tough these Radio-Controlled car competitions are on the street, right?

Game Play-

RC Pro-Am is overrated. It’s just a simple racer with 32 tracks and upgradeable cars. Woo, big deal. I don’t see the charm. But, let us explain the name of the game for fame and for shame now. You race as radio-controlled cars on tracks, and you must get third place out of four or higher on each race or you lose. The laps for each track varies, and there are power-ups, such as fast tires. There are also dangers on the track, such as water and oil slicks.


I found it really hard to control your car in this game. I kept flying into the sides, which cost me some very important races. And sometimes your car will skid and does an unfortunate 360 degree Fahrenheit (joke intended) turn which in turn all the cars will jump ahead of you. The turning in this game is definitely the worst part of it, and it’s hard to keep steady no matter what you do.


There was not much music in this game, but the music that was in here was good, and I can tolerate it and sort of enjoy it, and that’s all that matters for an okay music score. The sound effects were bad, as the driving sounds sound like a grinding version of the driving sounds in Pole Position. And Pole Position’s sounds actually were good, these were not as good.


The cars in this game actually look like radio-controlled cars. I do wish they had more uniqueness to them. The tracks basically look the same, with some minor differences here and there. I really wanted more variety, as there are 32 tracks, and some did need to be more notably different. My guess is that Rare ran out of ideas for the tracks and thought no one would care if they repeated the track designs. Well, you know what Rare? People DO care, and they care a lot.


The game has a little depth to it, but not enough to keep you hooked. If it weren’t for the control, this may have had the potential to be an NES classic. *sigh* If only a lot of NES games would’ve made those little changes.


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-62%


Doodleheimer’s Recommendationitivity

Fans of racing games should apply, but others need not to buy this game. This is Doodleheimer, ending his typing now.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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