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Reviewed: 02/27/01 | Updated: 02/27/01

The first racing game I played, and still one of the best!

R.C. Pro Am was and still is a great, classic racing game. It's old, but it's still just as fun to play as it was years ago.

Game Play

The game really doesn't have much background or story. It's just the basic race and blast game, with one catch, it was possibly the first racing game to have weapons in it. You drive your little car around the track looking for gun, bomb power-ups, the little arrows that make you speed up, and the letters N -I -N -T -E -N -D -O. All the while avoiding oil slicks and weapons being fired from other cars. The tracks progressively get harder and there are quite a few levels. The computer cars run the race about perfectly, so the ladder levels can be very difficult and once you die (come in last place) you have to start all over from the first track. Spelling Nintendo gets you faster cars, but it also gives the computer racers the same cars, so I guess it speeds up the game some. The only real set back is that the control is kind of weird the first time you play it. The way the tracks are setup doesn't always make it easy to turn on the d-pad. After just a few games you should be able to get used to it though.


The graphics were great for the game. The cars looked cool and the colors worked well. Green grass outside of the track and grayish black for the track. Little black amoeba looking oil slicks, and yellow arrows.

The sound is great too. Those great bloops and bleeps from NES games along with the songs that sound exactly like those bloops and bleeps just strung together. This works well for this game and adds to the enjoyment. If you are annoyed by the beeps, you can always turn the sound off.


Although the game gets very difficult the farther along you go, you will still play for quite a while. Each time you get farther and you start to figure out where the letters are. You are then in a mad rush to beat the game and get all the different cars. It's just one of those games that you get addicted to and want to play all the time.


This is another one of those must-get NES games. Especially if you can find it used for five bucks. You'll be racing the day away in no time!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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