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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

One of the first "Destruction" racing game ever, and one of the best.

R. C. Pro-Am Racing was one of Rare's first games, even though Nintendo publishedit. You had to race your car through 32 tracks, along the way getting power-ups and getting enough letters to spell "NINTENDO", which earned you a new car. It wasalso one of the first games to, "Alternate" ways of... "Eliminating"your opponents.

Graphics: 6/10- The graphics are merely average. The cars are drawn fairly well,though they're not animated very well (Or at all). The trophies you win for highscore are pretty cool as well. The cars do spin decently, though, and everythinglooks like it's supposed to: The Bombs look like Bombs, Missiles like Missiles,oil slicks like oil slicks, etc. Not impressive, but they work.

Sounds: 7/10- Again, they aren't that impressive. There is no music, except forthe music that plays before and after each race, and when you are asked whetherto continue. SFX-wise, there's the "vrooooom" of your engine as you race aroundthe track, the "screeeeech!" of your tires as you turn corners, the "Boom!" asyou hit walls, and the strange sound of laying bombs or missiles. Solid allaround.

Control: 6/10- Everything responds pretty well, though sometimes (As in afterhitting a wall) you wish the car accelerated faster. That, however, is more aproblem with not grabbing power-ups, rather than a real control problem. In fact, most of the control in the game is based on Power-ups being grabbedthroughout the races in order to improve your car. In general, though, everything acts like it should. Turning isn't very realistic, but then,neither is the game.

Story: 1/10- You, controlling your R. C. Racer, must get through all 32 tracks.I'm not sure whether this constitutes an actual plot, but it serves the purpose.

Challenge: 8/10- The later tracks are brutal, with oil, walls, and rain beingthrown at you every step of the way. In addition, there's that freakin' yellowcar, which will periodicaly "decide" to kick your butt royally, and thus accelerate to what are essentially Supersonic speeds. It happens rarely, but whenit does, you can basically count on a second place finish. The fact that you'reonly allowed 3 continues before it's game over further ups the difficulty.

Replay Value: 6/10- It's tough, and so you'll play it time and time again. Blowingup your opponents is also pretty cool. But this game has one major flaw: NO 2-PLAYER MODE!! That would've made the game. As it stands, in addition toeverything else I mentioned, there's some element of memorization involved inracing each to the tracks and remembering the location of the Power-Ups, whichhelps the replay value some.

Overall: 8/10- Despite the lack of a 2-player mode, this is a great game. Theseveral cars you can earn, along with the ability to blow up your opponents, makethis one of the best 1-player racing games you can buy, and certainly one of thebest "demolition" type games out there. Buy it if you find it and you're a racingfan.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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